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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee
5293 Confirmed Elevated Block dangerous LAN traffic Code
5301 Confirmed Normal 2020 Backup system for the Persistence Persistence Code
5316 Confirmed Low Improve OpenPGP documentation End-user documentation
5317 Confirmed Normal Disable FireWire DMA Code
5336 Confirmed Normal Test protection against external bus memory forensics Test
5340 Confirmed High Hole in the Roof Analyze "vpwns" FOCI12 paper Research
5356 Confirmed Low Erase video memory on shutdown Research
5362 In Progress Normal Evaluate web fingerprint Security Audit
5394 In Progress Normal Time syncing can break Tor bootstrap when using several bridges with different certificate lifespans Tor configuration Code
5422 Confirmed Normal Sandbox the Unsafe Browser Code
5451 Confirmed Normal Protect against external bus exploitation Code
5460 Confirmed Low Keyboard shortcuts conflict Research
5461 Confirmed Elevated Persistence preset: Tor configuration Persistence Code
5462 Confirmed Normal Persistence preset: Tor state Persistence Research
5494 Confirmed Low Consider adding Snowflake support (Tor pluggable transport) Tor configuration Wait
5501 Confirmed Normal Persistence preset: locale and accessibility options (language, keyboard, and formats) in Greeter Persistence Research
5502 Confirmed Low Tails_5.0 Next time we bump RAM requirements: notify user at runtime if RAM requirements are not met Hardware support Code
5521 Confirmed Low Remove system tools menu duplicates User interface design
5526 Confirmed Normal Test with (simulated) slow Internet connections Test suite Research
5544 Confirmed Normal Persistence preset: I2P Persistence Code
5547 Confirmed Normal Deactivate PCMCIA, ExpressCard and FireWire if unused after 5 minutes Code
5555 Confirmed Normal Torbrowser patches vs. Unsafe browser Research
5580 Confirmed Normal Document protection against external bus memory forensics End-user documentation
5626 Confirmed Low Include audio and video streaming software Research
5631 Confirmed Normal Disable PCMCIA when unused at boot Code
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