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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee
5293 Confirmed Elevated Block dangerous LAN traffic Code
5301 Confirmed Normal 2020 Backup system for the Persistence Persistence Code
5316 Confirmed Low Improve OpenPGP documentation End-user documentation
5317 Confirmed Normal Disable FireWire DMA Code
5336 Confirmed Normal Test protection against external bus memory forensics Test
5340 Confirmed High Hole in the Roof Analyze "vpwns" FOCI12 paper Research
5356 Confirmed Low Erase video memory on shutdown Research
5362 In Progress Normal Evaluate web fingerprint Security Audit
5394 In Progress Normal Time syncing can break Tor bootstrap when using several bridges with different certificate lifespans Tor configuration Code
5422 Confirmed Normal Sandbox the Unsafe Browser Code
5451 Confirmed Normal Protect against external bus exploitation Code
5460 Confirmed Low Keyboard shortcuts conflict Research
5461 Confirmed Elevated Persistence preset: Tor configuration Persistence Code
5462 Confirmed Normal Persistence preset: Tor state Persistence Research
5494 Confirmed Low Consider adding Snowflake support (Tor pluggable transport) Tor configuration Wait
5501 Confirmed Normal Persistence preset: locale and accessibility options (language, keyboard, and formats) in Greeter Persistence Research
5502 Confirmed Low Tails_5.0 Next time we bump RAM requirements: notify user at runtime if RAM requirements are not met Hardware support Code
5521 Confirmed Low Remove system tools menu duplicates User interface design
5526 Confirmed Normal Test with (simulated) slow Internet connections Test suite Research
5544 Confirmed Normal Persistence preset: I2P Persistence Code
5547 Confirmed Normal Deactivate PCMCIA, ExpressCard and FireWire if unused after 5 minutes Code
5555 Confirmed Normal Torbrowser patches vs. Unsafe browser Research
5580 Confirmed Normal Document protection against external bus memory forensics End-user documentation
5626 Confirmed Low Include audio and video streaming software Research
5631 Confirmed Normal Disable PCMCIA when unused at boot Code
5635 Confirmed Normal Test suite: minor groups not set in remote shell Test suite Code
5655 Confirmed Normal Share username and hostname amongst all anonymity distributions Code
5688 Confirmed Normal Tails Server: Self-hosted services behind Tails-powered onion services Code segfault
5691 Confirmed Normal live-build 3.x Build system Research
5698 Confirmed Low Tails with external Tor Tor configuration Code
5709 Confirmed Normal VoIP support Research
5722 Confirmed Normal Default to Mac keyboard layout on Mac hardware Hardware support Code
5729 Confirmed Normal Monitor WhisperBack SMTP relays Infrastructure Sysadmin
5740 Confirmed Low zram Hardware support Code
5748 Confirmed Low Two-layered virtualized system Research
5760 Confirmed Low tails-greeter: feedback when repairing damaged persistent filesystem Persistence Test
5761 Confirmed Low Mute audio output Code
5769 Confirmed Normal Applications audit Security Audit
5773 Confirmed Normal Revisit network fingerprinting design wrt. NTP Time synchronization Research
5774 In Progress Elevated Robust time syncing Time synchronization Code
5785 Confirmed Normal Detect captive portals Research
5788 Confirmed Low Restart I2P when time changes Code
5801 Confirmed Normal DNS resolution sometimes fails Test
5812 Confirmed Elevated Hide only current running TailsData Persistence Code
5828 Confirmed Normal Disable ExpressCard when it's unused at boot Code
5839 Confirmed Normal Test suite: pgrep detects itself in remote shell Test suite Research
5847 Confirmed Low Improve how we pass data between steps Test suite Code
5856 Confirmed Normal Detect SquashFS errors (bad medium or optical drives) while Tails is running Hardware support Code
5858 Confirmed Normal VPN support Code
5909 Confirmed Normal Pidgin should rely on the cached certificates Code
5918 Confirmed Normal Better internal hard disks lockdown Code
5929 Confirmed Normal Consider creating a persistence by default for plausible deniability Installation Code
5948 Confirmed Normal Custom plymouth theme Code
5958 In Progress Normal Port our custom software to Python 3 Code
