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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee
11766 Confirmed Normal Make the German translation gender neutral End-user documentation spriver
11762 Confirmed Low Try to get the farsi translation back into shape Communicate
11744 Confirmed Normal Experiment with RT against our requirements Sysadmin emmapeel
11732 Confirmed Normal Make entry guard persistent across reboot Research
11719 Confirmed Normal Hangul input method seems to be broken Research
11688 Confirmed Normal Organize a press team Contributors documentation spriver
11686 Confirmed Normal Replace Pidgin: refine blueprint Research
11678 Confirmed Normal Have tails work on a few x86 tablets Code
11651 In Progress Normal Analyze most visited pages statistics Website sajolida
11650 Confirmed Normal Analyze third-party search engine requests Website sajolida
11649 Confirmed Normal Analyze internal search engine requests Website sajolida
11648 Confirmed Normal User research through web analytics End-user documentation sajolida
11645 Confirmed Low Reintroduce timezone selection controls Code alant
11641 Confirmed Normal Show time when timezone is selected Code alant
11636 Confirmed Normal Replace apt-transport-tor with APT 1.3's Tor or SOCKS5h support Code
11581 In Progress Normal Blocklist dangerous PCIe hotplugging modules that are not needed for supported use cases Research
11579 Confirmed Normal Research what to do wrt. D-Bus activatable apps and AppArmor Security Audit
11551 Confirmed Normal Install the mumble VoIP client Code segfault
11541 Confirmed Low OMEMO support in Tails Code
11515 Confirmed Normal Explain better how to reach our XMPP channels (support and dev) End-user documentation spriver
11474 In Progress Low Update secondary (parenthetical) list item text Code
11423 Confirmed Normal Merge /support/chat and /contribute/chat into /about/contact End-user documentation
11387 Confirmed Low Tails upgrader left garbage in Tails partition Code
11341 Confirmed Low Installation Assistant: add logos to OS for faster clicking Website
11328 Confirmed Low Timezone "Arctic" shows "Long..." when selected Code alant
11317 Confirmed Normal Pass a call to host an XMPP server for Tails support Communicate emmapeel
11309 Confirmed Low Search entry in new Greeter's time zone selection window does not work Code alant
11307 Confirmed Normal Make sure that anonymous XMPP logins work in Tails Research
11290 Confirmed Low Inconsistent state between Tor status icon and Onion Circuits Code anonym
11267 Confirmed Low Add nm-connection-editor to the network setup instructions End-user documentation
11255 Confirmed Normal Adjust our documentation to the change of user name End-user documentation spriver
11226 Confirmed Normal I2P email in Thunderbird will not work with our default Tor proxy settings Code
11223 Confirmed Low Onion Circuits should support multiple Tor daemon instances User interface design
11200 Confirmed Normal More feedback when adding OpenPGP key to WhisperBack report User interface design
11198 Confirmed Normal 2020 Port complex shell scripts into Python Code
11188 Confirmed Normal GNOME Shell sometimes crashes and restarts Code
11137 In Progress Normal Try to detect/warn in greeter if user has plugged tails device into untrusted system Code hybridwipe
11102 Confirmed Low Document how much one effectively trusts non-Tails OS into which one plugs a Tails USB stick End-user documentation
11039 Confirmed Low Publishing the OpenPGP instructions outside of our website End-user documentation
11029 Confirmed Normal Redact ESSID from WhisperBack Code alant
10924 Confirmed Low Remove {,lib/live/mount/overlay/} from the AppArmor profile for I2P Code
10890 Confirmed Elevated Use less risky code for /tmp handling in I2P initscript and systemd unit file Code
10821 Confirmed Normal Warning on language settings in cleartext Code alant
10820 Confirmed Low Map for time zones Code alant
10790 In Progress Normal Too many non-Tails folders on Nautilus sidebar User interface design
10709 Confirmed Low Convert most of 52-update-rc.d to a systemd.preset(5) file Code
10695 In Progress Normal unscrubbed URL in .xsession-errors (and therefore, in whisperback report) Code
10659 Confirmed Normal Wrap executables in a cleaner, safer and more consistent manner Code anonym
