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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee
15877 Confirmed Normal 2019 Research Kanban board for GitLab Research hefee
15867 Confirmed Normal 2019 Organize Weblate workshops to get more translators and new languages for our website Communicate muri
15865 Confirmed Normal 2019 Research & apply to Outreach / Summer of Code programs as an organization Research muri
15864 In Progress Normal 2019 Make onboarding of new developers easier Contributors documentation
14760 Confirmed Normal 2019 Adjust doc for Wayland: starting graphical applications as root Test
14567 Confirmed Normal 2019 Investigate mobile messaging applications Research
11198 Confirmed Normal 2019 Port complex shell scripts into Python Code
11754 Confirmed Normal 2019 Port complex build shell scripts to Python Build system Code hefee
16954 Confirmed Normal 2019 Update Jenkins plugins: 2019Q3 → 2019Q4 edition Continuous Integration Sysadmin Sysadmins
16827 Confirmed Normal 2019 Update Puppet modules: 2019Q3 → 2019Q4 edition Infrastructure Sysadmin Sysadmins
16173 Confirmed Elevated 2019 Upgrade the icingaweb2 Puppet module Infrastructure Sysadmin Sysadmins
15512 Confirmed Elevated 2019 Switch to another Puppet module to manage Puppet Infrastructure Sysadmin Sysadmins
17568 In Progress Normal Tails_4.5 Automatic upgrade broken when running Tails in Turkish Code
17567 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.5 Weird new SYSLINUX sign on splash screen Code sajolida
17561 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.5 Release process: SquashFS file order vs. Secure Boot Research
17492 Needs Validation Elevated Tails_4.5 Update documentation wrt. using GRUB + Secure Boot for USB boot on EFI 64-bit End-user documentation cbrownstein
17376 In Progress Elevated Tails_4.5 Complete our release process doc wrt. non-final releases Contributors documentation anonym
17343 Confirmed Elevated Tails_4.5 [Weblate Database] switch from utf8 to utf8mb4 charset. Sysadmin zen
17303 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.5 Write release notes for 4.5 End-user documentation sajolida
17277 In Progress Normal Tails_4.5 Check if the Thunderbird autoconfig wizard trusts the result of DNS requests Code anonym
17183 In Progress Elevated Tails_4.5 Seahorse fails to import PGP public key Research cbrownstein
17135 In Progress Normal Tails_4.5 Don't store the admin password in cleartext Code segfault
17133 Confirmed High Tails_4.5 Update our OpenPGP keys in 2020 Code intrigeri
17085 In Progress Normal Tails_4.5 Allow to disable the Unsafe Browser in the Greeter Code segfault
17050 In Progress Normal Tails_4.5 Translation platform: design & implement long-term maintenance & support plan Communicate drebs
16997 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.5 Update the value/cost analysis of tickets related to #14544, 2020 edition Research sajolida
16930 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.5 Define the work of the Mirrors Team Contributors documentation sajolida
16929 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.5 Define the work of the Press Team Contributors documentation sajolida
16831 In Progress Normal Tails_4.5 Create a checklist for teams that want to start a hiring process Accounting intrigeri
16665 In Progress Normal Tails_4.5 Update the list of people in groups B, C, and D of our revocation mechanism (2019 edition) Security Audit anonym
16655 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.5 Have a look at the outcome of GSoD to recruit technical writers Research sajolida
16534 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.5 Improve our consent form for user research Contributors documentation sajolida
15146 In Progress High Tails_4.5 Make memory erasure feature compatible with overlayfs Code
17572 Needs Validation Normal Tails_4.5 Remove unused packages from our custom APT repository Build system Code
17387 In Progress Normal Tails_4.5 Consider disabling CPU vulnerabilities mitigation features in our CI builder/tester VMs Continuous Integration Sysadmin intrigeri
10601 Needs Validation Normal Tails_4.5 isotesterN:s are sometimes put offline and never back online Continuous Integration Sysadmin zen
16918 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.5 Apply to Comcast Innovation Fund Fundraising Research moire
