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# Status Priority Subject Affected tool Type of work Assignee
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10258 Confirmed Normal Test that Browsers in Tails use the IE theme when Windows Camouflage is enabled Code
10265 In Progress Normal Test that DDG is the default search engine in Tor Browser Browser Code
10252 Confirmed Normal Test that FTP connections to LAN IPs works in Unsafe Browser Unsafe Browser Code
10269 Confirmed Normal Test that spellcheck works in Tor Browser for each of our supported languages Browser Code
10271 Confirmed Normal Test that spellcheck's suggestions in Tor Browser are for the correct language Browser Code
10261 Confirmed Normal Test that the correct keyboard layout is set Code
10254 Confirmed Normal Test that the internal links in the documentation included with Tails work fine Code
10263 Confirmed Normal Test that the on-screen keyboard works and its layout is correctly set On-screen keyboard Code
12019 In Progress Normal Test Totem's "Add local video" action Code anonym
5526 Confirmed Normal Test with (simulated) slow Internet connections Research
10991 Confirmed Normal The "I both encrypt and sign the message using my OpenPGP key" step is fragile OpenPGP Applet Code
17013 Confirmed Normal The "is properly stream isolated" test suite mechanism is fragile Code
10495 In Progress Elevated The 'the time has synced' step is fragile Research
12621 Confirmed Normal The 'Tor is ready' step fails when any systemd service fails Discuss anonym
12042 Confirmed Normal Thunderbird email sending test sometimes fails due to the Attachment Reminder Email Client Code anonym
12046 Confirmed Normal Thunderbird sometimes crashes between sending email and fetching it Email Client Research
11589 Confirmed Normal Time syncing over bridge is fragile Code
13541 In Progress Normal Tor still sometimes fails to bootstrap in the test suite Code
10283 Confirmed Normal Use external snapshots in the automated test suite Wait anonym
10335 Confirmed Normal Use mac80211_hwsim to simulate wireless networking Research anonym
15831 Confirmed Normal Use qemu-xhci for TailsToaster Code
13460 Confirmed Elevated Virt-viewer fails to start Code
7933 Confirmed Normal Write automated tests for WebDAV Code
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