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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated QA Check
16363 Feature Confirmed Normal Write a thank you message sajolida sajolida 01/15/2019 03:21 PM
16362 Feature Confirmed Normal Fix "-1 days remaining" on the donation counter sajolida 01/15/2019 12:50 PM
16361 Feature New Normal Translatable pages cleanup xin 01/15/2019 11:55 AM
16357 Feature Confirmed Normal Deal with Torbutton being integrated into Tor Browser intrigeri 01/14/2019 08:12 AM
16356 Feature Confirmed Normal Upgrade to Tor Browser 9.0 (based on Firefox 68) intrigeri 01/14/2019 08:07 AM
16350 Feature Confirmed Normal Add feedback when opening Onion Circuits sajolida segfault 01/12/2019 05:42 PM Ready for QA
16348 Feature In Progress Elevated Upgrade to tor 0.3.5 intrigeri 01/13/2019 06:08 PM
16347 Feature Confirmed High Draft the 3.12~rc1 changelog intrigeri intrigeri 01/14/2019 04:34 PM
16345 Feature Confirmed Normal Various additions to our writing style guide sajolida sajolida 01/11/2019 09:45 PM Pass
16344 Feature Confirmed Normal Write a thank you note to donors sajolida 01/10/2019 05:07 PM
16343 Feature Confirmed Normal Analyze the donation campaign 2018 sajolida sajolida 01/15/2019 12:20 PM
16337 Feature In Progress Normal Upgrade to Tor Browser 8.5 anonym anonym 01/10/2019 10:23 AM
16334 Feature Confirmed Normal Add feedback when opening VeraCrypt Mounter sajolida segfault 01/12/2019 05:42 PM Ready for QA
16328 Feature Confirmed Normal Merge a stricter version of check_po whose expectations are realistic into our master branch intrigeri hefee 01/08/2019 05:04 PM
16326 Feature Confirmed Normal Review the Weblate-based infrastructure that updates and pushes PO files intrigeri intrigeri 01/08/2019 03:56 PM
16299 Feature In Progress Normal Disable Autocrypt even for existing persistent Thunderbird profiles sajolida hefee 01/14/2019 06:11 PM Info Needed
16284 Feature Confirmed Normal Update doc for KeePassXC hefee sajolida 01/10/2019 07:54 PM
16280 Feature Confirmed Normal Refresh tails-standard.list packages list for Bullseye intrigeri 01/04/2019 08:45 PM
16279 Feature Confirmed Normal Isolate in PO files [[!meta directives that need translation sajolida 01/08/2019 06:12 PM
16277 Feature Confirmed Normal Close our accounting for 2018 sajolida sajolida 01/04/2019 05:36 PM
16258 Feature Confirmed Normal Some people are confused about the changing bitcoin address on /donate sajolida 12/30/2018 06:06 PM
16234 Feature Confirmed Normal add option for excludes to our backupscript groente intrigeri 12/18/2018 07:29 PM Ready for QA
16223 Feature Confirmed Low Document Autocrypt hefee 01/05/2019 06:16 PM
16222 Feature Fix committed Normal set Autocrypt settings via /etc/thunderbird/prefs/thunderbird.js hefee 01/14/2019 07:57 PM Pass
16216 Feature New Normal Setup a funding opportunities calendar moire moire 12/11/2018 04:11 PM Dev Needed
16215 Feature Confirmed Normal Add monitoring to stone groente groente 12/10/2018 01:35 PM
16214 Feature Confirmed Normal Add stone to our VPN groente groente 12/16/2018 02:03 PM
16210 Feature Confirmed Normal Core work 2019Q3: Foundations Team intrigeri intrigeri 12/08/2018 09:19 AM
16209 Feature Confirmed Normal Core work 2019Q2: Foundations Team intrigeri intrigeri 12/08/2018 09:19 AM
16208 Feature Confirmed Normal Core work 2019Q3 intrigeri 12/08/2018 09:18 AM
16207 Feature Confirmed Normal Core work 2019Q2 intrigeri 12/08/2018 09:18 AM
16189 Feature Confirmed Normal Do usability testing on our donation page sajolida sajolida 12/04/2018 04:09 PM
16188 Feature Confirmed Normal Consider using a variable font on our website sajolida 12/04/2018 01:11 PM
16180 Feature Confirmed Normal Investigate about iPhone USB tethering support geb geb 12/03/2018 02:10 PM
