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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated QA Check
16405 Bug In Progress Normal release_process: fix mind-boggling instructions for --previous options CyrilBrulebois intrigeri 02/20/2019 07:35 AM Dev Needed
16259 Bug Confirmed Normal Redirection on /donate drop the query parameter sajolida intrigeri 02/19/2019 07:10 PM Dev Needed
14596 Feature In Progress High Write automated tests for Additional Software GUI u intrigeri 02/19/2019 06:51 PM Dev Needed
16334 Feature Fix committed Normal Add feedback when opening VeraCrypt Mounter sajolida 02/19/2019 06:24 PM Pass
5929 Feature Confirmed Normal Create encrypted persistent volume by default for plausible deniability Tails 02/19/2019 06:13 PM
16420 Bug Fix committed High Update the archive signing key intrigeri 02/19/2019 05:50 PM Pass
16458 Bug In Progress High Upgrade Linux to 4.19.20+ for Tails 3.13 intrigeri anonym 02/19/2019 05:39 PM Ready for QA
16462 Bug In Progress Normal Upgrade to Stretch 9.8 in Tails 3.13 intrigeri anonym 02/19/2019 05:35 PM Ready for QA
14568 Feature Confirmed High Additional Software Packages u u 02/19/2019 02:39 PM
15697 Bug Confirmed Normal Downloading ISO and verifying signature not giving result shown in instructions brokenst sajolida 02/19/2019 09:42 AM
10410 Bug In Progress Low should points to official support instructions geb geb 02/19/2019 08:43 AM
14754 Bug In Progress Elevated Partially applied incremental upgrades cause all kinds of trouble goupille mercedes508 02/18/2019 06:08 PM Info Needed
16471 Bug Confirmed Normal Drop time synchronization hacks that tor 0.3.5 made obsolete (if any) hefee 02/18/2019 06:05 PM
15014 Bug Confirmed Normal Keys disappear from Seahorse after importing one mercedes508 hefee 02/18/2019 06:02 PM
16454 Bug New Low VirtualBox VBoxSVGA: Help browser window renderes incorrect scootergrisen mercedes508 02/18/2019 05:48 PM
6907 Bug In Progress Elevated ikiwiki po plugin does not play well with inline directives BitingBird intrigeri 02/18/2019 05:19 PM
15957 Bug In Progress Normal Additional Software install step sometimes tries to download packages sajolida alant 02/18/2019 04:31 PM Dev Needed
16348 Feature In Progress Elevated Upgrade to tor 0.3.5 intrigeri hefee 02/18/2019 04:10 PM Dev Needed
16370 Bug In Progress Elevated isobuilders can't start Vagrant VMs => all ISO builds fail intrigeri groente 02/18/2019 03:33 PM
16461 Bug In Progress Elevated Backup persistence.conf before modifying it in t-p-s intrigeri anonym 02/18/2019 03:24 PM Ready for QA
16177 Bug Fix committed Normal Building ISO in RAM often fails: mksquashfs reaped by OOM killer intrigeri 02/18/2019 03:18 PM Pass
15678 Feature Confirmed Normal Improve UX of saving downloaded files from Tor Browser sajolida 02/18/2019 01:24 PM
16009 Bug Confirmed Normal Metrics for USB Image u groente 02/18/2019 12:21 PM
14922 Feature In Progress Normal Integrate download metrics in the new download page sajolida sajolida 02/18/2019 11:50 AM Info Needed
15976 Feature Confirmed Normal Gather success metrics on VeraCrypt integration sajolida sajolida 02/18/2019 11:45 AM
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