10657 Confirmed Low Factorize waiting for notifications Research anonym
10589 Confirmed Normal NetworkManager hooks are unreliable vs network interruptions Code
10578 Confirmed Low Hide Torbutton "check for updates" Code
10576 Confirmed Elevated Occasionnally missing bits of widgets in the top-right GNOME Shell tray on Jessie Research
10572 Confirmed Low Peer review of I2P AppArmor profile Communicate
10564 Confirmed Low Single-item submenus in Applications menu Code alant
10491 Confirmed Normal 2020 Redesign the network configuration and startup Research
10461 Confirmed Normal Determine when I2P is ready for use Wait
10434 Confirmed Normal Document differences between displayed time zone and time zone reported by programs End-user documentation
10422 Confirmed Normal Grant Tor Browser access to files as designated by the user Code
10410 In Progress Low should points to official support instructions Communicate geb
10365 Confirmed Normal Investigate if Nautilus / Tor Browser are vulnerable to FTP IP address leaks Security Audit hybridwipe
10338 Confirmed Normal Restart Tor if bootstrapping stalls for too long in bridge mode Code anonym
10234 Confirmed Low Pin each APT source to its own OpenPGP key Code muri
10187 Confirmed Low FAQ: Do I need a USB stick dedicated to Tails? / Can I have another live distribution on my Tails USB stick? End-user documentation
10181 Confirmed Normal Non-discriminatory language Discuss milly
10071 Confirmed Low Evaluate Tox for VoIP Research
10060 Confirmed Low Warn when the in-memory filesystem is getting full Code
10039 Confirmed Normal Publish specs to incite upstream to work towards handheld Tails Contributors documentation
9907 Confirmed Low Add a small link in the footer of webpages like "found a bug?" linking to the contribute/doc documentation Website
9905 Confirmed Low Documentation for a complete workflow concerning doc modification through patches: clone - build wiki - send patch Contributors documentation
9900 Confirmed Normal Improve Website search Research
9899 Confirmed Normal Website search should prioritize titles Website
9898 Confirmed Normal Website search should allow to sort by language Website
9817 Confirmed Normal Consider creating a Tails animation to explain what Tails is Promote
9814 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.7 Clarify what Tails is and what makes it so awesome Website sajolida
9810 Confirmed Low Bluetooth options in System settings has no icon Code
9802 Confirmed Elevated Design a process to deal with signing key compromise Research intrigeri
9800 Confirmed Low Only allow OpenPGP keys that match the provided email in WhisperBack User interface design
9744 Confirmed Normal Fuzz relevant bits of Tails Upgrader Security Audit
9743 Confirmed Low Add "Usability is a security feature" to our design doc Contributors documentation
9569 Confirmed Normal Research available protections against rogue USB devices Research
9563 In Progress Low FAQ: torrents with Tails -> use i2p End-user documentation
9554 Confirmed Normal Explain how to set an administration password instead of asking for one when none is set Research
9535 Confirmed Low Make link to anchor available when hover'ing a title Website
9532 Confirmed Low i2pbrowser does not support bookmarks and persistent datas Code
9473 Confirmed Normal Improve "Unable to connect" error message from Tor Browser when accessing server on the LAN User interface design
9407 Confirmed Low Mention OpenPGP best practices End-user documentation
9372 In Progress Elevated Use 'set -e' and 'set -u' in every shell script where reasonably doable Code kurono
9365 Confirmed Normal Evaluate consequences of full Tor circuit/stream state and restrict it as needed Research
9234 Confirmed Normal Abort boot when any live-config hook fails Code
9232 Confirmed Normal FAQ: add a part about VOIP End-user documentation
9119 Confirmed Low Write design doc for Tails Greeter Contributors documentation
9101 Confirmed Normal Consider integrating Tahoe-lafs and `magic folders` into Tails Research
9047 Confirmed Low Tails trademark Research
9033 Confirmed Low Adjust /etc/issue and /etc/motd to Tails branding Code
9003 In Progress Normal Cleanup outdated blueprints Website spriver
8975 Confirmed Normal Allow configuring the persistent storage from Tails Greeter User interface design
8954 Confirmed Low Update DVD label design Graphics
