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# Status Priority Subject Category Updated QA Check
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16485 New Normal {live-media-encryption|encryption}=TYPE 02/27/2019 03:31 AM Info Needed
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6786 In Progress Low Be consistent when checking if persistence is enabled in tails-additional-software Persistence 08/10/2018 07:42 AM Info Needed
15262 In Progress Normal GNOME Software 03/18/2019 05:15 PM Ready for QA
15451 New Normal Greeter freezes if the persistent filesystem is corrupted 05/04/2018 08:51 AM Info Needed
16034 In Progress Normal ASP: Fix race condition when writing to packages file 03/17/2019 09:16 AM Ready for QA
16601 In Progress Normal Translations don't work in Additional Software Internationalization 04/05/2019 06:11 PM Ready for QA
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12277 In Progress Normal Run our own email (IMAP/POP3/SMTP) server for automated tests run on lizard Continuous Integration 09/14/2018 11:23 AM Ready for QA
16529 Confirmed Normal Thunderbird: jsconsole is broken 03/12/2019 02:21 PM Info Needed
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8508 In Progress Normal jenkins-slave service sometimes fails to start correctly on boot Continuous Integration 03/27/2019 11:20 AM Ready for QA
11182 In Progress Normal Manage our VMs configuration with puppet Infrastructure 08/17/2018 04:23 PM Info Needed
11858 In Progress Normal Monitor if isobuilders systems are running fine Infrastructure 03/27/2019 11:23 AM Ready for QA
16064 Confirmed Normal Have some sanity checks on puppet code 12/09/2018 02:02 PM Ready for QA
16126 Confirmed Elevated no alerts when icinga2 is down 11/14/2018 01:42 PM Info Needed
16146 Confirmed Normal Additional Software notifications failures 03/20/2019 02:34 PM Info Needed
16271 In Progress Elevated Monitoring check for Postfix mail queue never reaches warning/critical state Infrastructure 03/20/2019 02:34 PM Ready for QA
16460 Confirmed Normal Upgrade puppet-git.lizard to Buster Infrastructure 04/03/2019 05:28 AM Info Needed
16576 In Progress Low adjust incoming handling & documentation Infrastructure 03/20/2019 07:20 AM Ready for QA
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11581 In Progress Normal Blocklist dangerous PCIe hotplugging modules that are not needed for supported use cases 03/07/2019 12:23 PM Info Needed
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16240 In Progress Normal proofread/review test.mdwn 01/02/2019 06:11 PM Ready for QA
16241 In Progress Normal release_process: consider dropping the sid-only warning for IUK/upgrade-description 01/02/2019 06:19 PM Ready for QA
16355 In Progress Normal Test suite: please detect and warn about “Known issues”… Test suite 01/14/2019 07:57 AM Ready for QA
16600 In Progress Normal release_process: please clarify versions 03/23/2019 01:24 PM Ready for QA
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11898 In Progress Normal Have a readable blueprint about randomness in Tails 10/11/2018 09:34 AM Ready for QA
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9268 Confirmed Normal obfs4 bridges often don't work (maybe MTU?) Tor configuration 09/05/2018 03:50 PM Info Needed
9563 In Progress Low FAQ: torrents with Tails -> use i2p 08/18/2018 12:00 PM Info Needed
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