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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee
17240 Confirmed Normal "AttributeError: Handler cb_checkbutton_storage_show_passphrase_toggled not found" on Greeter close Code segfault
17239 New Normal Persistence preset: 'Night Light' settings Persistence Discuss
17238 New Normal Display flickering since Tails 4.0 (Intel DPST?) Hardware support Research
17237 New Normal Cursor 'drifts' after using trackpoint, preventing trackpad use Hardware support Test
17236 In Progress Normal Tails_4.1 Consider enabling the init_on_alloc=1 and init_on_free=1 Linux options Test intrigeri
17235 New Normal User input is prone to hangs since Tails 4.0 Hardware support Test
17234 Confirmed Normal Build a list of people and organization recommending Tails Fundraising Website
17233 Confirmed Normal Ensure only one of our HTP pool has hosts handled by Cloudflare Time synchronization Code
17232 New Normal Have a hotline targetted at journalists Research
17230 Confirmed Normal "input/output error" warning messages in Tails 4.0 logs Research intrigeri
17229 Confirmed Low Convert ASCII typography into HTML entities using SmartyPants (libtext-typography-perl) Website
17228 New Normal Tails 4.0 greeter loads a second time when admin password added Security Audit
17227 Confirmed Normal Document letter boxing in Tor Browser End-user documentation
17226 Confirmed Normal 2020 Point to GitLab MR upstream documentation Infrastructure Contributors documentation
17223 New Normal Seahorse - modifications only visible after restart Research
17222 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.1 Set Thunderbird account preferences previously set by TorBirdy Code
17221 New Normal Tails_4.1 Replace TorBirdy's sanitizeHeaders() function Code
17220 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.1 Set Thunderbird preferences previously set by TorBirdy Code
17219 In Progress Elevated Tails_4.1 Replace TorBirdy Code
17218 New Normal starting applications after certain time makes GNOME crash Code
17217 New Normal systemd fails to bump fs.file-max Code
17216 Confirmed Normal Make the test suite clean up after itself even in most failure modes Continuous Integration Sysadmin
17215 Confirmed Elevated Tails_4.2 Deal with Tor Launcher potentially disappearing entirely Communicate
17214 Fix committed Normal Tails_4.1 Drop obsolete customization to hide the "Tor" section in preferences Code segfault
17213 In Progress Normal Tails_4.1 Mid-term evaluation of the donation campaign Fundraising Research sajolida
17212 Needs Validation Normal Tails_4.1 KeePassXC dialog lists a default DB which does not exist Persistence Code
17210 New Normal Tails 4: Dragging a file from Nautilus to Gnome desktop no longer works Code
17209 Confirmed Normal Adapt the Verification Extension to Manifest v3 Code sajolida
17205 Confirmed Normal Consider managing translations of tails.git:po/tails.pot in Weblate Infrastructure Research
17204 Needs Validation Normal Tails_4.1 Various user-facing messages still refer to Tails Installer as the canonical way to install Tails User interface design intrigeri
17202 In Progress Normal Tails_4.1 Upgrade to Buster 10.2 Code intrigeri
17201 Needs Validation Low Tails_4.1 Nautilus Bookmarks Tor Browser infinite add Persistence Code
17199 Confirmed Normal Regression with some AMD GPU + Intel HD 4000 graphics (Ivy Bridge) Hardware support Research intrigeri
17197 Needs Validation Elevated Tails_4.1 Clarify from which USB stick to run the rsync when doing a backup End-user documentation sajolida
17195 New Normal 'Allow launching' setting is not saved End-user documentation
17193 New Elevated It is not work to run the script or shortcut Test
17192 New Normal wifi disconnect after 1 hour Code
17191 New Normal losing setting "sort folders before files" User interface design
17190 In Progress Normal Tails_4.1 remove the reference to the predefined IRC account from the doc End-user documentation cbrownstein
