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Feature #16979 (Resolved): Clarify how to enable a new language on our translation platform
* "You need to run this script with argument `--modify`": I'm confused. Previously I'm instructed to run that script without any argument. If I have to pass @--modify ... mmar, this could mean either that the script with @--modify@ will add+commit the files, or tha ... o it) once you've clarified what you meant :) 08/15/2019 08:32 AM
Bug #16976 (Resolved): Run Dogtail using Python 3
Currently we install @python-dogtail@, which uses Python 2 and makes it impossible to deal with objects containing unicode character (e.g. " ... Debian testing (Bullseye) now has 0.9.11-2 with a @python3-dogtail@ binary package that shou ... . This is part of our #15953 roadmap item. 08/13/2019 07:19 AM
Bug #16970 (Resolved): Upgrade to Linux 4.19 with the Spectre v1 swapgs mitigations in Tails 3.16
We shipped 4.19.37-4 in 3.15. Since then, the ... much of a change for our 3.16 bugfix release. 08/11/2019 09:23 AM
Bug #16957 (Confirmed): Sysadmin "What to do in case of fire" checklist
Based on the risk analysis, make a plan how to deal with certain threat scenarios coming true. have a ... g one of our 2019-2020 sysadmin team sprints. 08/09/2019 04:50 PM
Bug #16948 (Confirmed): Deal with NetworkManager 1.20+ defaulting to its internal DHCP client
According to ... we simply revert to using @isc-dhcp-client@? 08/08/2019 07:46 AM
Bug #16913 (Confirmed): Hide Tor settings in OnionShare
In 4.0, OnionShare has a settings dialog. It ... nging them can lead to a broken OnionShare. 07/28/2019 03:47 PM
Bug #16902 (In Progress): Tails ISO directory name has ".iso" in it, confusing some software
For example, Virtualbox errors out as it thin ... karound is to simply rename the subdirectory. 07/21/2019 01:15 PM
Bug #16864 (Needs Validation): lint_po regression: does not skip files in ./tmp/ anymore
The shell version of @check_po@ rightfully sk ... cess (which typically triggers this problem). 07/09/2019 08:18 AM
Bug #16820 (Resolved): UEFI test is broken for Tails based on buster
This is about Scenario: Booting Tails from a ... n plain sight. I've tried updating the image without success. I've tried lowering the sensitiv ... cess.kill("CONT", dealt_with_uefi_setup = true end - @scree ... log('We missed the boot menu before we could deal with it, ' + 'resetting...') </pre> also without success. I've even @pause()@d and tried t ... so we might be able to drop that workaround. 06/18/2019 02:24 PM
Bug #16805 (Resolved): Time between Greeter and desktop multiplied by 2
Here are some measurements to compare the boo ... king for low-hanging fruits to improve this, without revamping our whole MAC spoofing design & implementation, is FT work. 06/12/2019 03:24 PM