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# Priority Status Subject Category Type of work Assignee
17133 High Confirmed Update our OpenPGP keys in 2020 Code intrigeri
17343 Elevated Confirmed [Weblate Database] switch from utf8 to utf8mb4 charset. Sysadmin zen
15288 Normal Confirmed Document tricks for power users vs. bigger downloads for automatic upgrade Installation User interface design sajolida
15754 Normal Confirmed Add a link to try download from another mirror Installation Website sajolida
16014 Normal Confirmed Organise sysadmin shifts for 2020 Q1+Q2 Infrastructure Sysadmin groente
16534 Normal Confirmed Improve our consent form for user research Contributors documentation sajolida
16655 Normal Confirmed Have a look at the outcome of GSoD to recruit technical writers Research sajolida
16918 Normal Confirmed Apply to Comcast Innovation Fund Fundraising Research moire
16929 Normal Confirmed Define the work of the Press Team Contributors documentation sajolida
16930 Normal Confirmed Define the work of the Mirrors Team Contributors documentation sajolida
17303 Normal Confirmed Write release notes for 4.5 End-user documentation sajolida
16997 Normal Confirmed Update the value/cost analysis of tickets related to #14544, 2020 edition Research sajolida
17567 Normal Confirmed Weird new SYSLINUX sign on splash screen Code sajolida
17561 Normal Confirmed Release process: SquashFS file order vs. Secure Boot Research
15146 High In Progress Make memory erasure feature compatible with overlayfs Code
15460 High In Progress Test suite broken with Java 9+ so we need to replace Sikuli Test suite Code anonym
17183 Elevated In Progress Seahorse fails to import PGP public key Research cbrownstein
17376 Elevated In Progress Complete our release process doc wrt. non-final releases Contributors documentation anonym
16221 Normal In Progress Stop using DocBook-style CSS classes Internationalization Discuss sajolida
16447 Normal In Progress Gather information about regression on some Intel GPU (Braswell, Kaby Lake) Hardware support Research numbat
16665 Normal In Progress Update the list of people in groups B, C, and D of our revocation mechanism (2019 edition) Security Audit anonym
16471 Normal In Progress Drop time synchronization hacks that tor 0.3.5 and 0.4.x made obsolete Time synchronization Research anonym
16774 Normal In Progress Transifex translations: we should not update from the _completed branches Internationalization Code emmapeel
16831 Normal In Progress Create a checklist for teams that want to start a hiring process Accounting intrigeri
17050 Normal In Progress Translation platform: design & implement long-term maintenance & support plan Communicate drebs
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