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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee
17589 Confirmed Normal Automate post-release GitLab updates Infrastructure Code
17583 New Elevated too difficult to find bug tracker through website Project Website
17580 Confirmed Normal Core work 2020Q3 → 2020Q4: User experience User interface design
17578 Confirmed Normal Release process: document setting version manually Contributors documentation
17577 Confirmed Normal Release process: document (changelog) merging Contributors documentation
17575 New Low tutorial for the use of flatpak End-user documentation
17572 Needs Validation Normal Tails_4.5 Remove unused packages from our custom APT repository Build system Code
17568 In Progress Normal Tails_4.5 Automatic upgrade broken when running Tails in Turkish Code
17565 Confirmed Normal Manual testing: SquashFS comments Contributors documentation
17563 Confirmed Normal Bitcoin URI doesn't open in Electrum Code
17562 New Normal Have an incentive to donate to Tails from Electrum in Tails Fundraising Discuss
17561 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.5 Release process: SquashFS file order vs. Secure Boot Research
17559 Confirmed Normal Automated clean-up of *.pyc? Build system Code
17548 Confirmed Low terminal: `apropos` no results Code
17547 Confirmed Normal Test suite doesn't like symlinks Test suite Code
17545 Confirmed Normal Consider having Tails systems report their version to us Discuss
17544 Confirmed Normal Expert verification instructions encourage users to certify our key publicly Installation End-user documentation
17543 Confirmed Normal Make it easier to identify which nightly build is running Code
17535 Confirmed Low Clarify that only Debian non-free can be persisted as an additional repo End-user documentation
17534 Confirmed Normal Consider defining a policy wrt. romantic relationships in the workplace Project Discuss
17533 Confirmed Normal tails-gdm-failed-to-start.service gives confusing info on systems with 2+ GPUs Hardware support Code
17532 Confirmed Normal Clarify the privacy implication of setting a locale Internationalization End-user documentation
17525 Confirmed Normal obfs4 documentation does not mention the need for a hardware clock set to UTC Tor configuration End-user documentation
17521 Confirmed Normal Add generic names to the applications in our menu who are only "branded names" Code
17516 Confirmed Normal Tor Browser takes a full CPU when running offline Code
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