5976 Confirmed Low Persistence preset: Tor Browser client certificates Persistence Research
5979 Confirmed Low Persistence preset: mouse and touchpad settings Persistence Code
6001 Confirmed Normal Fix locales format based on wrong assumption Internationalization Code
6033 In Progress Normal Git bot on XMPP Infrastructure Sysadmin muri
6039 Confirmed Low Research consequences of Torbrowser patches when using I2P Research
6064 Confirmed Normal Handheld Tails Hardware support Wait
6065 Confirmed Low Re-enable Indymedia IRC account Code
6070 Confirmed Low Support arbitrary DNS queries Code
6083 Confirmed Low Autorun in Windows Code
6084 Confirmed Normal tails-greeter: localize keyboard layout names Code
6108 Confirmed Low Visibility and panic hot keys Research
6112 Confirmed Normal Safer tordate parameters Time synchronization Code
6116 Confirmed Normal Audit random seed Security Audit
6117 Confirmed Normal Audit Pidgin Security Audit
6120 Confirmed Normal Audit Tails vs. issues raised by Gregory Fleischer DC17 Security Audit
6135 Confirmed Normal PPTP Code
6136 Confirmed Normal Allow Tor to connect over PPTP Tor configuration Code
6137 Confirmed Normal Add PPTP NetworkManager plugin Code
6142 Confirmed Normal Factor out $LANG parsing Code
6143 Confirmed Normal Factor out parsing of the kernel command-line Code
6144 Confirmed Normal Factor out running GUI software from system scripts Code
6145 Confirmed Normal Factor out stuff into a shell library Code kurono
6147 Confirmed Normal Refactor thanks to bilibop Code
6156 In Progress Normal 2020 Upstream secure Thunderbird autoconfig wizard Communicate anonym
6170 Confirmed Low Different visual identities for sections of the website Website
6177 Confirmed Low Try and evaluate zram Hardware support Test
6183 Confirmed Normal Use multiple PGP/MIME attachments for text snippets and OpenPGP public key included in Whisperback reports Code alant
6218 Confirmed Normal Run our custom programs test suite on interesting commits Continuous Integration Sysadmin
6220 Confirmed Normal Automated Debian package build infrastructure Continuous Integration Sysadmin bertagaz
6223 Confirmed Normal Test Linphone 3.5.1 or newer with onioncat Test
6227 Confirmed Normal Persistence preset: Tahoe Persistence Code
6254 Confirmed Normal Make it easy to empty Trash on persistent volume Persistence Code
6261 Confirmed Normal Tor browser / HTTPS Everywhere should not connect to on startup Code
6270 Confirmed Low Publish our Jenkins read-only on the web Continuous Integration Sysadmin
6284 Confirmed Normal Display time in local timezone Internationalization Code
6285 Confirmed Normal Make sure Trash patches proposed upstream get reviewed and merged Persistence Communicate alant
6319 Confirmed Normal Restructure the documentation on Mac support Hardware support End-user documentation
6322 Confirmed Normal Advertise better the "easy" tasks Website
6333 Confirmed Low firewall exceptions for user-run local services Research
6343 In Progress Normal List potentially identifying information sent in Whisperback reports Research alant
6347 Confirmed Low Pidgin IRC Protocol responds to DCC SEND? Research
6358 Confirmed Low Display Tails version in boot menu Code
6378 Confirmed Normal Tor TransPort has no isolation flags Tor configuration Code
6397 Confirmed Normal Support booting from devices exposed as non-removable Hardware support Code
6419 Confirmed Low Improve contribute/how/graphics Website
6422 Confirmed Normal Factor out erroring out in the GUI Code
6430 Confirmed Normal Do not give dev ISO the name of the next release Build system Code
6452 Confirmed Normal Factor out stuff into a Tails Python library Code kurono
6453 Confirmed Normal Protect against fingerprinting via active Wi-Fi networks probing Spoof MAC Code
6457 Confirmed Normal Blocklist rare network protocols Code
6461 Confirmed Low Turn the Upgrader frontend into a wizard Code
6470 Confirmed Normal Make all .desktop-files translatable in Transifex Internationalization Code
6471 Confirmed Low Block system shutdown and reboot while an incremental upgrade is being applied Code
6484 Confirmed Normal Add support for checking IUKs to check-mirrors Infrastructure Code
6487 Confirmed Normal Make persistence-setup's .desktop-files translatable in Transifex Internationalization Research