16447 In Progress Normal Tails_4.5 Gather information about regression on some Intel GPU (Braswell, Kaby Lake) Hardware support Research numbat
16410 Needs Validation Normal Tails_4.5 Document how to allow macOS Startup Security Utility to boot on external media Hardware support End-user documentation cbrownstein
16229 Needs Validation Normal Tails_4.5 Boot Loader Menu documentation does not support 32-bit UEFI Hardware support End-user documentation cbrownstein
16014 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.5 Organise sysadmin shifts for 2020 Q1+Q2 Infrastructure Sysadmin groente
17502 Needs Validation Normal Tails_4.5 Buggy inlines in /install/clone and /install/mac/clone Installation End-user documentation cbrownstein
15754 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.5 Add a link to try download from another mirror Installation Website sajolida
15288 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.5 Document tricks for power users vs. bigger downloads for automatic upgrade Installation User interface design sajolida
15122 Needs Validation Normal Tails_4.5 Rename Tails Greeter to be more plain Installation End-user documentation cbrownstein
16774 In Progress Normal Tails_4.5 Transifex translations: we should not update from the _completed branches Internationalization Code emmapeel
16221 In Progress Normal Tails_4.5 Stop using DocBook-style CSS classes Internationalization Discuss sajolida
7002 In Progress Low Tails_4.5 Hint user about passphrase strength when creating a persistent volume Persistence Code touss
17552 In Progress Normal Tails_4.5 Test suite produces obsoletion warnings with Ruby 2.7 Test suite Code anonym
17551 In Progress Normal Tails_4.5 Test suite has defunct processes after sikuli removal Test suite Code anonym
15460 In Progress High Tails_4.5 Test suite broken with Java 9+ so we need to replace Sikuli Test suite Code anonym
16471 In Progress Normal Tails_4.5 Drop time synchronization hacks that tor 0.3.5 and 0.4.x made obsolete Time synchronization Research anonym
7102 Confirmed Normal Hole in the Roof Evaluate how safe haveged is in a virtualized environment Security Audit dkg
5340 Confirmed High Hole in the Roof Analyze "vpwns" FOCI12 paper Research
16886 Confirmed Normal Hole in the Roof Stop spam on our public mailing lists Infrastructure Sysadmin
8447 Confirmed Normal Hole in the Roof Propose to delete data from a persistence feature when it is deactivated Persistence Code Gaff
17571 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.6 Document expectations for developers to communicate with the RM Contributors documentation intrigeri
17437 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.6 Check which 4.x base versions we need to support upgrades for Research intrigeri
17304 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.6 Write release notes for 4.6 End-user documentation sajolida
17286 In Progress Normal Tails_4.6 Make KeePassXC save database in a persistent dir by default Code segfault
17136 In Progress Normal Tails_4.6 Persistence preset: Greeter settings Code segfault
17005 In Progress Elevated Tails_4.6 Upgrade to po4a 0.55 in Tails itself, in the Vagrant build box, on {translate,www}.lizard, and on RM's systems Code intrigeri
16990 Needs Validation Normal Tails_4.6 Update our list of "Favorites" applications Code
16719 In Progress Normal Tails_4.6 Switch from ibus-anthy to Mozc Code intrigeri
16645 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.6 Close our accounting for 2019 Accounting sajolida
16507 Needs Validation Normal Tails_4.6 Document how to get your project xyz funded Accounting sajolida
16498 Needs Validation Normal Tails_4.6 Better define "focused work" Accounting sajolida
16496 Needs Validation Normal Tails_4.6 Define terminologies Accounting sajolida
15875 In Progress Normal Tails_4.6 Make it possible to resume an IUK download from within Tails Code intrigeri
11648 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.6 User research through web analytics End-user documentation sajolida
16960 In Progress Normal Tails_4.6 Make our CI feedback loop shorter Continuous Integration Sysadmin intrigeri
16959 In Progress Normal Tails_4.6 Gather usability data about our current CI Continuous Integration Communicate intrigeri
