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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee
16839 Confirmed Normal Tails_3.15 Clarify 'Total income taxes' and 'Total revenue' Contributors documentation u
16838 New Normal Selecting Arabic language in Greeter results in English (US) keyboard Internationalization Research
16837 Needs Validation Low Tails_4.0 Refresh boot loader splash screen in Tails Buster Graphics
16834 Confirmed Elevated Tails_3.15 Upgrade Thunderbird to 60.7.2+ Code
16832 In Progress Normal Tails_3.15 Mechanism for reallocating budgets between teams Accounting u
16831 Confirmed Normal Tails_3.16 Create a checklist for teams that want to start a hiring process Accounting u
16830 Confirmed Normal Rework the way "one-time" and "monthly" are coded on our donation page Fundraising Website
16828 In Progress Elevated Tails_3.15 Write release notes for 3.14.1 End-user documentation anonym
16827 Confirmed Normal 2019 Update Puppet modules: 2019Q3 → 2019Q4 edition Infrastructure Sysadmin
16826 Confirmed Elevated Upgrade bitcoind to 0.18.0~dfsg-1+ Sysadmin bertagaz
16825 In Progress Elevated "Found something that is not an ethernet packet" intermittent test failure Test suite Code
16822 Confirmed Elevated Tails_3.15 Release 4.0~beta1 Code intrigeri
16818 Confirmed Elevated Tails_4.0 Impossible to start on MacBookPro 8,1 Hardware support Research
16814 Confirmed Normal Have a process for responding to Code of Conduct reports Communicate u
16813 New Normal Create packaging documentation for onioncircuits Contributors documentation
16812 Confirmed Normal Update onioncircuits in Debian to 0.6 Debian u
16811 New Normal Tails_4.0 No more Asian input methods Internationalization Test sajolida
16810 Confirmed Normal Add the minimum USB size required in the system requirement page Installation End-user documentation
16808 Confirmed Normal Remove "router" from /install Installation Website
16807 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.0 Impossible to maximize GIMP and see all its widgets Code
16806 Confirmed Normal Formats from Greeter not respected Internationalization Code
16801 Confirmed Low Update no-JS version of the download page to removal of NoScript icon Installation End-user documentation
16796 Confirmed Low Display the Tails version number during boot (Boot Loader Menu or Tails Greeter) Code
16795 Confirmed Normal No audio in Unsafe Browser Accessibility Code
16793 Fix committed Normal Tails_3.15 Test suite saves incomplete tor log to $scenario.tor Test suite Code
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