17189 New Normal Tails Additional Software.OpenVPN Script. Accessibility Code
17188 New Normal Tails Additional Software.Script.autostart Accessibility Code
17187 Confirmed Normal Document manual upgrades from virt-manager with a Persistence Virtualization End-user documentation
17184 Confirmed Normal random freeze with Nvidia 1660Ti GPU (NV160, Turing) Hardware support Research goupille
17183 Confirmed Normal Seahorse fails to import PGP public key Research
17182 Confirmed Normal Consider having guidelines for conflict resolution Project Contributors documentation
17181 New Normal trash icon doesnt change shape Code
17180 New Normal cant wipe files on desktop Code
17179 Confirmed Normal create-usb-image-from-iso maybe mixes syslinux data between Vagrant box and chroot Build system Code
17178 Confirmed Normal Re-include metadata analysis tools Code huertanix
17176 Confirmed Normal Think about how to implement and live a feedback culture in the project Project Research
17174 Confirmed Normal On screen keyboard doesn't press space in Korean (Hangul) Accessibility Test
17173 Confirmed Normal GNOME crashes when opening Nautilus from Tor Browser Code
17171 Needs Validation Normal Tails_4.1 Write documentation for organizing the summit Contributors documentation segfault
17170 In Progress Normal Tails_4.1 Make forward incoming email to Fundraising Communicate intrigeri
17169 Confirmed Normal Seahorse can't sync keys with keyservers: Request Entity Too Large Research
17166 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.1 Unknown escape sequence in tails-gdm-failed-to-start.service Code segfault
17165 In Progress Normal Tails_4.1 Stop taking time-based APT snapshots of Stretch Infrastructure Sysadmin intrigeri
17159 Confirmed Elevated Tails_4.1 Tor Browser displays an "Update Failed" pop-up Research
17158 Confirmed Normal Keep an eye on Debian snapshots Infrastructure Sysadmin
17156 New Normal CPU-induced latency Covert Channel Countermeasures Testing Test
17155 Confirmed Normal nvidia geforce 2070 Hardware support Code intrigeri
17154 Confirmed Normal Improve entropy gathering Code
17153 In Progress Normal Make Tails work with U2F Security Keys Hardware support Code bisco
17152 In Progress Normal Tails_4.2 Port tails-iuk to a more lightweight set of dependencies Code intrigeri
17149 Confirmed Elevated Tails_4.10 Figure out what to do with Torbirdy vs. Thunderbird 78 ESR Research
17148 Confirmed Elevated Tails_4.11 Upgrade to Thunderbird 78 ESR Code
17147 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.11 Migrate from Enigmail to Thunderbird 78's built-in OpenPGP support Code
17143 Fix committed Normal Tails_4.1 Re-enable Tor Browser's "Quantum bar" Code segfault
17141 Confirmed Normal Ensure GUIs started with pkexec or sudo can't be hidden by an attacker who can set $DISPLAY Code
17139 Confirmed Normal Only ship locale definitions that the user can select in the Greeter Internationalization Code
17138 Confirmed Low DNS over HTTPS over tor Research
17136 New Normal Persistence preset: Greeter settings Code
17135 In Progress Normal Tails_4.1 Don't store the admin password in cleartext Code segfault
17134 Confirmed Normal Make sure the user can see the Unsafe Browser's warning dialog Code
17133 Confirmed High Tails_4.5 Update our OpenPGP keys in 2020 Code intrigeri
17131 New Normal Tails fails to completely shutdown Hardware support End-user documentation numbat
17129 Confirmed Normal rename → Sysadmin
17128 Confirmed Normal Investigate whether internal network adapters consistently use their previously spoofed MAC address after resuming from suspend Spoof MAC Security Audit
17116 Needs Validation Normal Improve lost persistence.conf instructions on known issues page Persistence End-user documentation sajolida
17115 Confirmed Normal MAC spoofing can fail and disable a network adapter when waking up from suspend Spoof MAC Research
17113 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.1 Update our patched gnome-shell package to 3.30.2-11~deb10u1 Code segfault