16173 Feature Confirmed Normal Upgrade the icingaweb2 Puppet module intrigeri intrigeri 01/02/2019 05:00 AM
16170 Feature Confirmed Normal Make the wire transfer and crypto currency alternatives visible above the fold sajolida 12/08/2018 11:53 AM
16165 Feature In Progress Normal make puppet-lizard-manifests suitable for masterless puppet groente intrigeri 12/19/2018 12:48 PM Ready for QA
16151 Feature New Normal Add section about how to install .snap files to "Install additional software" moonmoonmoon emmapeel 12/13/2018 01:55 PM
16143 Feature Confirmed Normal Clean up mirror-dispatcher.js u u 11/19/2018 04:44 PM Dev Needed
16138 Feature Confirmed Normal Ship a pre-compiled AppArmor binary cache intrigeri intrigeri 11/19/2018 09:19 AM
16137 Feature Confirmed Normal Don't use all capitals sajolida sajolida 11/18/2018 06:54 PM
16135 Feature Confirmed Low Consider filtering abusive requests to Weblate upstream intrigeri groente 11/18/2018 03:24 PM
16130 Feature In Progress Urgent Add rewrite rules for the pages removed because of the distributions of USB images sajolida bertagaz 12/04/2018 12:12 PM Pass
16114 Feature Confirmed Normal Test suite: factorize out some file manipulation operations bertagaz 11/09/2018 10:52 AM
16107 Feature New Normal Create a new community forum dedlock dedlock 11/08/2018 11:19 AM
16103 Feature Confirmed Normal translations outside wiki/src hefee hefee 11/05/2018 04:19 PM
16102 Feature In Progress Normal Merge translation_platform_hooks branch into tails.git:master hefee 01/08/2019 04:18 PM
16096 Feature Confirmed Normal Donation campaign 2019 sajolida 01/15/2019 11:35 AM
16095 Feature Confirmed Normal Curate the list of languages in Tails Greeter sajolida 11/09/2018 09:42 AM
16094 Feature Confirmed Normal Have simplified and traditional Chinese in the list of languages in Tails Greeter sajolida 11/04/2018 07:08 AM
16092 Feature Confirmed Low Add website and Twitter on collective business cards sajolida sajolida 11/04/2018 03:51 AM
16091 Feature In Progress Normal Rethink our caching of CSS files sajolida intrigeri 11/13/2018 09:54 AM
16080 Feature Confirmed Normal Core work 2018Q4 → 2019Q2: User experience sajolida sajolida 11/18/2018 06:51 PM
16070 Feature New Normal Support bash glob in donors script sajolida intrigeri 10/23/2018 09:15 PM
16066 Feature Confirmed Normal Cancelling Wipe Available Disk Space feature should provide feedback to user huertanix u 11/02/2018 07:59 PM
16064 Feature Confirmed Normal Have some sanity checks on puppet code groente bertagaz 12/09/2018 02:02 PM Ready for QA
16063 Feature Confirmed Normal Support restarting tests in CI without rebuilding segfault 10/17/2018 12:47 PM
16059 Feature Confirmed Normal Improve UX for scheduling builds for newly pushed branches on the CI segfault 12/04/2018 10:30 AM
16052 Feature Confirmed Normal Document post-release reproducibility verification for IUKs intrigeri 01/09/2019 05:45 PM
16045 Feature In Progress Normal Clean-up: remove obsolete Thunderbird check CyrilBrulebois 10/12/2018 10:46 AM
15981 Feature In Progress Normal Define security policy for access that gives arbitrary code execution on the Tails infrastructure intrigeri intrigeri 11/20/2018 05:03 PM
15979 Feature Confirmed Normal Gather success metrics on Additional Software sajolida sajolida 12/10/2018 03:50 PM
15977 Feature Confirmed Normal Quantitative survey on VeraCrypt usage after the release sajolida sajolida 12/10/2018 03:50 PM
15976 Feature Confirmed Normal Gather success metrics on VeraCrypt integration sajolida sajolida 12/10/2018 03:50 PM
15971 Feature Confirmed Normal Update "How we spend our money" sajolida 01/15/2019 04:56 PM
15963 Feature Confirmed Normal Analyze conversion rate of PayPal donations for people using Tor Browser sajolida sajolida 01/08/2019 12:32 PM Dev Needed