6488 Confirmed Normal Make Tails Installer's .desktop-file translatable in Transifex Internationalization Code
6502 Confirmed Normal Add download size and estimated time when downloading upgrades Code
6526 Confirmed Low tails-blocked-network-detector for wired connections Spoof MAC Research
6549 Confirmed Normal Prevent MAC address leak for non-root users Code
6551 Confirmed Normal Link to the known issues for current version from the general ones Website
6560 In Progress High Tails_4.5 UEFI Secure boot Hardware support Code
6567 Confirmed Low Round the download size in "Upgrade available" IUK dialog Code
6568 Confirmed Low Mention Seahorse in documentation End-user documentation
6571 In Progress Normal Sanitize IPv6 addresses in WhisperBack Code
6586 Confirmed Low Broken "blueprints" links in local documentation Code
6588 Confirmed Low Tails shell library should verify that it is called set -e -u Code
6591 Confirmed Low GUI to select another upgrade channel Code
6610 Confirmed Normal Tails Installer should not list read-only media Installation Code
6611 Confirmed Normal The Greeter should not allow enabling read-write persistence on read-only media Persistence Code
6621 Confirmed Low Allow creating persistent volume onto a separate device Persistence Code
6642 Confirmed Low Persistence preset: browser history and opened tabs Persistence Research
6766 Confirmed Low Display an error message when boot fails Code
6769 In Progress Normal Some serial numbers are not removed in WhisperBack reports Code
6786 In Progress Low Be consistent when checking if persistence is enabled in tails-additional-software Persistence Code alant
6799 Confirmed Normal Have WhisperBack remove uniquely identifying ATA information Research
6800 Confirmed Normal Whisperback should use a generic regexp to match serial numbers Code alant
6801 Confirmed Normal Add unittests for all supported serial numbers patterns in WhisperBack Code alant
6805 Confirmed Normal Sanitize "compressed" IPv6 addresses in WhisperBack Code alant
6808 Confirmed Normal Investigate harmful BIOS features Research
6857 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.5 Have leaflets to present Tails Promote sajolida
6863 Confirmed Low Create slides that present Tails to the general public Promote
6878 Confirmed Low Pressing Enter in Tails Installer should start the installation Installation Code
6886 Confirmed Low Maybe grant access to the local CUPS administration web page Hardware support Research
6891 In Progress Normal Monitor external broken links on our website Infrastructure Website
6898 Confirmed Normal Don't point to the Tor support channels in Tor Launcher Tor configuration Code
6918 In Progress Normal Track hardening status of the binaries shipped in Tails Infrastructure Sysadmin
6921 Confirmed Normal Publish our Puppet manifests Infrastructure Sysadmin
6922 In Progress Normal Document how to replicate parts of our infrastructure for local testing Infrastructure Contributors documentation bertagaz
6926 Confirmed Normal Puppetize lizard's BitTorrent configuration Infrastructure Sysadmin
6927 Confirmed Normal Make it possible to sort apart the sysadmin tickets that require special privileges Infrastructure Contributors documentation
6944 Confirmed Low Document why some major Tails features are not packaged for Debian Contributors documentation intrigeri
6952 Confirmed Low memlockd: Can't open file /etc/default/locale Code
6996 In Progress Normal Enable web seeding in torrent files Infrastructure Contributors documentation
7001 Confirmed Low Hint user about the strength of their administration password Code
7002 In Progress Low Tails_4.4 Hint user about passphrase strength when creating a persistent volume Persistence Code touss
7019 Confirmed Normal Better support writable boot devices with read-only switch Hardware support Code
7023 Confirmed Low Mitigate security issues caused by using the Tails website as the browser homepage User interface design
7031 Confirmed Low Don't depend on a single hash algorithm for incremental upgrades Code
7036 In Progress Normal Move custom software to main git repo Infrastructure Code
7049 Confirmed Normal Clone Persistence option in Tails Installer Persistence Code
