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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee
17601 Confirmed Normal Manual testing: upgrade tests from ~rc1 when testing a final major release? Test
17542 Confirmed Normal Check if IUK installation mixes syslinux data between the system partition and the running system's root filesystem Test intrigeri
17498 Confirmed Normal Test usbimager Installation Test
17253 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.9 Test all the Wi-Fi adapters that we have, 2020 edition Hardware support Test sajolida
17235 New Normal User input is prone to hangs since Tails 4.0 Hardware support Test
17156 New Normal CPU-induced latency Covert Channel Countermeasures Testing Test
17077 Confirmed Low Consider replacing the "Applications" menu with a button to the "Activities" overview Test
16968 Confirmed Normal Simplify start-systemd-desktop-target Test
16964 Confirmed Normal Check if we can get rid of the plymouth.ignore-udev hack in tails-gdm-failed-to-start.service Test
16776 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.8 Test the verification extension in Firefox 7? beta Installation Test sajolida
16150 Confirmed Normal After hooks should be able to mark the scenario as failed in Jenkins Cucumber report Continuous Integration Test
15209 Confirmed Normal Test Matrix/Riot in Tails Test
14760 Confirmed Normal 2020 Adjust doc for Wayland: starting graphical applications as root Test
12408 Confirmed Low Ensure our website is ready for temporary surge of new users Infrastructure Test intrigeri
12317 Confirmed Normal Test Helpy for request tracker for help desk Infrastructure Test emmapeel
11892 In Progress Normal Sometimes the remote shell doesn't start because of missing initial Space when modifying the kernel cmdline Test suite Test anonym
10909 In Progress Normal Toggle are displayed by default when JavaScript is disabled Installation Test sajolida
8608 Confirmed Low Consider using systemd's security features in NetworkManager service files Test
8446 Confirmed Normal Test if accessibility features can be useful on tablets Hardware support Test
8437 Confirmed Low Test whether we could use curl for all HTTP requests in check-mirrors Infrastructure Test
6223 Confirmed Normal Test Linphone 3.5.1 or newer with onioncat Test
6177 Confirmed Low Try and evaluate zram Hardware support Test
5801 Confirmed Normal DNS resolution sometimes fails Test
5760 Confirmed Low tails-greeter: feedback when repairing damaged persistent filesystem Persistence Test
5336 Confirmed Normal Test protection against external bus memory forensics Test

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