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# Status Priority Subject Affected tool Type of work Assignee
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10328 Confirmed Normal Clean up features with Scenario Outlines Code anonym
10335 Confirmed Normal Use mac80211_hwsim to simulate wireless networking Research anonym
10341 Confirmed Normal Describe checkpoints in .feature files Research anonym
10429 Confirmed Normal Code cleverness vs gherkin explicitness in our feature files Research anonym
10460 Confirmed Normal Test suite's display_in_use is not compatible with rootless X.Org Code
10864 Confirmed Normal Refactor vm_helper XML parsing code Code anonym
10767 Confirmed Normal Robust class hierarchy for applications in the test suite Code anonym
10974 In Progress Normal Always use internal snapshots Code anonym
10992 Confirmed Normal Fragile test: the OpenPGP applet key selection window is moved partly off-screen instead of selecting a key OpenPGP Applet Code anonym
11106 Confirmed Normal Improve test suite thanks to upstream Firefox fix for feedback when access to a local file is denied Browser Code anonym
11141 Confirmed Normal Consider replacing tails-autotest-remote-shell with QEMU Guest Agent Research
10991 Confirmed Normal The "I both encrypt and sign the message using my OpenPGP key" step is fragile OpenPGP Applet Code
10994 Confirmed Normal "I can view and print a PDF file" scenarios are fragile Code
11114 Confirmed Normal I2P tests are fragile I2P Code
11364 Confirmed Normal Add option to Chutney for override torrc_templates directory. Code anonym
11407 Confirmed Normal Create a step to do a screenshot of an application and export from test environment Code
11589 Confirmed Normal Time syncing over bridge is fragile Code
11376 Confirmed Normal Remove @check_tor_leaks tag and always look for leaks Discuss anonym
11394 Confirmed Normal "Symmetric encryption and decryption using OpenPGP Applet" is fragile OpenPGP Applet Code
11452 Confirmed Normal "I2P displays a notice when bootstrapping fails" test is fragile I2P Code
11585 Confirmed Normal "Persistent browser bookmarks" is fragile Browser Code
11865 Confirmed Normal In the test suite we sometimes boot from the isohybrid when we intended to boot from the DVD Code
11892 In Progress Normal Sometimes the remote shell doesn't start because of missing initial Space when modifying the kernel cmdline Test anonym
11462 Confirmed Normal "I2P is running" test is fragile: may fail when the time has not sync'ed yet I2P Code
12019 In Progress Normal Test Totem's "Add local video" action Code anonym
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