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# Status Priority Subject Affected tool Type of work Assignee
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15460 In Progress High Test suite broken with Java 9+ so we need to replace Sikuli Code anonym
17551 In Progress Normal Test suite has defunct processes after sikuli removal Code anonym
17552 In Progress Normal Test suite produces obsoletion warnings with Ruby 2.7 Code anonym
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11890 In Progress Normal Checking credentials in Thunderbird autoconfig wizard sometimes fails in the test suite Email Client Code anonym
15870 Confirmed Normal Evaluate OpenQA Research
15953 Confirmed Normal Make our test suite survive changes in the surrounding environment Code
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5526 Confirmed Normal Test with (simulated) slow Internet connections Research
5635 Confirmed Normal Test suite: minor groups not set in remote shell Code
5839 Confirmed Normal Test suite: pgrep detects itself in remote shell Research
5847 Confirmed Low Improve how we pass data between steps Code
7313 Confirmed Low Set a non-arbitrarily chosen allowed value for memory erasure coverage Research
7498 Confirmed Normal Automate localized screenshot generation Research
7511 Confirmed Normal Add tests to check that accessibility features work fine Code
7933 Confirmed Normal Write automated tests for WebDAV Code
8434 Confirmed Normal Automatically test that Tails Upgrader rejects valid certificates for the wrong hostname Upgrader Code
8788 In Progress Normal Automatically test the "Tails documentation" link on the Desktop Code
9030 Confirmed Normal Encapsulate our test suite helper functions inside a module Code anonym
9040 Confirmed Normal Encapsulate config.rb into TestSuiteConfig class Code anonym
9097 Confirmed Low Automatic test: measure boot time Code
9223 In Progress Normal Improve the semantics of try_for Code anonym
9382 Confirmed Normal Adjust manual Thunderbird EHLO test for StartTLS Email Client Contributors documentation
9519 In Progress Normal Make the test suite more deterministic through network simulation Code anonym
9561 Confirmed Normal Run the Tor Browser's own test suite inside our own Browser Code
10213 In Progress Normal Add colorless debug formatter Contributors documentation anonym
10237 Confirmed Normal Refactor and clean up the automated test suite Code anonym
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