17112 Confirmed Elevated Persistence config files "insecure" backup get emptied in some situations Persistence Code
17108 In Progress Normal Tails_4.1 Interview r Research sajolida
17107 In Progress Normal Tails_4.1 Accept corporate matched donations through Fundraising Research sajolida
17099 In Progress Normal Tails_4.2 Use trimage instead of optipng and advancecomp in Wait intrigeri
17092 New Normal Create a precence in the fediverse Promote
17091 In Progress Normal Be in the list of non-profits on The Giving Block Fundraising Communicate moire
17085 Needs Validation Normal Tails_4.1 Allow to disable the Unsafe Browser in the Greeter Code segfault
17084 Confirmed Normal Make it easier to debug the Greeter Code
17081 Confirmed Normal Jenkins: switch to systemd service Continuous Integration Sysadmin Sysadmins
17079 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.3 Retrospect on the donation campaign 2019 Research sajolida
17078 Confirmed Normal 2020 Donation campaign 2020 Fundraising Communicate
17077 Confirmed Low Consider replacing the "Applications" menu with a button to the "Activities" overview Test
17076 Confirmed Normal Missing mentors in Contribute page Contributors documentation sajolida
17075 Confirmed Normal noproxy build option is broken Build system Code
17074 Confirmed Normal lsb_release -a returns Debian's distributor_id and description, not Tails' Code
17071 Confirmed Normal Jenkins does not readily expose the full CI pipeline progress & outcome Continuous Integration Sysadmin
17070 Confirmed Normal Finding the Jenkins jobs corresponding to a given branch is bothersome Continuous Integration Sysadmin
17069 Confirmed Normal Tails Upgrader advertize to do manual upgrades to deprecated versions Code
17068 Confirmed Low Unclickable URLs in Tails Upgrader Wait
17067 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.1 Research how to advertize to donors the impact of different donation amounts Fundraising Research
17064 New Normal Tails website: Its not possible to browse older news entries Accessibility Website
17059 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.2 Upgrade Tor to 0.4.2 Code
17050 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.1 Translation platform: design & implement long-term maintenance & support plan Communicate u
17049 Confirmed Normal Recent MacBook does not start: no boot menu, black screen Hardware support Test geb
17046 Confirmed Normal Have a "People" page Website
17034 Confirmed Normal "Fetching OpenPGP keys using Seahorse" test suite scenario is fragile Test suite Code
17033 Confirmed Low Allow using VeraCrypt hidden volumes without having a dedicated option in the UI Code
17032 New Normal Dead link (404) after subscribing to Mailing List Website Sysadmins
17031 Confirmed Normal Test suite's has obsolete dependencies Test suite Code
17026 Confirmed Normal Long delay while rebooting after applying an automatic upgrade Research
17022 Confirmed Normal Tickets linked from the website: 3.16 End-user documentation sajolida
17021 In Progress Normal Tails_4.1 On-screen keyboard does not allow to input any accentuated char if one keeps the mouse button pressed Accessibility Discuss
17017 Confirmed Normal Automate APT manual tests Test suite Code
17015 Confirmed Normal Tails_5.0 Clean our list of known issues, 5.0 edition End-user documentation
17014 In Progress Elevated Tails_4.1 Archives of mailing lists not updated Communicate intrigeri
17013 Confirmed Normal The "is properly stream isolated" test suite mechanism is fragile Test suite Code
17008 Confirmed Normal Ensure we don't upgrade systemd to v243+ without fixing the haveged incompatibility Build system Code
17007 Confirmed High JavaScript sometimes blocked on Tor Browser first start ⇒ "Watching a WebM video over HTTPS" and "Playing an Ogg audio track" scenarios are fragile: blocked by NoScript click-to-play Research
17005 Confirmed Elevated Upgrade to po4a 0.55 in Tails itself, in the Vagrant build box, on www.lizard, and on RM's systems Code