7051 Confirmed Normal Seahorse does have a configured default keyserver but it's not selected by default Research
7072 Confirmed Elevated Research potential for deanonymization by a compromised "amnesia" user Security Audit jvoisin
7073 Confirmed Low Cloning Tails from installer copies all files from the live partition Installation Code
7074 Confirmed Low Persistence preset: keyboard shortcuts Persistence Code
7082 Confirmed Low Restructure the homepage Website
7100 Confirmed Normal Decide what to do with machine-id Research bertagaz
7102 Confirmed Normal Hole in the Roof Evaluate how safe haveged is in a virtualized environment Security Audit dkg
7110 Confirmed Low Chinese spell-checker missing in Iceweasel Code
7120 Confirmed Low Make Tails fit better for small screens Hardware support Research
7129 Confirmed Low Security check could also warn when using a RC or testing version Code
7131 Confirmed Normal Incremental upgrades: test if the USB stick is read-only Code
7148 Confirmed Low Persistence preset: Theme and Desktop Wallpaper Persistence Code
7165 Confirmed Normal NetworkManager autoconnects to persistent wireless networks Persistence Code
7169 Confirmed Low Rate-limit firewall log messages Code
7214 Confirmed Low Restructure the sidebar Website
7224 Confirmed Low Link different design documentations from user documentation Website
7245 Confirmed Low Find out the best way to select the default sound card Hardware support Research emmapeel
7246 Confirmed Low Persistence preset: default sound card Persistence Code
7255 Confirmed Low Identify which entries to put in a more complete sidebar Website
7256 Confirmed Low Organize the entries we want to have in a more complete sidebar Website
7260 Confirmed Normal Persistence feature for Universal access Accessibility Code
7284 Confirmed Normal Document how we disable Torbutton's update checking Contributors documentation
7313 Confirmed Low Set a non-arbitrarily chosen allowed value for memory erasure coverage Test suite Research
7335 Confirmed Low The power button does not trigger emergency shutdown in the Greeter Code
7420 Confirmed Normal Fail the build hard in syslinux-related binary hooks when trying to build on non-i386 Build system Code
7432 In Progress Elevated Investigate security issues that may be caused by passing SSL_NO_VERIFY unchanged to tails-upgrade-frontend Research kurono
7435 Confirmed Normal Add Tails OpenPGP Applet to the Applications menu Code nodens
7439 Confirmed Normal Decide whether to remove the "clock synchronization" notification Tor configuration Code
7449 Confirmed Normal Have Seahorse easier to find in the Applications menu User interface design
7453 Confirmed Normal Pidgin cannot find out the correct XMPP server to connect to, without SRV DNS lookups Code
7465 Confirmed Normal Test if the persistent filesystem's root directory needs to be world-readable Persistence Code intrigeri
7475 Confirmed Normal Have live-boot honor FSUUID= Hardware support Code
7495 Confirmed Normal Add a "Help" or README in the ISO image Installation End-user documentation
7496 In Progress Normal Make it possible to verify the integrity of a Tails USB device Code
7498 Confirmed Normal Automate localized screenshot generation Test suite Research
7499 Confirmed Normal Extend the upgrader to allow full (self) upgrade Research
7502 Confirmed Normal Unsafe Browser is not accessible Accessibility Code
7503 Confirmed Normal The Persistent Volume Assistant is not readable by Orca Accessibility Code
7506 Confirmed Normal Add header to the beginning of pages content Accessibility Website pzajda
7507 Confirmed Normal Add quick navigation links Accessibility Website
7511 Confirmed Normal Add tests to check that accessibility features work fine Test suite Code
7521 Confirmed Low Export iCal calendar from ikiwiki Infrastructure Code
7543 Confirmed Normal Reconsider whether Tails should support touch and/or handheld devices Hardware support Research
7545 Confirmed Normal Convert manually ordered system initialization bits to native systemd unit files Code
7588 Confirmed Low Evaluate the impact and interest of mounting persistence synchronized Persistence Research
7607 Confirmed Normal Better document our delta with Debian Debian
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