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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee
17334 Confirmed Normal Document how to rescue the content of Persistence from a broken Tails Persistence End-user documentation
17331 Confirmed Normal Merge "Delete persistent volume" and "Configure persistent volume" Persistence Code
17278 Confirmed Elevated Additional Software tests often fail Persistence Code
17239 New Normal Persistence preset: 'Night Light' settings Persistence Discuss
17201 In Progress Low Nautilus Bookmarks Tor Browser infinite add Persistence Code op_mb
16998 In Progress Normal Persistence feature: administration password Persistence Discuss
16982 Confirmed Normal Can't start Synaptic from Additional Software that was itself started from tails-persistence-setup Persistence Code
16611 Confirmed Normal Propose users to add relevant internationalization Debian packages Persistence User interface design
16384 Confirmed Normal Force restarting after creating persistent storage Persistence Code
16311 In Progress Normal Test suite: persistence.feature vs. buster, notifications… Persistence Code
16274 Confirmed Normal Permission issue when creating a folder in dotfiles persistent feature with a space in its name Persistence Research
16273 In Progress Normal pkexec error when trying to remove ASP through persistence-setup Persistence Code
16055 New Low Stored Wifi connections don't work as expected. Persistence Discuss emmapeel
15827 Confirmed Normal Give feedback while the persistence setup is starting Persistence Code
15586 Confirmed Normal Instruct about the possibility of creating a persistent storage when there is none Persistence User interface design
15573 In Progress Normal Ask for confirmation when starting without unlocking the persistent storage Persistence Code
15572 Confirmed Normal Redesign UI for the creation of the persistent storage Persistence User interface design
15565 Confirmed Low Unclear error when Tails is started from a DVD with a persistent storage unlocked Persistence Code
15450 In Progress Normal Create LUKS2 persistent volumes by default Persistence Code
15313 Confirmed Low Apply changes to persistent features without the need for a Save button Persistence Code
15118 Confirmed Normal Mention in persistence assistant to only enable the features that are needed Persistence User interface design
15109 Confirmed Normal Rename 'Persistence wizard' as 'Persistence assistant' Persistence User interface design
12395 Confirmed Normal Honor the "debug" kernel cmdline option in persistence-setup Persistence Code
12379 Confirmed Normal Allow creating the persistent storage from Tails Greeter Persistence Code
12094 Confirmed Normal Persistence preset: localized timezone for displayed time Persistence Code
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