17570 Needs Validation Normal Tails_4.6 Responsive web design on new Home and About Hardware support Website ignifugo
17388 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.6 RTL8101 ethernet chipset doesn't work anymore since Tails 4.1.1 Hardware support Research numbat
15878 In Progress Normal Tails_4.6 Switch to GitLab Infrastructure Sysadmin hefee
17554 Needs Validation Normal Tails_4.6 lint_po bails out when fed locales with an "@" e.g. ru@petr1708 Internationalization Code intrigeri
15355 In Progress Normal Tails_4.6 Make the ikiwiki PO plugin able to update PO files for languages that are disabled on the website Internationalization Communicate intrigeri
10048 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.6 Improve some terminology and phrasing of the Persistence wizard Persistence User interface design sajolida
8948 In Progress Normal Tails_4.6 Reconsider the terminology around "persistence" Persistence End-user documentation sajolida
17537 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.6 Allow translating the Social Contract Project End-user documentation sajolida
17489 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.7 Remove aufs-based IUK generation code Code intrigeri
17431 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.7 Consider dropping the latest release version and date from the website sidebar Website sajolida
17305 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.7 Write release notes for 4.7 End-user documentation sajolida
16538 In Progress Normal Tails_4.7 Have illustrations to support our explanation of Tails Graphics sajolida
16537 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.7 Rewrite our home and about pages End-user documentation sajolida
15112 In Progress Normal Tails_4.7 Move our sidebar to the left (or to the top) Website sajolida
9814 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.7 Clarify what Tails is and what makes it so awesome Website sajolida
17306 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.8 Write release notes for 4.8 End-user documentation sajolida
17249 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.8 Print and distribute leaflets for Sponsor1 Promote sajolida
6857 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.8 Have leaflets to present Tails Promote sajolida
16776 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.8 Test the verification extension in Firefox 7? beta Installation Test sajolida
17536 New Normal Tails_4.9 Ask our partners to renew their partnership in 2020S2 Fundraising Communicate moire
17253 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.9 Test all the Wi-Fi adapters that we have, 2020 edition Hardware support Test sajolida
17148 Confirmed Elevated Tails_4.11 Upgrade to Thunderbird 78 ESR Code
17147 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.11 Migrate from Enigmail to Thunderbird 78's built-in OpenPGP support Code
15901 Confirmed Normal 2020 Research partial upgrades without ISO Research
15899 Confirmed Normal 2020 Rethink goals of Tails Server Communicate segfault
15874 Confirmed Normal 2020 Start looking at technologies used by snap/Flatpak for user-friendlier sandboxing Research intrigeri
15873 Confirmed Normal 2020 Dedicate engineering resources to external projects Wait emmapeel
15800 Confirmed Normal 2020 Have a visual style guide User interface design sajolida
15142 Confirmed Normal 2020 Make tails-persistence-setup compatible with Wayland Code intrigeri
14718 Confirmed Normal 2020 Make Tails Upgrader compatible with Wayland Code intrigeri
12213 In Progress Normal 2020 Wayland in Tails 5.0 (Bullseye) Code bertagaz
10491 Confirmed Normal 2020 Redesign the network configuration and startup Research
8309 Confirmed Normal 2020 Remove the topIcons GNOME Shell extension Code intrigeri
6156 In Progress Normal 2020 Upstream secure Thunderbird autoconfig wizard Communicate anonym
14522 Confirmed Normal 2020 Make Tails usable for blind users Accessibility Code intrigeri
14455 Confirmed Normal 2020 Reproducible Builds Stage 2 Build system Research
16955 Confirmed Normal 2020 Update Jenkins plugins: 2020Q1 → 2020Q2 edition Continuous Integration Sysadmin Sysadmins
12277 Needs Validation Normal 2020 Run our own email (IMAP/POP3/SMTP) server for automated tests run on lizard Continuous Integration Sysadmin anonym
