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# Status Priority Subject Category Assignee
  Tails_3.15 12 Collapse all/Expand all
15919 Confirmed High Move Redmine to a new virtualization host Infrastructure
15503 Confirmed Normal Update Jenkins modules: 2018Q4 → 2019Q1 edition Continuous Integration bertagaz
10068 In Progress High Upgrade to Jenkins 2.x, using upstream packages Continuous Integration bertagaz
10093 Confirmed Elevated Upgrade to Gitolite v3 on puppet-git.lizard Infrastructure groente
15096 Confirmed Normal Create high level documentation for our infrastructure Infrastructure groente
15097 Confirmed Normal Risk analysis on our infrastructure Infrastructure groente
16232 In Progress Elevated Run a nameserver for the {amnesia,tails} sub-zones Infrastructure groente
15071 In Progress Normal Make our server backup process more usable Infrastructure groente
16165 In Progress Normal make puppet-lizard-manifests suitable for masterless puppet Infrastructure groente
15500 Needs Validation Elevated Update Puppet modules: 2018Q4 → 2019Q2 edition Infrastructure groente
15510 Needs Validation Elevated Switch to the puppetlabs/apt module Infrastructure groente
16460 Needs Validation Normal Upgrade puppet-git.lizard to Buster Infrastructure groente
  2019 3 Collapse all/Expand all
15512 Confirmed Elevated Switch to another Puppet module to manage Puppet Infrastructure
16827 Confirmed Normal Update Puppet modules: 2019Q3 → 2019Q4 edition Infrastructure
16173 In Progress Elevated Upgrade the icingaweb2 Puppet module Infrastructure
  (blank) 1 Collapse all/Expand all
16215 Confirmed Normal Add monitoring to stone Infrastructure groente
  2020 1 Collapse all/Expand all
15878 Confirmed Normal Switch to GitLab Infrastructure hefee

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