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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee
16993 Confirmed Normal Circuit view broken after resuming from suspend or disconnecting+reconnecting to/from the network Tor configuration Code
16991 Confirmed Normal Cognitive walkthrough of automatic and manual upgrades Research sajolida
16990 Confirmed Normal Update our list of "Favorites" applications Discuss
16989 Confirmed Normal Enable voting for Weblate users Sysadmin
16988 New Normal Tails_4.0 MAC spoofing not disabled in 4.0~beta1 Spoof MAC Test sajolida
16987 Confirmed Normal Tails_3.17 Document USB tethering Hardware support End-user documentation
16986 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.0 Upgrade to tor 0.4.1.x Code
16985 Confirmed Normal Ask our partners to renew their partnership in 2020S1 Fundraising Communicate
16984 Needs Validation Normal Tails_3.16 Enable missing cronjobs for Weblate Sysadmin intrigeri
16983 Confirmed Normal "System Tools" not sorted alphabetically anymore since Buster Code
16982 Confirmed Elevated Tails_4.0 Can't start Synaptic from Additional Software Persistence Code
16981 Confirmed Elevated Tails_4.0 Have to scroll to see all "Utilities" Code
16980 Confirmed Normal Increase size of random seed in the kernel command-line Code
16978 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.0 Install Enigmail from Buster Wait
16977 Confirmed Normal Consider crediting some of the entropy we add from an unused sector Research
16976 Needs Validation Normal Tails_4.0 Run Dogtail using Python 3 Test suite Code anonym
16975 Confirmed Normal Tails_3.16 Users get confused at our documentation and think Tails does not delete images at all End-user documentation sajolida
16974 Confirmed Normal Improve Weblate UX for first-time visitors Infrastructure Sysadmin
16972 Fix committed Normal Tails_3.16 tordate sometimes breaks obfs4 by messing with a correct clock Time synchronization Code
16971 Confirmed Normal Help users of Tails in a VM from ISO get good randomness Virtualization Research
16970 Needs Validation Elevated Tails_3.16 Upgrade to Linux 4.19 with the Spectre v1 swapgs mitigations in Tails 3.16 Code anonym
16969 Confirmed Normal "Electrum starts" test step is broken on Buster Test suite Code
16968 Confirmed Normal Simplify start-systemd-desktop-target Test
16967 Confirmed Normal Tails_5.0 Update /lib/live/config/1500-reconfigure-APT for Bullseye Code
16966 Confirmed Normal Clean up /etc/skel/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list Research
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