15962 Feature In Progress Normal Withdraw all our money from Flattr sajolida sajolida 12/30/2018 05:46 PM
15949 Feature New Normal Possible to block/warn user from updating and/or installing packages which are modified by Tails devs? letthemeatpie sajolida 11/19/2018 04:31 PM Info Needed
15947 Feature New Normal Guard Node? atlsouthsider emmapeel 11/09/2018 09:41 AM
15946 Feature Confirmed Normal Extend VeraCrypt automated tests with PIM intrigeri intrigeri 09/12/2018 03:37 PM
15944 Feature In Progress Normal Port Tails to Buster intrigeri 01/09/2019 04:40 PM
15941 Feature Confirmed Normal Core work 2018Q4 → 2019Q2: Technical writing sajolida 09/11/2018 05:53 PM
15934 Feature Confirmed Normal Document the work we did with Simply Secure sajolida sajolida 11/28/2018 03:43 PM
15923 Feature In Progress Normal Autocrypt forces unencrypted messages sajolida hefee 01/14/2019 07:53 PM
15922 Feature Confirmed Normal Feasibility study on request tracker for help desk sajolida 09/07/2018 11:18 AM
15908 Feature Confirmed Normal Update blueprints, design docs and manual test instructions WRT Wikimedia fallback mirror u intrigeri 09/06/2018 01:25 PM
15901 Feature Confirmed Normal Research partial upgrades without ISO u 10/11/2018 09:29 AM
15900 Feature Confirmed Normal Consider mounting external drives automatically (enable automount) sajolida sajolida 09/20/2018 01:55 AM
15899 Feature Confirmed Normal Rethink goals of Tails Server u segfault 10/11/2018 09:35 AM
15896 Feature Confirmed Normal Investigate how to Strengthen our relationship with partners u moire 09/02/2018 02:08 PM
15891 Feature Confirmed Normal Ensure we have enough OpenPGP smartcard/GNUK hardware for our 2019 keys update intrigeri intrigeri 09/01/2018 09:51 AM
15890 Feature In Progress Normal Update our OpenPGP keys in 2019 intrigeri intrigeri 01/10/2019 09:47 AM
15888 Feature Confirmed Normal Analyze the development cost of tickets related to #14544 sajolida intrigeri 12/07/2018 09:46 AM
15887 Feature Confirmed Normal Analyze the user value of tickets related to #14544 sajolida sajolida 08/31/2018 11:39 AM
15878 Feature Confirmed Normal Switch to Gitlab u hefee 09/14/2018 08:41 AM
15877 Feature Confirmed Normal Research Kanban board for Gitlab u hefee 08/30/2018 03:21 PM
15875 Feature Confirmed Normal Make it possible to resume an IUK download from within Tails u intrigeri 12/22/2018 12:56 AM
15874 Feature Confirmed Normal Start looking at snaps/Flatpak for sandboxing u intrigeri 09/14/2018 11:17 AM
15873 Feature Confirmed Normal Dedicate engineering resources to external projects u emmapeel 08/30/2018 03:10 PM
15872 Feature Confirmed Normal Ask communities / organizations / journalism schools who use Tails for donations u 08/30/2018 03:08 PM
15870 Feature Confirmed Normal Evaluate OpenQA nodens intrigeri 12/25/2018 10:09 AM
15868 Feature Confirmed Normal Organize/participate at a meeting with other grant writers with similar goals u moire 08/30/2018 03:01 PM
15867 Feature Confirmed Normal Organize Weblate workshops to get more translators and new languages for our website u muri 08/30/2018 03:00 PM
15866 Feature Confirmed Normal Design, validate & implement an incentive to contribute in Tails u 10/11/2018 09:32 AM
15865 Feature Confirmed Normal Research & apply to Outreach / Summer of Code programs as an organization u muri 08/30/2018 02:55 PM
15864 Feature Confirmed Normal Make onboarding of new developers easier u 09/14/2018 08:17 AM
15862 Feature Confirmed Normal Hire a help desk worker u mercedes508 09/18/2018 12:44 PM
15860 Feature Confirmed Normal PDF Documentation nodens 08/30/2018 01:33 PM
15859 Feature Confirmed Normal Remove Unsafe Browser nodens 08/30/2018 02:17 PM
15856 Feature Confirmed Normal Translate the Installation Assistant into German spriver spriver 09/02/2018 07:31 PM
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