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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee
17047 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.0 Update the conversion rate between hours and euros in ledger Accounting sajolida
16893 Confirmed Normal Move security policies to summit.git Accounting
16831 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.0 Create a checklist for teams that want to start a hiring process Accounting u
16785 Confirmed Normal Have a review process and documentation for the work of tails-accounting@ Accounting
16689 In Progress Normal Tails_4.0 Reimbursements for IFF 2019 Accounting sajolida
16645 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.0 Close our accounting for 2019 Accounting sajolida
16640 Confirmed Elevated Set up a process for continuous HR & management 1-to-1's Accounting intrigeri
16504 Confirmed Normal Document how to request sprint budgets Accounting u
16503 Confirmed Normal Document what is tails-summit Accounting
16495 Confirmed Normal Who is on shift? Accounting
16209 Confirmed Normal Core work: Foundations Team Accounting
13246 Confirmed Normal Core work Accounting
17057 Needs Validation High Tails_4.0 devel branch FTBFS since uBlock was upgraded to 1.22.2 Code
17056 In Progress High Tails_4.0 Make test suite robust with Tor Browser 9.0 Test suite Code intrigeri
17055 In Progress Elevated Tails_4.0 Update Unsafe Browser tweaks for Tor Browser 9 Code
17054 Confirmed High Tails_4.0 Weblate spams us with "ERROR (EXTERNAL IP): Internal Server Error: /avatar/32/intrigeri.png" email Code
17045 Needs Validation Elevated Tails_4.0 Revert default click method to Windows-like (pre-GNOME-3.28) Hardware support Code
17034 Confirmed Normal "Fetching OpenPGP keys using Seahorse" test suite scenario is fragile Test suite Code
17033 Confirmed Low Allow using VeraCrypt hidden volumes without having a dedicated option in the UI Code
17031 Confirmed Normal Test suite's has obsolete dependencies Test suite Code
17017 Confirmed Normal Automate APT manual tests Test suite Code
17013 Confirmed Normal The "is properly stream isolated" test suite mechanism is fragile Test suite Code
17011 Confirmed Elevated Tails_4.0 Disable GDM debug logs Code
17008 Confirmed Normal Ensure we don't upgrade systemd to v243+ without fixing the haveged incompatibility Build system Code
17005 Confirmed Elevated Tails_4.0 Use the same version of po4a in Tails 4.0, on www.lizard, and on RM's systems Code
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