17001 Confirmed Low Backwards-compatibility redirection for localized Atom security feed only works in French Sysadmin
17000 Confirmed Normal Get rid of JQuery Website
16998 New Low Persistence feature: administration password Persistence Discuss
16997 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.2 Update the value/cost analysis of tickets related to #14544, 2020 edition Research sajolida
16994 Confirmed Normal Weblate database switch to PostgreSQL Sysadmin
16993 Confirmed Normal Circuit view broken after resuming from suspend or disconnecting+reconnecting to/from the network Tor configuration Code
16991 Confirmed Normal Cognitive walkthrough of automatic and manual upgrades Research sajolida
16990 Confirmed Normal Update our list of "Favorites" applications Discuss
16987 Confirmed Normal Document USB tethering Hardware support End-user documentation
16985 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.2 Ask our partners to renew their partnership in 2020S1 Fundraising Communicate
16983 Confirmed Normal "System Tools" not sorted alphabetically anymore since Buster Code
16982 Confirmed Normal Can't start Synaptic from Additional Software that was itself started from tails-persistence-setup Persistence Code
16980 Confirmed Normal Increase size of random seed in the kernel command-line Code
16974 Confirmed Normal Improve Weblate UX for first-time visitors Infrastructure User interface design
16971 Confirmed Normal Help users of Tails in a VM from ISO get good randomness Virtualization Research
16969 In Progress Normal "Electrum starts" test step is broken on Buster Test suite Code
16968 Confirmed Normal Simplify start-systemd-desktop-target Test
16967 Confirmed Normal Tails_5.0 Update /lib/live/config/1500-reconfigure-APT for Bullseye Code
16966 Confirmed Normal Clean up /etc/skel/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list Research
16964 Confirmed Normal Check if we can get rid of the plymouth.ignore-udev hack in tails-gdm-failed-to-start.service Test
16960 Confirmed Normal 2020 Make our CI feedback loop shorter Continuous Integration Sysadmin intrigeri
16959 In Progress Normal Tails_4.2 Gather usability data about our current CI Continuous Integration Communicate intrigeri
16958 Confirmed Normal Fix the design of our Puppet codebase & document design guidelines Infrastructure Sysadmin Sysadmins
16957 Confirmed Normal Sysadmin "What to do in case of fire" checklist Infrastructure Contributors documentation Sysadmins
16956 Confirmed Normal Make our infrastructure more redundant Infrastructure Sysadmin Sysadmins
16955 Confirmed Normal 2020 Update Jenkins plugins: 2020Q1 → 2020Q2 edition Continuous Integration Sysadmin bertagaz
16954 Confirmed Normal 2019 Update Jenkins plugins: 2019Q3 → 2019Q4 edition Continuous Integration Sysadmin Sysadmins
16953 Confirmed Normal 2020 Update Puppet modules: 2020Q1 → 2020Q2 edition Infrastructure Sysadmin Sysadmins
16951 Confirmed Normal Tails_5.0 Update gdm-tails.json for Bullseye Code
16948 Confirmed Normal Tails_5.0 Deal with NetworkManager 1.20+ defaulting to its internal DHCP client Research
16943 Confirmed Normal Upgrade to Weblate 3.x Infrastructure Sysadmin
16938 Confirmed Low Consider hiding some notifications when the screen is locked Research
16937 Confirmed Normal whisperback: extra commands fail Code
16936 Confirmed Normal Move whisperback source to main repo Code segfault
16934 Confirmed Normal 2020 Cleanup monitoring in puppet-tails Infrastructure Sysadmin Sysadmins
16930 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.2 Define the work of the Mirrors Team Contributors documentation sajolida
16929 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.2 Define the work of the Press Team Contributors documentation sajolida
16928 Confirmed Normal Define the work of the Fundraising Team Fundraising Contributors documentation
16927 Confirmed Normal Upgrade to Hiera 5 Infrastructure Sysadmin
