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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee
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7002 In Progress Low Tails_4.6 Hint user about passphrase strength when creating a persistent volume Persistence Code touss
5502 Confirmed Low Tails_5.0 Next time we bump RAM requirements: notify user at runtime if RAM requirements are not met Hardware support Code
5740 Confirmed Low zram Hardware support Code
5788 Confirmed Low Restart I2P when time changes Code
5979 Confirmed Low Persistence preset: mouse and touchpad settings Persistence Code
5698 Confirmed Low Tails with external Tor Tor configuration Code
5761 Confirmed Low Mute audio output Code
6065 Confirmed Low Re-enable Indymedia IRC account Code
5847 Confirmed Low Improve how we pass data between steps Test suite Code
6070 Confirmed Low Support arbitrary DNS queries Code
6083 Confirmed Low Autorun in Windows Code
6358 Confirmed Low Display Tails version in boot menu Code
6461 Confirmed Low Turn the Upgrader frontend into a wizard Code
6471 Confirmed Low Block system shutdown and reboot while an incremental upgrade is being applied Code
6567 Confirmed Low Round the download size in "Upgrade available" IUK dialog Code
6586 Confirmed Low Broken "blueprints" links in local documentation Code
6588 Confirmed Low Tails shell library should verify that it is called set -e -u Code
6591 Confirmed Low GUI to select another upgrade channel Code
6621 Confirmed Low Allow creating persistent volume onto a separate device Persistence Code
6766 Confirmed Low Display an error message when boot fails Code
6786 In Progress Low Be consistent when checking if persistence is enabled in tails-additional-software Persistence Code
6878 Confirmed Low Pressing Enter in Tails Installer should start the installation Installation Code
6952 Confirmed Low memlockd: Can't open file /etc/default/locale Code
7001 Confirmed Low Hint user about the strength of their administration password Code
7073 Confirmed Low Cloning Tails from installer copies all files from the live partition Installation Code
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