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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
16143 Confirmed Normal Tails_3.13 Clean up mirror-dispatcher.js Installation Code u Dev Needed
16078 Confirmed Normal Tails_3.12 Download page is not refreshed when verification extension is installed Installation Code u Dev Needed
15811 Confirmed Low Explain improvements to using libvirt with USB images Installation End-user documentation
15778 Confirmed Low Make the Tails Installer upstream tarball DFSG-free Installation Code nodens
15755 Confirmed Normal Test the download mirror before using it on the download page Installation Code
15754 Confirmed Normal Tails_3.12 Add a link to try download from another mirror Installation Website sajolida
15750 Confirmed Normal Tails_3.12 Help people who download from a broken mirror Installation Research u
15739 Confirmed Normal 2019 Test /install/debian/usb in Ubuntu 20.04 Installation Test sajolida
15736 Confirmed Normal 2019 Test /install/debian/usb on Linux Mint 20 Installation Test sajolida
15710 Confirmed Normal The Tails signing key is not trusted from within Tails Installation Discuss
15564 In Progress Normal Tails_3.12 Typo on Tails Installer Installation Code emmapeel Dev Needed
15429 Confirmed Normal Tails_3.13 Test the verification extension in Firefox ?? beta Installation Test sajolida
15292 In Progress Urgent Tails_3.12 Distribute a USB image Installation Code u
15289 Confirmed Normal Make Tails Upgrader suggest a manual upgrade to decrease future IUK sizes Installation User interface design
15288 Confirmed Normal 2019 Document tricks for power users vs. bigger downloads for automatic upgrade Installation End-user documentation anonym
15285 Confirmed Normal Tails_3.13 Adapt incremental upgrade manual test for the "one single SquashFS diff" upgrade scheme Installation Contributors documentation segfault
15284 Confirmed Normal Tails_3.13 Adapt release process for the "one single SquashFS diff" upgrade scheme Installation Contributors documentation intrigeri
15283 In Progress Normal Tails_3.13 Implement the "one single SquashFS diff" scheme in Tails Upgrader Installation Code intrigeri
15281 In Progress Normal Tails_3.13 Stack one single SquashFS diff when upgrading Installation Code intrigeri
15279 Confirmed Normal Tails_3.13 Refresh Tails signing key before each upgrade check Installation Code intrigeri
15277 Confirmed Normal 2019 Update our survey of non-NIH system upgrade solutions Installation Research intrigeri
15213 In Progress Normal Tails_4.0 Tails signing key can't be imported from Seahorse with the default key files filter Installation Code lamby
15166 In Progress Normal Tails_3.12 Tails Installer crashes when reporting errors whose message is not valid ASCII Installation Code kurono Info Needed
15128 Confirmed Normal Link to Mac known issues from troubleshooting Installation End-user documentation
15127 Confirmed Normal Add a troubleshooting section when the USB stick doesn't appear in the Mac startup disks Installation End-user documentation
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