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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee
16834 Confirmed Elevated Tails_3.15 Upgrade Thunderbird to 60.7.2+ Code
16825 In Progress Elevated "Found something that is not an ethernet packet" intermittent test failure Test suite Code
16822 Confirmed Elevated Tails_3.15 Release 4.0~beta1 Code intrigeri
16807 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.0 Impossible to maximize GIMP and see all its widgets Code
16806 Confirmed Normal Formats from Greeter not respected Internationalization Code
16796 Confirmed Low Display the Tails version number during boot (Boot Loader Menu or Tails Greeter) Code
16795 Confirmed Normal No audio in Unsafe Browser Accessibility Code
16793 Fix committed Normal Tails_3.15 Test suite saves incomplete tor log to $scenario.tor Test suite Code
16792 In Progress Normal Upgrade our Chutney fork and make configuration more similar to the real Tor network Test suite Code anonym
16789 Confirmed Elevated "Unable to access" error when trying to open the Persistence of another Tails from the Files utility Code
16788 Fix committed Normal Tails_3.15 Tests fail with "Found something in the pcap file that either is non-IP, or cannot be parsed (RuntimeError)" Test suite Code
16787 Confirmed Normal Trigger emergency shutdown on resume when the boot device is missing Code
16780 Fix committed Normal Tails_3.15 stable branch FTBFS due to broken GID pinning Build system Code
16774 Confirmed Low transifex translations: we should not update from the _completed branches Internationalization Code
16771 Confirmed Normal Upgrade to Thunderbird 68 Code
16761 Confirmed Normal Move non wiki related files out of wiki/src subdir Code
16760 Confirmed Low remove executable bit for po files Code
16757 Confirmed Normal Remove tails-greeter's dependency on libcaribou-gtk3-module Code
16748 Fix committed Normal Tails_3.15 create-usb-image-from-iso uses the wrong version of syslinux Installation Code
16744 Confirmed Normal Pidgin still has a pre-generated I2P account Code
16738 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.0 Enigmail vulnerable to signature spoofing (again): CVE-2019-12269 Code
16735 Confirmed Normal Unsafe Browser shows Security Level indicator Code
16733 New Normal Wipe RAM and shut down on panic Code
16730 Fix committed Normal Tails_3.15 Reproducible build CI job uses the HEAD of the current branch instead of the commit the 1st build was built from Build system Code
16723 Confirmed Low Send hybrid HTML + plain text to amnesia-news Code
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