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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee
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16883 Fix committed High Tails_3.16 Tails 3.15 apt config references tor-0.4.0.x-experimental packages, which are no longer available Code intrigeri
16858 Fix committed Elevated Tails_3.16 Branches based on devel FTBFS since webext-ublock-origin 1.19.0 reached sid Code
16789 Fix committed Elevated Tails_3.16 "Unable to access" error when trying to open the Persistence of another Tails from the Files utility Code intrigeri
16941 Fix committed Elevated Tails_3.16 devel branch FTBFS since torbrowser-launcher 0.3.2-1 was uploaded to sid Code
15895 Fix committed Normal Tails_3.16 Remove our predefined bookmarks Code intrigeri
16735 Fix committed Normal Tails_3.16 Unsafe Browser shows Security Level indicator Code intrigeri
16744 Fix committed Normal Tails_3.16 Remove useless pre-generated Pidgin accounts Code intrigeri
16911 Fix committed Normal Tails_3.16 Consider removing LibreOffice Math Code
15794 Fix committed Low Tails_3.16 No feedback on failure to lock busy volume in "Unlock VeraCrypt Volumes" Code intrigeri
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16728 Fix committed Normal Tails_3.16 Upgrade firmware-amd-graphics (and the rest of firmware-nonfree) Hardware support Code intrigeri
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16601 Fix committed Normal Tails_3.16 Translations don't work in Additional Software Internationalization Code intrigeri
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10442 Fix committed Elevated Tails_3.16 Totem "Watching a WebM video over HTTPS" test never passes on Jenkins Test suite Code
16825 Fix committed Elevated Tails_3.16 "Found something that is not an ethernet packet" intermittent test failure Test suite Code intrigeri
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16972 Fix committed Normal Tails_3.16 tordate sometimes breaks obfs4 by messing with a correct clock Time synchronization Code

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