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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
7733 Resolved Urgent Tails_1.1.1 Reprepro claim its database is locked and fails Infrastructure Code
11514 Resolved Urgent Tails_2.4 QXL driver is used unconditionally Hardware support Code Pass
11885 Resolved Urgent Tails_2.7 Critical kernel privesc vulnerability CVE-2016-5195 Code Pass
13402 Resolved Urgent Tails_3.1 Tails installer is not in Stretch-backports as said in the install documentation Installation Debian u
14575 Resolved Urgent Tails_3.11 Write technical design doc for Additional Software Contributors documentation Pass
14944 Resolved Urgent Tails_3.6 jenkins-data-disk is running out of diskspace Continuous Integration Sysadmin groente Pass
15210 Resolved Urgent CENSORSHIP AT TAILS DEV Code
15485 Resolved Urgent Tails_3.7 Automatic upgrades from 3.6.1 to 3.6.2 not working Installation Code
16084 Resolved Urgent Tails_3.11 VM's crashing Infrastructure Sysadmin groente Info Needed
16123 Resolved Urgent Tails_3.11 Test suite broken on Jenkins since we self-host our website Continuous Integration Sysadmin
16124 Resolved Urgent Tails_3.11 URLs without explicit .html are not redirected anymore Infrastructure Sysadmin Pass
12607 Rejected Urgent Tails_3.0 Many issues in Tails 3.0~rc1 Code anonymvs
12682 Rejected Urgent BACKDOOR IN TAILS FROM IMMERDA.CH Security Audit anonymvs
13428 Rejected Urgent Tails_3.1 BACKDOOR IN TAILS! Tor configuration Security Audit secretservice Info Needed
14928 Rejected Urgent Tails_3.3 Warn about the SegWit2x hard fork on our donate page Fundraising Website Pass
11504 Duplicate Urgent Tails_2.4 Missing test_Tails_ISO_testing job on Jenkins Infrastructure Research
15237 Duplicate Urgent EXPOSED MAC ADDRESS ON ALL INTERFACES (controversial development in TAILS) Spoof MAC Code
5319 Resolved High New Greeter UI: integrate prototypes Code alant
5518 Resolved High Tails_1.1 Make the system disk read-only Code
5594 Resolved High tails-greeter: better administration password UI User interface design
5579 Resolved High fix upgrade notification End-user documentation sajolida
5663 Resolved High Tails_2.7 Return to Icedove Code
5666 Resolved High Tails_2.7 Test suite: reliably wait for post-Greeter hooks Test suite Code Pass
5681 Resolved High Offer to provide the source of packages included in Tails upon request End-user documentation
5707 Resolved High Tails_2.6 Test suite: split various checks feature Test suite Code Pass
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