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Revision 6ebd380e (tails): Add AppArmor alias from / to /lib/live/mount/rootfs/filesystem.squashfs/.
This is supposedly needed to take advantage of John Johansen's aliaspatch. 07/11/2013 07:33 AM
Revision 5912d062 (tails): Don't ship an AppArmor profile for Tor, the Debian package does.
This reverts commit 1720766ec5f0f9adc01c3b7b7063b39c7b507be3. 07/11/2013 07:29 AM
Revision 6bdf687b (tails): Merge branch 'feature/wheezy' into feature/apparmor
Conflicts: config/chroot_local-packageslists/tails-common.list 07/10/2013 07:41 PM
Revision 8e3598ad (tails): Merge branch 'devel' into feature/apparmor
Conflicts: config/amnesia config/chroot_apt/preferences 07/10/2013 07:40 PM
Revision dfe7aeca (tails): Update AppArmor and hardening compilation status for Wheezy.
01/21/2013 11:24 AM
Revision b6a7919a (tails): It's getting obvious we're not researching this anymore.
Work was done on AppArmor, nothing was done on anything else for a while. 11/29/2012 09:41 PM
Revision badfcbc7 (tails): Clarify AppArmor status.
11/29/2012 09:41 PM
Revision 0b095bb2 (tails): Import vidalia 0.2.20-1+tails1.
vidalia (0.2.20-1+tails1) unstable; urgency=l ... ey apply against Vidalia 0.2.20. * Disable AppArmor support from Debian packaging. -- Tails de ... es upstream Trac#6178). [ intrigeri ] * AppArmor profile: add a missing credential, allow Vid ... (0.2.19-2) unstable; urgency=low * Moved apparmor from runtime dep to a suggested one (Closes: #678549). * Clarify apparmor current Wheezy state at README.Debian (Close ... Imported Upstream version 0.2.19 * Install AppArmor profile. * Enable hardening flags. [ Ulises Vitulli ] * Added runtime dependency on apparmor. * Updated d/NEWS and d/README.Debian to r ...> Fri, 22 Jun 2012 07:18:44 -0300 09/04/2012 05:25 PM
Revision 7d65d3b7 (tails): Add AppArmor profile for Evince.
The idea is to test it in this branch so that we can get it included into Debian soon. 04/16/2012 07:24 PM
Revision 1720766e (tails): Add AppArmor profile for Tor.
The idea is to test it in this branch so that we can get it included into Debian soon. 04/16/2012 07:22 PM