17091 In Progress Normal 2020 Be in the list of non-profits on The Giving Block Fundraising Communicate moire
17078 Confirmed Normal 2020 Donation campaign 2020 Fundraising Communicate
15896 Confirmed Normal 2020 Investigate how to strengthen our relationship with partners Fundraising Communicate moire
14551 Confirmed Normal 2020 Approach companies for charitable givings Fundraising Communicate moire
14549 Confirmed Normal 2020 Make a list of companies that do charitable givings Fundraising Research moire
12693 Confirmed Normal 2020 Be able to receive donations at CCT Fundraising Wait
16953 Confirmed Normal 2020 Update Puppet modules: 2020Q1 → 2020Q2 edition Infrastructure Sysadmin Sysadmins
16934 Confirmed Normal 2020 Cleanup monitoring in puppet-tails Infrastructure Sysadmin Sysadmins
15277 Confirmed Normal 2020 Update our survey of non-NIH system upgrade solutions Installation Research
14548 Confirmed Normal 2020 Fix issues identified in the expert review done by jaster on our installation instructions Installation Research sajolida
5301 Confirmed Normal 2020 Backup system for the Persistence Persistence Code
15953 Confirmed Normal 2020 Make our test suite survive changes in the surrounding environment Test suite Code
15870 Confirmed Normal 2020 Evaluate OpenQA Test suite Research
11890 In Progress Normal 2020 Checking credentials in Thunderbird autoconfig wizard sometimes fails in the test suite Test suite Code anonym
17474 In Progress Normal Tails_5.0 opening a Veracrypt volume fails if the passphrase is too long Wait
17015 Confirmed Normal Tails_5.0 Clean our list of known issues, 5.0 edition End-user documentation
16967 Confirmed Normal Tails_5.0 Update /lib/live/config/1500-reconfigure-APT for Bullseye Code
16951 Confirmed Normal Tails_5.0 Update gdm-tails.json for Bullseye Code
16948 Confirmed Normal Tails_5.0 Deal with NetworkManager 1.20+ defaulting to its internal DHCP client Research
16861 Confirmed Normal Tails_5.0 Update the list of people in groups B, C, and D of our revocation mechanism (2021 edition) Security Audit sajolida
16758 Confirmed Normal Tails_5.0 Update po_translatable_pages for Tails 5.0 Website
16745 Confirmed Normal Tails_5.0 Update the list of backends in the usr.sbin.cups AppArmor profile (Bullseye edition) Research
16669 In Progress Normal Tails_5.0 Inconsistent "Encrypted" (vs "Encrypted?") for locked VeraCrypt volumes in GNOME Files Wait
16648 Confirmed Normal Tails_5.0 Update list of l10n packages for tier-1 supported languages Code
16280 Confirmed Normal Tails_5.0 Refresh tails-standard.list packages list for Bullseye Code
15945 Confirmed Normal Tails_5.0 Drop Python 2 in Tails 5.0 Code
14649 Confirmed Normal Tails_5.0 Ship OnionShare 2.x in Tails Code
14578 Confirmed Normal Tails_5.0 Decide when we want to release Tails based on Debian Bullseye Discuss
12615 In Progress Normal Tails_5.0 Consider basing Tails on quarterly snapshots of Debian testing Research
15349 In Progress Normal Tails_5.0 Migrate away from vmdebootstrap (and possibly from Vagrant) Build system Code
5502 Confirmed Low Tails_5.0 Next time we bump RAM requirements: notify user at runtime if RAM requirements are not met Hardware support Code
17574 New Normal Update not over Server ? Security Audit
17573 Confirmed Normal Broken test suite in devel: version numbers Contributors documentation
17569 Confirmed Normal Consider putting moderation in tails-l10n mailing list because of spam Sysadmin numbat
17565 Confirmed Normal Manual testing: SquashFS comments Contributors documentation
17563 Confirmed Normal Bitcoin URI doesn't open in Electrum Code
17553 Confirmed Normal tails-installer: insufficient doc to release Contributors documentation anonym
17548 Confirmed Low terminal: `apropos` no results Code
17545 Confirmed Normal Consider having Tails systems report their version to us Discuss
17543 Confirmed Normal Make it easier to identify which nightly build is running Code
17542 Confirmed Normal Check if IUK installation mixes syslinux data between the system partition and the running system's root filesystem Test intrigeri
17535 Confirmed Low Clarify that only Debian non-free can be persisted as an additional repo End-user documentation
17521 Confirmed Normal Add generic names to the applications in our menu who are only "branded names" Code
17517 Confirmed Normal PLACEHOLDER Tor Browser AppArmor profile Contributors documentation CyrilBrulebois
