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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
16225 New Normal merge hefee/dev/translation-server Sysadmin groente
16224 Confirmed Normal Black screen after the boot menu with Intel GPU (i915) Research intrigeri
16223 New Normal Add Autocrypt to wiki/release notes Communicate
16222 New Normal Tails_3.12 change Autocrypt default settings Code
16221 Confirmed Normal Tails_3.12 Consider stopping to use DocBook-style CSS classes Internationalization Discuss sajolida
16220 Confirmed Elevated Tails_3.12 Website's "add trailing slash" trick is broken Infrastructure Sysadmin intrigeri
16218 Confirmed Normal Tails_3.12 Migrate some of our Schleuder lists to lizard Infrastructure Sysadmin intrigeri
16217 Confirmed Normal Tails_3.12 Migrate some of our Schleuder lists to puscii Infrastructure Sysadmin groente
16216 New Normal Setup a funding opportunities calendar Fundraising Research moire Dev Needed
16215 Confirmed Normal Add monitoring to stone Infrastructure Sysadmin groente
16214 Confirmed Normal Tails_3.11 Add stone to our VPN Infrastructure Sysadmin groente
16212 Confirmed Normal Merge devel into feature/buster post-3.11 Code CyrilBrulebois
16210 Confirmed Normal Core work 2019Q3: Foundations Team Accounting intrigeri
16209 Confirmed Normal Core work 2019Q2: Foundations Team Accounting intrigeri
16208 Confirmed Normal Core work 2019Q3 Accounting
16207 Confirmed Normal Core work 2019Q2 Accounting
16206 Confirmed Normal Consider dropping CSS hack for uBlock Origin sidebar Code
16205 Confirmed Normal Tails_3.11 Fix PO files on the USB image doc branch End-user documentation intrigeri Ready for QA
16204 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.0 Disabled electrum in feature/buster Code s7r
16200 Confirmed Low Tails Verification Extension: add ISO/IMG version check Code u
16199 Confirmed Normal Tails_3.12 Publish a beta for USB images Installation End-user documentation sajolida
16198 In Progress Normal Tails_3.12 Bootstrap an integration branch for the USB image project Infrastructure Code intrigeri
16195 Fix committed Normal Tails_3.11 Warn about free software also when the host OS might not be free Virtualization Code Pass
16193 Fix committed Elevated Tails_3.11 Upgrade Tor Browser to 8.0.4 Code Pass
16192 Confirmed Normal Tails_3.12 Upload and serve our copy of the Etcher binary Installation End-user documentation sajolida
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