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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Assignee QA Check
16284 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.0 Update doc for KeePassXC sajolida
16282 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.0 Documentation updates for Tails 4.0
16248 Confirmed Normal Write a FAQ on accepting more cryptocurrencies Fundraising
16233 Confirmed Normal Tails_3.12 Document the keyboard layout on the Boot Loader Menu Hardware support sajolida
16229 Confirmed Normal Boot Loader Menu documentation does not support 32-bit UEFI Hardware support sajolida
16224 Fix committed Elevated Tails_3.12 Black screen after the boot menu with Intel GPU (i915) Hardware support Pass
16223 Confirmed Low Document Autocrypt
16151 New Normal Add section about how to install .snap files to "Install additional software" emmapeel
15941 Confirmed Normal Core work 2018Q4 → 2019Q2: Technical writing
15856 Confirmed Normal Translate the Installation Assistant into German spriver
15811 Confirmed Low Explain improvements to using libvirt with USB images Installation
15783 Confirmed Normal Rephrase "Can I use Tails with a VPN?"
15782 Confirmed Normal Rephrase "Is it safe to use Tails on a compromised system?"
15752 Confirmed Normal Tails_3.12 Instructions to copy persistence miss a step to reactivate the persistent features Persistence sajolida
15751 Confirmed Low Explain the difference between DVD-R and DVD+R Hardware support
15748 Confirmed Normal Is Tor still slow? sajolida
15698 Confirmed Normal tor status: Documentation needs to be updated after screenshot update Dev Needed
15697 Confirmed Normal Downloading ISO and verifying signature not giving result shown in instructions sajolida
15599 In Progress Elevated Improve known issues about clock going backwards Time synchronization cbrownstein Dev Needed
15569 Confirmed Low Document how to disable the automatic locking of the screen
15543 Confirmed Normal Give a list of examples of nice software to install each time
15397 Confirmed Normal Document meek bridges Tor configuration sajolida
15353 Confirmed Low Ledger Nano S hardware wallet is not recognized due to wrong udev rules Hardware support
15350 Confirmed Low Update FAQ about hidden services with OnionShare information
15288 Confirmed Normal 2019 Document tricks for power users vs. bigger downloads for automatic upgrade Installation anonym
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