8949 Confirmed Low Rework /doc/encryption_and_privacy/your_data_wont_be_saved_unless_explicitly_asked End-user documentation
8942 Confirmed Low Make Tails logo the new favicon Website
8937 Confirmed Normal Improve live-persist Code
8927 Confirmed Low Replicate Vidalia's ability to close arbitrary circuits User interface design
8845 Confirmed Normal Give some love to our warning page End-user documentation
8795 Confirmed Normal Add parcimonie Code
8722 In Progress Normal Create MIME/Multipart message with attachments in WhisperBack Code
8689 Confirmed Elevated Consider building the changelog from changes files provided by the merged branches Research
8666 Confirmed Normal Explain how to take screenshots in Tails End-user documentation cbrownstein
8660 In Progress Normal Add an option to attach screenshots to WhisperBack reports User interface design
8608 Confirmed Low Consider using systemd's security features in NetworkManager service files Test
8579 Confirmed Normal WhisperBack should use its own GnuPG homedir and not be affected by the user's gpg.conf Code
8578 In Progress Normal Point friendly academic people to research projects that would help Tails Communicate geb
8573 In Progress Normal Hopefully replace Pidgin some day Research
8572 Confirmed Normal Point friendly cryptographers at tasks that would help Tails Communicate
8511 Confirmed Low Have all Debian packages we use build in a deterministic way Debian
8416 Confirmed Normal Document MAT and metadata End-user documentation
8393 Confirmed Low Replace sound-juicer with Goobox (aka. GNOME CD Player) Code
8310 In Progress Normal Convert OpenPGP Applet into a proper GNOME Shell extension Code
8309 Confirmed Normal 2020 Remove the topIcons GNOME Shell extension Code intrigeri
8280 Confirmed Low Users should be able to manipulate local files in I2P browser Code
8247 Confirmed Low Website search doesn't support quotes properly Website
8232 Confirmed Normal Persistent assistant in Greeter User interface design
8204 Confirmed Normal Add a link to reproducible builds blogpost or verification instructions to our about page End-user documentation
7950 Confirmed Normal Consider using GNOME's captive portal handling Research
7932 Confirmed Normal Write manual tests for WebDAV Contributors documentation
7930 Confirmed Normal Support WebDAV Research
7929 New Low Replace GNOME Videos by VLC Discuss
7902 Confirmed Normal WebDAV connect in Nautilus cannot solve FQDN Research
7878 Confirmed Normal Offer option to download automatic upgrades without Tor Code
7782 Confirmed Normal Warn the user when available RAM / memory is low Research
7774 Confirmed Normal Rename the Unsafe Web Browser to express its supported usecase more clearly User interface design
7726 Confirmed Normal Have upgrade-description files expire Code
7724 Confirmed Low Sandbox I2P Code
7681 Confirmed Low Draw a wireframe of the homepage Website
7639 Confirmed Normal Disable useless and/or dangerous kernel modules Code
7627 Confirmed Low Restructure the website Website
7610 Confirmed Low Generate graphs displaying the evolution of a Debian derivative's delta Debian
7609 Confirmed Low Have compare-source-package-list store date/time information Debian
7608 Confirmed Low Have compare-source-package-list extract DEP-3 headers for derivatives-specific patches Debian
7607 Confirmed Low Better document our delta with Debian Debian
7545 Confirmed Normal Convert manually ordered system initialization bits to native systemd unit files Code
7499 Confirmed Normal Extend the upgrader to allow full (self) upgrade Research
7496 In Progress Normal Make it possible to verify the integrity of a Tails USB device Code
7453 Confirmed Normal Pidgin cannot find out the correct XMPP server to connect to, without SRV DNS lookups Code
7449 Confirmed Normal Have Seahorse easier to find in the Applications menu User interface design
7435 Confirmed Normal Add Tails OpenPGP Applet to the Applications menu Code nodens
7432 In Progress Elevated Investigate security issues that may be caused by passing SSL_NO_VERIFY unchanged to tails-upgrade-frontend Research kurono
7335 Confirmed Low The power button does not trigger emergency shutdown in the Greeter Code
7284 Confirmed Normal Document how we disable Torbutton's update checking Contributors documentation
7256 Confirmed Low Organize the entries we want to have in a more complete sidebar Website
