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# Priority Status Subject Category Type of work Assignee
16281 High In Progress Update the test suite for buster Test suite Code anonym
16818 Elevated Confirmed Impossible to start on MacBookPro 8,1 Hardware support Research
12551 Normal In Progress Set up a process to keep our fork of GNOME Shell's .desktop file and GDM's .session file up-to-date Code segfault
14991 Normal In Progress Consider removing /usr/share/live/config/xserver-xorg/intel.ids Hardware support Communicate intrigeri
15944 Normal In Progress Port Tails to Buster Code
5463 Normal Confirmed Support Thunderbolt in a security-conscious way Hardware support Communicate intrigeri
16282 Normal Confirmed Documentation updates for Tails 4.0 End-user documentation sajolida
16368 Normal Confirmed Test all the Wi-Fi adapters that we have with Tails 4.0 Hardware support Test sajolida
16637 Normal Confirmed squashfs-tools from Buster (1:4.3-12) is much slower than 1:4.3-8.0tails1 Build system Code
16738 Normal Confirmed Enigmail vulnerable to signature spoofing (again): CVE-2019-12269 Code
16753 Normal Confirmed Screenshot updates for Tails 4.0 End-user documentation spriver
16807 Normal Confirmed Impossible to maximize GIMP and see all its widgets Code
16284 Normal Confirmed Update doc for KeePassXC End-user documentation sajolida
16811 Normal New No more Asian input methods Internationalization Test sajolida
16837 Low Needs Validation Refresh boot loader splash screen in Tails Buster Graphics
8393 Low Confirmed Consider replacing sound-juicer with goobox Test
16314 Low Confirmed IO errors on buster when restoring snapshot from previous run with --keep-snapshots Test suite Code

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