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17348 Confirmed Normal enable weblate.addons.git.GitSquashAddon
17347 Confirmed Elevated [Weblate] get Celery working
17343 Confirmed Elevated [Weblate Database] switch from utf8 to utf8mb4 charset. zen
17329 Confirmed Normal Give drebs access to translate-server repo
15355 In Progress Normal Make the ikiwiki PO plugin able to update PO files for languages that are disabled on the website intrigeri
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17050 In Progress Normal Translation platform: design & implement long-term maintenance & support plan u
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17346 Confirmed Normal [Weblate] diff-match-patch source is missing
17345 Confirmed Normal Upgrade Weblate to 3.9+ Sysadmins
17344 Confirmed Normal Update translation platform user doc after Weblate upgrade to 3.x
17339 Confirmed Normal Verify Weblate's SSL configuration zen
17338 New Normal Enforce configuration of roles in Weblate Sysadmins
17336 Confirmed Normal [Translation Platform] Update to Debian Buster
17335 Confirmed Normal [Weblate] Update Django 1.11.x -> 2.2.y
17274 Confirmed Normal Inform tails-l10n about sanity-check-website failures
17205 Confirmed Normal Consider managing translations of tails.git:po/tails.pot in Weblate
17129 Confirmed Normal rename →
16994 Confirmed Normal Weblate database switch to PostgreSQL
16974 Confirmed Normal Improve Weblate UX for first-time visitors
16881 Confirmed Elevated Puppetize critical Weblate configuration
16872 Confirmed Normal Make it obvious to translators that they are visiting the staging website
16871 Confirmed Normal Define a strategy to delete non-maintained languages
16862 Confirmed Normal GitPython incorrectly populates blobs for submodule changes, when using diff hefee
16853 Confirmed Normal Research if we could support translating other branches via Weblate
16761 Confirmed Normal Move non wiki related files out of wiki/src subdir
16712 Confirmed Normal Run tests for tails-weblate-update.hook intrigeri
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