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# Priority Subject Category Type of work
17558 Elevated Write release notes for 4.5~rc1 End-user documentation
17538 Normal Make it easy for users to identity whether they get GRUB or SYSLINUX Code
17526 Elevated Move tails-persistence-setup to tails.git Code
17524 Elevated Expert verification instructions no longer work due to expiry of Stefano Zacchiroli's key End-user documentation
17523 Normal Communicate about End-user documentation
17513 Elevated Disabling cachewebsite for releases? Code
17494 High Update design doc for GRUB + Secure Boot Contributors documentation
17486 Elevated Upgrade Let's Encrypt client to be ACMEv2 compatible Sysadmin
17452 High Figure out what to do with VirtualBox dkms modules vs. Secure Boot Virtualization Test
17451 High Update / clean up remaining aufs-related bits Code
17412 Elevated Drop the need for dedicated temporary storage space for IUKs on rsync.lizard Infrastructure Code
17366 Normal Partner with ThinkPenguin Fundraising Website
17307 Elevated nginx "504 Gateway Time-out" while refreshing the website at Tails release time Infrastructure Sysadmin
17283 Normal Upstream our new Thunderbird patches Communicate
17248 Normal Translations for Sponsor 1 Internationalization End-user documentation
17116 Normal Improve lost persistence.conf instructions on known issues page Persistence End-user documentation
17079 Normal Retrospect on the donation campaign 2019 Fundraising Research
17049 Normal Recent MacBook does not start: no boot menu, black screen Hardware support Test
16985 Normal Ask our partners to renew their partnership in 2020S1 Fundraising Communicate
16922 Normal Write a thank you email Fundraising Communicate
16903 Low Refactor tails-documentation Code
16517 Normal Update onboarding checklist Accounting
16504 Normal Document how to request budget for a sprint Project Accounting
16498 Normal Better define "focused work" Accounting
16496 Normal Define terminologies Accounting
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