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Bug #17173 (Confirmed): GNOME crashes when opening Nautilus from Tor Browser
GNOME keeps on crashing when downloading a vi ... phics card Could have somthing to do with apparmor or sandboxing? I dont know and it is very frustrating 10/21/2019 03:55 PM
Feature #17153 (In Progress): Make Tails work with U2F Security Keys
Hi, Torbrowser 9 can use U2F Security Keys ... to make the devices work. * the torbrowser apparmor rules deny access to the devices. I had to a ... </pre> *But* thats the first time I touched apparmor, so I'm sure there is potential for refineme ... est on salsa if the discussion regarding the apparmor rules should be moved there). 10/14/2019 04:28 PM
Bug #17114 (Resolved): Adjust Tor Browser updates settings for 9.0
See attached screenshot → I'm wondering what ... date could even be attempted and fail due to AppArmor + DAC permissions. All this could make UX pr ... e can probably steal the solution from there. 10/02/2019 09:16 AM
Bug #17105 (Resolved): No sound in videos played in Tor Browser started by Thunderbird
For example: ... . The same happens on YouTube and Vimeo. 09/29/2019 05:42 PM
Feature #17035 (Resolved): Upstream Tor Browser 9.0 fixes to the torbrowser-launcher AppArmor profiles 09/09/2019 09:25 AM
Bug #17013 (Confirmed): The "is properly stream isolated" test suite mechanism is fragile
I've seen this sort of things happen a few ti ... this group/namespace. * Run whois under an AppArmor profile and so something similar with SECMARK (not sure if the AppArmor LSM tags packets with SECMARK yet, though). ... le all scenarios that rely on this mechanism. 09/01/2019 02:09 PM
Bug #16941 (Resolved): devel branch FTBFS since torbrowser-launcher 0.3.2-1 was uploaded to sid
The usual merge conflict between our patch against the AppArmor profile and upstream changes. 08/07/2019 07:46 AM
Bug #16914 (Resolved): "More information" link in OnionShare settings doesn't open
In a64f183bae: # Open OnionShare # Open t ... ck on "More information" # Nothing happens 07/28/2019 03:57 PM
Feature #16771 (In Progress): Upgrade to Thunderbird 68
At some point, the only way for us to get Thunderbird security updates will be to upgrade to 68. 06/01/2019 05:35 AM
Bug #16756 (Resolved): The on-screen keyboard ... in Thunderbird on feature/buster (regression)
The logs say: @(thunderbird:7855): CARIBOU-CR ... rd works fine in Thunderbird in Tails 3.13.2. 05/24/2019 12:19 PM