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# Priority Status Subject Category Type of work Assignee
15155 High Confirmed Upgrade the jenkins Puppet module Continuous Integration Sysadmin Sysadmins
15890 High Confirmed Update our OpenPGP keys in 2019 Code intrigeri
14464 Elevated Confirmed Add VeraCrypt support to GNOME Files Code segfault
16693 Elevated Confirmed Upgrade to Tor Browser based on Firefox 68.2 Code intrigeri
17005 Elevated Confirmed Use the same version of po4a in Tails 4.0, on www.lizard, and on RM's systems Code
17007 Elevated Confirmed JavaScript sometimes blocked on Tor Browser first start ⇒ "Watching a WebM video over HTTPS" and "Playing an Ogg audio track" scenarios are fragile: blocked by NoScript click-to-play Research intrigeri
17024 Elevated Confirmed Fix CVE-2019-15902 aka. "Failed Linux LTS Spectre Fix" Wait
17044 Elevated Confirmed Update documentation for Tor Browser 9.0 End-user documentation sajolida
17066 Elevated Confirmed Create frame on /donate with T-Shirt offer on $100 donation Fundraising End-user documentation u
12118 Normal Confirmed Gather security policy compliance for 2019 Communicate muri
10885 Normal Confirmed Better integrate new upgrade scenarios with upgrade documentation Installation End-user documentation sajolida
11295 Normal Confirmed Test jobs sometimes get scheduled on a busy isotester while there are available ones Continuous Integration Research intrigeri
14649 Normal Confirmed Ship OnionShare 2.x in Tails Code
15089 Normal Confirmed Write public technical report about the Translation platform Communicate u
15754 Normal Confirmed Add a link to try download from another mirror Installation Website sajolida
15755 Normal Confirmed Test the download mirror before using it on the download page Installation Code u
16014 Normal Confirmed Organise sysadmin shifts for 2020Q1 Infrastructure Sysadmin zen
16189 Normal Confirmed Do usability testing on our donation page Fundraising Website sajolida
15830 Normal Confirmed Use a username that makes more sense to our users Discuss sajolida
16012 Normal Confirmed Ensure Tails installer is removed from Debian & Ubuntu by the end of 2019 Debian u
16368 Normal Confirmed Test all the Wi-Fi adapters that we have with Tails 4.0 Hardware support Test sajolida
16403 Normal Confirmed Write release notes for 3.17 End-user documentation sajolida
16482 Normal Confirmed Update to Bootstrap 4 Website sajolida
16061 Normal Confirmed Improve ASP code: get rid of search_new_persistence argument Code alant
16534 Normal Confirmed Improve our consent form for user research Contributors documentation sajolida
(1-25/95) Per page: 25, 50, 100

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