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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated
10775 Bug Resolved Normal "I can view and print a PDF file stored in /usr/share" scenario is fragile intrigeri 03/08/2016 07:03 PM
10714 Bug Resolved Normal "testing" branch is always seen as active by Jenkins intrigeri 03/08/2016 07:03 PM
10355 Feature Resolved Normal 32c3 Dr_Whax Dr_Whax 03/06/2016 08:28 AM
7151 Feature Resolved Normal Accept donations via micropayment systems intrigeri 03/31/2016 06:15 PM
10781 Bug Resolved Normal Adapt the download of release candidates to the assistant sajolida 03/08/2016 01:06 PM
11134 Bug Resolved Normal add .rake_tasks~ to .gitignore hybridwipe 03/08/2016 07:02 PM
7674 Feature Resolved Low Allow users to watch CSS protected DVDs cypherpunks 03/08/2016 06:38 PM
11042 Bug Resolved Elevated alt + shift switch the keyboard layout without indicating it in the keyboard layout menu segfault 03/09/2016 07:46 PM
11107 Bug Resolved Normal Apply transfer.fsckobjects true to our default Git config sajolida 03/08/2016 07:02 PM
7873 Feature Resolved Normal Audit OnionShare u 03/21/2016 09:59 AM
11147 Feature Resolved Normal Automatically save KeePassX database after every change by default segfault 05/22/2017 05:29 PM
11033 Bug Resolved Elevated Can't add an optional PGP key in WhisperBack mercedes508 03/08/2016 07:02 PM
11074 Bug Resolved Normal Cannot use "Laptop Mode Tools Configuration" menu entry sajolida 03/08/2016 07:02 PM
10079 Bug Resolved Low Configure that Flattr account so that the money lands in our bank account; u u 03/30/2016 02:10 PM
7698 Feature Resolved Elevated Create a place to gather information about the different mailing lists, and their scope and policy sajolida 03/21/2016 05:12 PM
11193 Bug Resolved Normal create anchors and fix links to known issues elouann 03/17/2016 06:33 PM
10938 Bug Resolved Normal Decide if want to have a download only page on /install/download sajolida 03/18/2016 04:27 PM
11099 Bug Resolved Normal Decide which pinentry we want to ship segfault segfault 03/15/2016 03:56 PM
11175 Feature Resolved Normal Decrease I/O load created by isotesters on lizard intrigeri 03/25/2016 09:59 PM
10294 Feature Resolved Normal Define format for per-mirror hostname intrigeri 03/04/2016 06:28 PM
11184 Feature Resolved Normal Deprecate debomatic service intrigeri 03/22/2016 12:27 PM
10284 Feature Resolved Normal Design how the IA+DAVE will support the new mirror pool system u 06/26/2016 11:17 AM
8637 Feature Resolved Normal Design how to convey the mirror pool's configuration to the dispatcher script intrigeri 11/09/2016 10:01 AM
11191 Bug Resolved Low Discuss if we should document how to autostart applications/scripts after login muri muri 03/14/2016 03:54 PM
11249 Feature Resolved Normal Do stats on which pages are the least translated sajolida 03/24/2016 02:23 PM
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