7255 Confirmed Low Identify which entries to put in a more complete sidebar Website
7224 Confirmed Low Link different design documentations from user documentation Website
7214 Confirmed Low Restructure the sidebar Website
7169 Confirmed Low Rate-limit firewall log messages Code
7131 Confirmed Normal Incremental upgrades: test if the USB stick is read-only Code
7129 Confirmed Low Security check could also warn when using a RC or testing version Code
7110 Confirmed Low Chinese spell-checker missing in Iceweasel Code
7102 Confirmed Normal Hole in the Roof Evaluate how safe haveged is in a virtualized environment Security Audit dkg
7100 Confirmed Normal Decide what to do with machine-id Research bertagaz
7082 Confirmed Low Restructure the homepage Website
7072 Confirmed Elevated Research potential for deanonymization by a compromised "amnesia" user Security Audit jvoisin
7051 Confirmed Normal Seahorse does have a configured default keyserver but it's not selected by default Research
7031 Confirmed Low Don't depend on a single hash algorithm for incremental upgrades Code
7023 Confirmed Low Mitigate security issues caused by using the Tails website as the browser homepage User interface design
7001 Confirmed Low Hint user about the strength of their administration password Code
6952 Confirmed Low memlockd: Can't open file /etc/default/locale Code
6944 Needs Validation Low Document why some major Tails features are not packaged for Debian Contributors documentation
6863 Confirmed Low Create slides that present Tails to the general public Promote
6857 Confirmed Normal Tails_4.8 Have leaflets to present Tails Promote sajolida
6808 Confirmed Normal Investigate harmful BIOS features Research
6805 Confirmed Normal Sanitize "compressed" IPv6 addresses in WhisperBack Code alant
6801 Confirmed Normal Add unittests for all supported serial numbers patterns in WhisperBack Code alant
6800 Confirmed Normal Whisperback should use a generic regexp to match serial numbers Code alant
6799 Confirmed Normal Have WhisperBack remove uniquely identifying ATA information Research
6769 In Progress Normal Some serial numbers are not removed in WhisperBack reports Code
6766 Confirmed Low Display an error message when boot fails Code
6591 Confirmed Low GUI to select another upgrade channel Code
6588 Confirmed Low Tails shell library should verify that it is called set -e -u Code
6586 Confirmed Low Broken "blueprints" links in local documentation Code
6571 In Progress Normal Sanitize IPv6 addresses in WhisperBack Code
6568 Confirmed Low Mention Seahorse in documentation End-user documentation
6567 Confirmed Low Round the download size in "Upgrade available" IUK dialog Code
6551 Confirmed Normal Link to the known issues for current version from the general ones Website
6549 Confirmed Normal Prevent MAC address leak for non-root users Code
6502 Confirmed Normal Add download size and estimated time when downloading upgrades Code
6471 Confirmed Low Block system shutdown and reboot while an incremental upgrade is being applied Code
6461 Confirmed Low Turn the Upgrader frontend into a wizard Code
6457 Confirmed Normal Blocklist rare network protocols Code
6452 Confirmed Normal Factor out stuff into a Tails Python library Code kurono
6422 Confirmed Normal Factor out erroring out in the GUI Code
6419 Confirmed Low Improve contribute/how/graphics Website
6358 Confirmed Low Display Tails version in boot menu Code
6347 Confirmed Low Pidgin IRC Protocol responds to DCC SEND? Research
6343 In Progress Normal List potentially identifying information sent in Whisperback reports Research
6333 Confirmed Low firewall exceptions for user-run local services Research
6322 Confirmed Normal Advertise better the "easy" tasks Website
6261 Confirmed Normal Tor browser / HTTPS Everywhere should not connect to on startup Code
6223 Confirmed Normal Test Linphone 3.5.1 or newer with onioncat Test
6183 Confirmed Normal Use multiple PGP/MIME attachments for text snippets and OpenPGP public key included in Whisperback reports Code alant
6170 Confirmed Low Different visual identities for sections of the website Website
6156 In Progress Normal 2020 Upstream secure Thunderbird autoconfig wizard Communicate anonym
6147 Confirmed Normal Refactor thanks to bilibop Code
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