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# Status Priority Subject Category Type of work Assignee
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16004 In Progress Elevated Make our automated test suite take into account USB image updates wrt. supported installation & update methods Test suite Code CyrilBrulebois
12185 Confirmed Normal Update Debian package to run Dogtail using Python 3 Test suite Debian u
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15946 Confirmed Normal Extend VeraCrypt automated tests with PIM Test suite Code intrigeri
  Tails_4.0 2 Collapse all/Expand all
16281 In Progress High Update the test suite for buster Test suite Code anonym
16314 Confirmed Low IO errors on buster when restoring snapshot from previous run with --keep-snapshots Test suite Code
  2019 5 Collapse all/Expand all
15460 In Progress High Test suite broken with Java 9+ Test suite Debian lamby
12106 Confirmed Normal Adjust test suite to overlayfs Test suite Code
15286 In Progress Normal Adapt automated test suite for the "one single SquashFS diff" upgrade scheme Test suite Code
15870 Confirmed Normal Evaluate OpenQA Test suite Research
15953 Confirmed Normal Make our test suite survive changes in the surrounding environment Test suite Code
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10288 In Progress Elevated Fix newly identified issues to make our test suite more robust and faster Test suite Code anonym
10495 In Progress Elevated The 'the time has synced' step is fragile Test suite Research
10499 Confirmed Elevated The ICMP Tor enforcement test is fragile Test suite Code
11592 Confirmed Elevated Step "[...] has loaded in the Tor Browser" is fragile Test suite Code
11463 Confirmed Elevated robust_notification_wait sometimes does not recognize the notification it's looking for Test suite Code
11465 Confirmed Elevated focus_window uses select_virtual_desktop in a racy way Test suite Code
12210 Confirmed Elevated Deal with automated tests of onion services vs Chutney Test suite Research
13460 Confirmed Elevated Virt-viewer fails to start Test suite Code
13469 Confirmed Elevated Starting applications "via GNOME Activities Overview" step is fragile Test suite Code
13470 Confirmed Elevated Step "Tails Greeter has applied all settings" is fragile Test suite Research
16069 Confirmed Elevated "Only the expected addons are installed" Thunderbird test is buggy Test suite Code
16825 In Progress Elevated "Found something that is not an ethernet packet" intermittent test failure Test suite Code
5526 Confirmed Normal Test with (simulated) slow Internet connections Test suite Research
5635 Confirmed Normal Test suite: minor groups not set in remote shell Test suite Code
5839 Confirmed Normal Test suite: pgrep detects itself in remote shell Test suite Research
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