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14579 Feature In Progress Normal Tell the Technical Writers what part of our doc needs to be updated for Buster 08/20/2018 10:10 AM
13541 Bug In Progress Normal Tor still sometimes fails to bootstrap in the test suite 08/18/2018 11:07 AM Dev Needed
10790 Bug In Progress Normal Too many non-Tails folders on Nautilus sidebar 06/01/2018 06:45 PM
10495 Bug In Progress Elevated The 'the time has synced' step is fragile 08/14/2017 06:15 PM Dev Needed
9365 Bug In Progress Normal Evaluate consequences of full Tor circuit/stream state and restrict it as needed 08/20/2016 12:26 PM
9051 Bug In Progress Normal Tor Launcher is not accessible 01/15/2018 11:06 AM Dev Needed
6891 Feature In Progress Normal Monitor external broken links on our website 10/10/2018 10:53 PM
6397 Feature In Progress Normal Support booting from USB devices exposed as non-removable 06/29/2017 10:20 AM
5774 Feature In Progress Elevated Robust time syncing 10/11/2018 09:36 AM
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10695 Bug In Progress Normal unscrubbed URL in .xsession-errors (and therefore, in whisperback report) 05/23/2016 12:15 PM
6786 Feature In Progress Low Be consistent when checking if persistence is enabled in tails-additional-software 08/10/2018 07:42 AM Info Needed
6769 Bug In Progress Normal Some serial numbers are not removed in WhisperBack reports 12/02/2015 04:14 AM
6571 Bug In Progress Normal Sanitize IPv6 addresses in WhisperBack 05/15/2014 03:17 AM
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15342 Feature In Progress Normal Add option to our build system for caching the wiki 04/13/2018 11:35 AM Dev Needed
15336 Bug In Progress Normal "The persistent Tor Browser directory is usable" test suite scenario is fragile 08/07/2018 07:30 AM
15211 Feature In Progress Normal Reduce our Chutney network 07/06/2018 07:02 AM
14770 Bug In Progress Normal "Fetching OpenPGP keys" scenarios are fragile 12/16/2017 01:38 PM
14656 Feature In Progress Normal Rescue work on testing the Root Terminal + Terminal dogtailification 12/07/2017 12:44 PM Dev Needed
12652 Feature In Progress Low Improve the 'I start ... via GNOME Activities Overview' step 09/07/2017 06:25 AM
12503 Feature In Progress Normal Use rake to start the test suite in Jenkins 12/07/2017 01:06 PM Dev Needed
12461 Bug In Progress Normal Test suite fails to enable persistence in "Persistent browser bookmarks" 08/17/2018 07:49 AM
12347 Bug In Progress Normal Investigate why the reproducible ISO is larger than 3.0~beta2 04/08/2018 05:22 PM
12277 Feature In Progress Normal Run our own email (IMAP/POP3/SMTP) server for automated tests run on lizard 09/14/2018 11:23 AM Ready for QA
12230 Feature In Progress Normal Release Tails Server Beta 08/17/2018 08:29 PM
12019 Feature In Progress Normal Test Totem's "Add local video" action 12/07/2017 12:44 PM Dev Needed
11892 Bug In Progress Normal Sometimes the remote shell doesn't start because of missing initial Space when modifying the kernel cmdline 08/17/2018 02:54 PM
11888 Feature In Progress Normal Improve the remote shell's performance by switching to a virtio channel 01/26/2017 10:12 AM Dev Needed
11755 Bug In Progress Low Dogtail does not work for X applications running as non-amnesia users 09/07/2017 06:23 AM
11533 Bug In Progress Normal Add support for bind-mounted files to the live-boot persistence backend 05/25/2018 01:25 PM
11400 Bug In Progress Normal "I test Torbirdy's proxy settings" test sometimes fails due to missing favicon in "congratulations" tab 06/28/2017 01:54 PM
11171 Bug In Progress Normal Split build task in Rakefile 05/17/2017 08:49 AM Dev Needed
10974 Feature In Progress Normal Always use internal snapshots 06/29/2016 05:33 AM
10288 Bug In Progress Elevated Fix newly identified issues to make our test suite more robust and faster 11/08/2018 10:11 AM
10213 Bug In Progress Normal Add colorless debug formatter 11/04/2016 01:14 PM Dev Needed
9519 Feature In Progress Normal Make the test suite more deterministic through network simulation 08/20/2016 10:56 AM
