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# Priority Status Subject Category Type of work Assignee
17051 High Needs Validation Zen's SSH public key is not configured in lizard's dropbear Infrastructure Sysadmin zen
10068 High In Progress Upgrade to Jenkins 2.x, using upstream packages Continuous Integration Sysadmin Sysadmins
17056 High In Progress Make test suite robust with Tor Browser 9.0 Test suite Code intrigeri
15890 High Confirmed Update our OpenPGP keys in 2019 Code intrigeri
10093 Elevated In Progress Upgrade to Gitolite v3 on puppet-git.lizard Infrastructure Sysadmin groente
14467 Elevated In Progress Upstream VeraCrypt support in GNOME Files Code segfault
14468 Elevated In Progress Add VeraCrypt support to Tails Code segfault
15223 Elevated In Progress Iteration 2: Support unlocking VeraCrypt file containers in GNOME Code segfault
15244 Elevated In Progress Iteration 2: Upstream support for unlocking VeraCrypt file containers in Nautilus Code segfault
16356 Elevated In Progress Upgrade to Tor Browser 9.0 (based on Firefox 68) Code
16531 Elevated In Progress Define our core code base Contributors documentation intrigeri
16421 Elevated In Progress Electrum Phishing Attack - Upstream Fix Committed Code segfault
17011 Elevated In Progress Disable GDM debug logs Code segfault
17035 Elevated In Progress Upstream Tor Browser 9.0 fixes to the torbrowser-launcher AppArmor profiles Communicate intrigeri
17055 Elevated In Progress Update Unsafe Browser tweaks for Tor Browser 9 Code
14464 Elevated Confirmed Add VeraCrypt support to GNOME Files Code segfault
16693 Elevated Confirmed Upgrade to Tor Browser based on Firefox 68.2 Code intrigeri
17005 Elevated Confirmed Use the same version of po4a in Tails 4.0, on www.lizard, and on RM's systems Code
17007 Elevated Confirmed JavaScript sometimes blocked on Tor Browser first start ⇒ "Watching a WebM video over HTTPS" and "Playing an Ogg audio track" scenarios are fragile: blocked by NoScript click-to-play Research intrigeri
17024 Elevated Confirmed Fix CVE-2019-15902 aka. "Failed Linux LTS Spectre Fix" Wait
17044 Elevated Confirmed Update documentation for Tor Browser 9.0 End-user documentation sajolida
17066 Elevated Confirmed Create frame on /donate with T-Shirt offer on $100 donation Fundraising Website u
10085 Normal Needs Validation Port Tails Installer to Python 3 Installation Code segfault
10347 Normal Needs Validation Troubleshooting for automatic upgrades that fail to restart Installation End-user documentation cbrownstein
10601 Normal Needs Validation isotesterN:s are sometimes put offline and never back online Continuous Integration Research intrigeri
11295 Normal Needs Validation Test jobs sometimes get scheduled on a busy isotester while there are available ones Continuous Integration Research intrigeri
14605 Normal Needs Validation Improve documentation on "Manually copying your persistent data to a new USB stick" Persistence End-user documentation cbrownstein
14875 Normal Needs Validation Build reproducibility Jenkins tests: confusing UX and implementation Continuous Integration Sysadmin intrigeri
16367 Normal Needs Validation Wrap [[!meta title directives in <div> in HTML sources Internationalization Code cbrownstein
15886 Normal Needs Validation Create a "Jobs" page on our website Contributors documentation u
16664 Normal Needs Validation Simplify "Tor has bootstrapped" status check Code
16920 Normal Needs Validation Prepare the banner for the donation campaign Fundraising Website
16923 Normal Needs Validation Add income diversity chart to donation page Fundraising Website
16935 Normal Needs Validation Move tailslib to main repo Code zen
17062 Normal Needs Validation No thumbnails in the Files browser Code
8722 Normal In Progress Create MIME/Multipart message with attachments in WhisperBack Code
11651 Normal In Progress Analyze most visited pages statistics Website sajolida
10976 Normal In Progress persistence.conf lost, recoverable by reconfiguring Persistence Research numbat
11763 Normal In Progress Adjust contributors documentation for translators Internationalization Contributors documentation drebs
15085 Normal In Progress Document our translation platform infrastructure Contributors documentation u
15086 Normal In Progress Translation platform: Write design documentation Contributors documentation hefee
15667 Normal In Progress Upstream VeraCrypt integration in GTK ask-password dialog Code segfault
14788 Normal In Progress Add anchors to the troubleshooting parts of the installation doc Installation Website sajolida
15355 Normal In Progress Make the ikiwiki PO plugin able to update PO files for languages that are disabled on the website Internationalization Communicate intrigeri
15952 Normal In Progress VeraCrypt keyfile widget in GNOME Disks is unreachable with the keyboard Accessibility Code segfault
16447 Normal In Progress Gather information about regression on some Intel GPU (Braswell, Kaby Lake) Hardware support Research emmapeel
16540 Normal In Progress Publish the Tails identity on our website Contributors documentation sajolida
16538 Normal In Progress Have illustrations to support our explanation of Tails Graphics sajolida
16665 Normal In Progress Update the list of people in groups B, C, and D of our revocation mechanism (2019 edition) Security Audit sajolida
16689 Normal In Progress Reimbursements for IFF 2019 Accounting sajolida
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