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# Status Priority Subject Affected tool Type of work Assignee
  Tails_4.5 2 Collapse all/Expand all
15460 In Progress High Test suite broken with Java 9+ so we need to replace Sikuli Code anonym
17551 In Progress Normal Test suite has defunct processes after sikuli removal Code anonym
  Tails_4.6 1 Collapse all/Expand all
17552 In Progress Normal Test suite produces obsoletion warnings with Ruby 2.7 Code anonym
  2020 3 Collapse all/Expand all
11890 In Progress Normal Checking credentials in Thunderbird autoconfig wizard sometimes fails in the test suite Email Client Code anonym
15870 Confirmed Normal Evaluate OpenQA Research
15953 Confirmed Normal Make our test suite survive changes in the surrounding environment Code
  (blank) 119 Collapse all/Expand all
16969 In Progress Normal "Electrum starts" test step is broken on Buster Electrum Code
17034 Confirmed Normal "Fetching OpenPGP keys using Seahorse" test suite scenario is fragile Code
10994 Confirmed Normal "I can view and print a PDF file" scenarios are fragile Code
11452 Confirmed Normal "I2P displays a notice when bootstrapping fails" test is fragile I2P Code
11462 Confirmed Normal "I2P is running" test is fragile: may fail when the time has not sync'ed yet I2P Code
16069 Confirmed Elevated "Only the expected addons are installed" Thunderbird test is buggy Email Client Code
11585 Confirmed Normal "Persistent browser bookmarks" is fragile Browser Code
11394 Confirmed Normal "Symmetric encryption and decryption using OpenPGP Applet" is fragile OpenPGP Applet Code
15336 In Progress Normal "The persistent Tor Browser directory is usable" test suite scenario is fragile Browser Code anonym
12627 Confirmed Normal Add automated tests for OnionShare OnionShare Code
17457 Confirmed Normal Add Buster support to the automated test suite Code anonym
10213 In Progress Normal Add colorless debug formatter Contributors documentation anonym
11364 Confirmed Normal Add option to Chutney for override torrc_templates directory. Code anonym
7511 Confirmed Normal Add tests to check that accessibility features work fine Code
9382 Confirmed Normal Adjust manual Thunderbird EHLO test for StartTLS Email Client Contributors documentation
10974 In Progress Normal Always use internal snapshots Code anonym
17017 Confirmed Normal Automate APT manual tests Code
7498 Confirmed Normal Automate localized screenshot generation Research
10259 Confirmed Normal Automate test for checking whether Tor is up-to-date Code
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