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# Status Priority Subject Category Assignee
  Tails_3.16 10 Collapse all/Expand all
16789 Needs Validation Elevated "Unable to access" error when trying to open the Persistence of another Tails from the Files utility
16692 Confirmed Elevated Upgrade to Tor Browser based on Firefox 60.9 intrigeri
16471 In Progress Normal Drop time synchronization hacks that tor 0.3.5 and 0.4.x made obsolete Time synchronization anonym
16635 In Progress Normal Give commit access to FT members who satisfy the relevant security policy Infrastructure intrigeri
16357 Confirmed Normal Deal with Torbutton being integrated into Tor Browser
16095 Confirmed Normal Curate the list of languages in Tails Greeter Internationalization sajolida
16728 Confirmed Normal Upgrade firmware-amd-graphics Hardware support
16603 Confirmed Normal Buggy and confusing UI in the "Upgrading the system" dialog intrigeri
16790 Confirmed Normal Revert to installing tor from torproject's stretch suite
16850 Confirmed Normal Test suite: switch to another testing OpenPGP key Test suite
  Tails_3.17 3 Collapse all/Expand all
16693 Confirmed Elevated Upgrade to Tor Browser based on Firefox 68.2
16356 In Progress Normal Upgrade to Tor Browser 9.0 (based on Firefox 68) anonym
16764 Confirmed Normal Low resolution or no X.Org at all with NVidia NV160 (Turing) Hardware support
  Tails_4.0 8 Collapse all/Expand all
16281 In Progress High Update the test suite for Buster Test suite anonym
16738 Needs Validation Normal Enigmail vulnerable to signature spoofing (again): CVE-2019-12269
14991 In Progress Normal Consider removing /usr/share/live/config/xserver-xorg/intel.ids Hardware support intrigeri
15944 In Progress Normal Port Tails to Buster
12551 In Progress Normal Set up a process to keep our fork of GNOME Shell's .desktop file and GDM's .session file up-to-date segfault
16868 In Progress Normal Upgrade Vagrant box to Buster intrigeri
16637 Confirmed Normal squashfs-tools from Buster (1:4.3-12) is much slower than 1:4.3-8.0tails1 Build system
16807 Confirmed Normal Impossible to maximize GIMP and see all its widgets
  2019 22 Collapse all/Expand all
15460 In Progress High Test suite broken with Java 9+ Test suite lamby
8473 In Progress Elevated Add support to live-boot to support multiple read-only lower layers with overlayfs
9373 In Progress Elevated Make tails-iuk support overlayfs Installation intrigeri
15281 In Progress Normal Stack one single SquashFS diff when upgrading Installation
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