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# Status Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
  Tails_1.1 1 Collapse all/Expand all
7425 Resolved Ship Windows binary of syslinux in the ISO filesystem Code Pass
  Tails_1.5 1 Collapse all/Expand all
9201 Resolved Assistant: Prepare and validate Windows USB scenario End-user documentation
  Tails_3.9 5 Collapse all/Expand all
15763 Resolved Upgrade to Linux 4.17 Code Pass
15745 Resolved Update doc wrt. Liferea → Thunderbird as the default feed reader End-user documentation
15734 Resolved TCRYPT containers mounted via gnome-disk-image-mounter are read-only Code
15598 Resolved Explain loss of persistence.conf in known issues Persistence End-user documentation sajolida
11759 Resolved Install & configure a fresh weblate on the VM Sysadmin emmapeel Info Needed
  Tails_3.9.1 39 Collapse all/Expand all
16018 Resolved Write release notes for 3.9.1 End-user documentation Pass
15978 Resolved Tails 3.9 apt config references tor-0.3.4.x-experimental packages, which are no longer available Code
15973 Resolved APT pinning broken for stretch-backports Code Pass
15961 Resolved Remove Flattr from our website Fundraising Website Pass
15960 Resolved Publish income statement for 2017 Accounting Pass
15959 Resolved Rebase Thunderbird on top of 1:60.0-3~deb9u1 Code Pass
15958 Resolved devel branch FTBFS since torbrowser-launcher 0.2.9-5 is in sid Code Pass
15956 Resolved Tails doesn't start from a Kingston Datatraveler 100 G3 16G Research
15955 Resolved whisperback_scripts/ doesn't handle Memory Hole Code
15954 Resolved Fix VeraCrypt volumes not being automatically opened in Nautilus when they should Code Pass
15951 Resolved Inconsistency between doc and actual behaviour: "Unlock VeraCrypt Volumes opens your volume" End-user documentation Pass
15942 Resolved Thunderbird is displayed in English despite different system language Internationalization Code Pass
15932 Resolved Grant moire access to donors.git Fundraising Sysadmin
15929 Resolved devel branch FTBFS since torbrowser-launcher 0.2.9-4 was uploaded Code Pass
15917 Resolved General tab in Tor Browser preferences not displaying Accessibility Code Pass
15906 Resolved Frequent memory issues on translate.lizard Infrastructure Sysadmin groente Info Needed
15904 Resolved mutt is installed again Code Pass
15893 Resolved Update the list of subscribers to tails-summit@ and tails-bar Sysadmin
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