9223 Bug In Progress Normal Improve the semantics of try_for 12/15/2017 02:10 AM Dev Needed
5394 Bug In Progress Normal Fix time syncing in bridge mode 06/28/2017 08:13 AM Dev Needed
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12429 Bug In Progress Normal Some lizard VMs sometimes lack memory to run Puppet 04/08/2018 06:41 PM
12213 Feature In Progress Normal Wayland in Tails 5.0 (Bullseye) 09/18/2018 04:24 PM
11182 Bug In Progress Normal Manage our VMs configuration with puppet 08/17/2018 04:23 PM Info Needed
7029 Bug In Progress Low Repair Jenkins' SCM sync 06/28/2015 05:08 AM Dev Needed
6922 Feature In Progress Normal Document how to replicate parts of our infrastructure for local testing 09/22/2015 07:49 AM
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8173 Feature In Progress Normal Make Ricochet usable in Tails 11/16/2018 10:44 PM
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10037 Feature In Progress Low Help Weblate maintainers to add the package to Debian 08/18/2018 10:58 AM
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11898 Feature In Progress Normal Have a readable blueprint about randomness in Tails 10/11/2018 09:34 AM Ready for QA
11677 Feature In Progress Normal Test hardware support with Debian on ARM chromebook 08/25/2018 01:28 PM
6996 Feature In Progress Normal Enable web seeding in torrent files 07/26/2017 05:48 PM Dev Needed
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11771 Feature In Progress Normal Consider adding a header warning on the Reddit page telling people that we're not maintaining this actively 08/17/2018 03:09 PM
9563 Bug In Progress Low FAQ: torrents with Tails -> use i2p 08/18/2018 12:00 PM Info Needed
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8578 Feature In Progress Normal Point friendly academic people to research projects that would help Tails 09/03/2018 06:57 PM Info Needed
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15855 Feature In Progress Normal Notify that Tor Browser is Starting 08/30/2018 03:59 AM Ready for QA
15026 Feature In Progress Normal Publish Tested/Working Hardware Page 04/11/2018 07:02 AM
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11137 Bug In Progress Normal Try to detect/warn in greeter if user has plugged tails device into untrusted system 06/30/2017 10:41 AM Dev Needed
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14581 Feature In Progress Normal Install caff (signing-party) by default 09/18/2018 07:25 AM Info Needed
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10731 Feature In Progress Normal Tails Installer should not allow installing on non-removable USB sticks 08/18/2018 10:03 AM
7432 Feature In Progress Elevated Investigate security issues that may be caused by passing SSL_NO_VERIFY unchanged to tails-upgrade-frontend 12/01/2016 11:40 AM Dev Needed
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10909 Bug In Progress Normal Toggle are displayed by default when JavaScript is disabled 10/21/2018 08:39 PM Dev Needed
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15301 Feature In Progress Normal Run Tails Server services in containers 08/05/2018 07:24 PM
12226 Feature In Progress Normal Initial review of Tails Server implementation 08/19/2018 10:13 AM Info Needed
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10250 Bug In Progress Normal Eliminate manual test suite 08/14/2018 06:04 AM
9003 Bug In Progress Normal Cleanup outdated blueprints 03/08/2017 02:12 PM
8788 Feature In Progress Normal Automatically test the "Tails documentation" link on the Desktop 08/14/2018 06:06 AM Dev Needed
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9700 Feature In Progress Low Persistence preset: Tor Browser security slider setting 08/20/2018 09:33 AM
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12533 Feature In Progress Normal Ability to point vagrant-libvirt to a custom storage pool 08/17/2018 09:05 AM Dev Needed
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