16925 New Normal Always add "debug nosplash" in troubleshooting mode Hardware support Code
16922 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.2 Write a thank you email Fundraising Communicate sajolida
16919 In Progress Normal Tails_4.1 Write blog posts for the donation campaign Fundraising Communicate sajolida
16918 Confirmed Normal 2020 Apply to Comcast Innovation Fund Fundraising Research moire
16913 Confirmed Normal Hide Tor settings in OnionShare Code
16909 New Normal Smartcard support for SSH client Code
16907 Confirmed Normal Rename Tails Installer as Tails Cloner Installation Code
16906 Confirmed Normal Use USB images instead of ISO images in Tails Installer Installation Code
16905 Confirmed Normal Speed up the checksum computation in the verification extension Installation Code
16903 In Progress Low Refactor tails-documentation Code segfault
16900 Confirmed Normal Inconsistent behavior when 2nd network interface goes up or down Tor configuration Code
16896 Confirmed Low Adapt our website to HTML5 Website
16894 Confirmed Normal Research tools to transcribe interviews Research sajolida
16893 Needs Validation Normal Tails_4.1 Move security policies to summit.git Accounting sajolida
16891 Confirmed Elevated Ensure enough entropy is available when setting up persistence Code segfault
16888 Confirmed Normal Have an increasing number of subscriptors to our newsletter Website
16886 Confirmed Normal Hole in the Roof Stop spam on our public mailing lists Infrastructure Sysadmin
16882 New Low Allow configuring MapAddress entries of torrc persistently Code
16881 Confirmed Elevated Puppetize critical Weblate configuration Infrastructure Sysadmin
16875 Confirmed Normal Error Starting GDM Intel HD 630 Hardware support Research
16872 Confirmed Normal Make it obvious to translators that they are visiting the staging website Website
16871 Confirmed Normal Define a strategy to delete non-maintained languages Discuss
16868 Fix committed High Tails_4.1 Upgrade Vagrant box to Buster Build system Code
16866 In Progress Normal Tails_4.2 Tweet more about our major features since 3.9 Communicate sajolida
16862 Confirmed Normal GitPython incorrectly populates blobs for submodule changes, when using diff Communicate hefee
16861 Confirmed Normal Tails_5.0 Update the list of people in groups B, C, and D of our revocation mechanism (2021 edition) Security Audit sajolida
16860 Confirmed Normal Time-based APT snapshots: use instead of Infrastructure Sysadmin
16856 Confirmed Normal Consider using non-Riseup email for Thunderbird automated tests Test suite Discuss
16853 Confirmed Normal Research if we could support translating other branches via Weblate Research
16831 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.1 Create a checklist for teams that want to start a hiring process Accounting u
16830 In Progress Normal Rework the way "one-time" and "monthly" are coded on our donation page Fundraising Website sajolida
16827 Confirmed Normal 2019 Update Puppet modules: 2019Q3 → 2019Q4 edition Infrastructure Sysadmin Sysadmins
16814 Confirmed Normal Have a process for responding to Code of Conduct reports Communicate u
16813 New Normal Create packaging documentation for onioncircuits Contributors documentation
16808 Confirmed Normal Remove "router" from /install Installation End-user documentation
16801 Confirmed Low Update no-JS version of the download page to removal of NoScript icon Installation End-user documentation
16796 Confirmed Low Display the Tails version number during boot (Boot Loader Menu or Tails Greeter) Code
16795 Confirmed Normal No audio in Unsafe Browser breaks accessible CAPTCHAs Accessibility Code
16792 Needs Validation Normal Tails_4.1 Upgrade our Chutney fork Test suite Code
16787 Confirmed Normal Trigger emergency shutdown on resume when the boot device is missing Code
16785 Confirmed Normal Have a review process and documentation for the work of tails-accounting@ Accounting
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