17516 Confirmed Normal Tor Browser takes a full CPU when running offline Code
17510 Confirmed Normal Allow persisting apt's keyring and 3rd party repos Discuss
17508 New Normal test xmpp in tails and its compatibility to mobile apps Research
17507 Confirmed Low Get printers deanonimisation neutralizing tool DEDA in Debian and then in Tails Debian
17503 Confirmed Normal sanity-check-website failure email should include information about the detected errors Discuss
17493 Confirmed Normal Check what to do wrt. kernel lockdown Research
17491 Confirmed Normal Consider re-enabling TCP timestamps Code
17476 Confirmed Normal [Weblate] Get rid of alert about outdated repo (Weblate 3.11) Sysadmin
17475 Confirmed Normal Stefano Zacchiroli's public key is expired since 2020-02-07 End-user documentation sajolida
17465 New Normal search bar of new home out of topbar (website) Website
17462 Confirmed Normal Tor Browser in development builds sometime opens the wrong startup home page Research
17461 Confirmed Normal Update python3-trezor to latest stable Debian stick
17453 New Normal Only display the Edit ".actions" on blueprint Website sajolida
17449 Confirmed Normal Instructions on MAT End-user documentation
17447 In Progress Low Customized Thunderbird/Enigmail settings are reset to default on restart Research segfault
17435 Confirmed Normal Building many IUKs (v2) takes a while on the RM's system Research
17413 Confirmed Normal Document process for emergency releases Contributors documentation
17409 Confirmed Normal Clean my user research data, 2020 edition Research sajolida
17408 Confirmed Normal Have a written consent form and confidentiality agreement when doing interviews Contributors documentation sajolida
17407 Confirmed Normal Have a template survey to screen user research participants Research sajolida
17394 New Low adjustable persistence size User interface design
17392 Confirmed Normal apt sometimes fails to fetch additional software packages after upgrading Tails Research intrigeri
17390 Confirmed Normal Silence AppArmor false positive denials: Thunderbird, Tor Browser Code
17372 New Normal Seahorse always encrypts files including for the most recently added/created private key Research
17371 Confirmed Normal Seahorse - can't connect to keyserver Research
17368 Confirmed Normal Include windows fonts Research
17367 In Progress Normal Persistence preset: GNOME Config Code
17361 Confirmed Normal Streamline our release process Research
17360 New Normal 4.10(X11 Depts)Newest libairy's (Fixes/Smoother X11 Keymap/Input Events) Code hein88888
17356 New Normal Tails not booting from original USB, neither upgrading from intermediary USB Discuss
17353 In Progress Normal .build-manifest discrepancies Contributors documentation CyrilBrulebois
17351 Confirmed Normal udisksd reports tons of errors about failure to determine whether loop devices seem to be encrypted Code
17335 Confirmed Normal [Weblate] Update Django 1.11.x -> 2.2.y Sysadmin
17328 New Normal Thunderbird's Find in Page is not working anymore Research goupille
17325 Confirmed Low Make it easier for people to monitor the activity of the network User interface design
17324 Confirmed Normal Simplify the process of connecting to a Wi-Fi network User interface design sajolida
17313 Confirmed Normal Tails doesn't restart after applying an automatic upgrade Code
17312 Confirmed Elevated Prevent users from closing Tails Upgrader while an upgrade is being applied Code
17310 Confirmed Normal Add a button to cancel the upgrade while it's downloading Code
17309 New Elevated [fix-regression] Allow to display metadata without using command line Discuss geb
17295 Confirmed Normal Hide the "Tor Browser Updates" section the Preferences in Tor Browser Code
17292 Confirmed Normal Instruct people to use Tails Installer to create an intermediary Tails instead of GNOME Disks End-user documentation
17285 In Progress Normal Follow-up to "Add TCRYPT options to the ask-password dialog" patch Wait segfault
17284 New Normal cant upload files using unsafe browser Code
17282 Confirmed Normal Discuss whether we want to enable automatic email checking Discuss
17276 Confirmed Normal Discuss whether we want to use POP3 by default if persistence is enabled Discuss
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