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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated QA Check
15605 Bug In Progress Normal Make check_po optionally accept a list of files u intrigeri 03/12/2019 05:10 PM Ready for QA
15510 Feature In Progress Elevated Switch to the puppetlabs/apt module intrigeri intrigeri 05/08/2019 10:05 AM
15500 Feature In Progress Elevated Update Puppet modules: 2018Q4 → 2019Q2 edition intrigeri intrigeri 05/02/2019 05:23 PM
15483 Bug In Progress Normal Update Electrum configuration file mjenglish s7r 05/23/2019 09:23 PM Ready for QA
15477 Bug In Progress Normal Consider upgrading to live-boot 1:20180328+ intrigeri 04/02/2019 03:46 PM
15460 Bug In Progress High Test suite broken with Java 9+ intrigeri lamby 04/05/2019 05:50 PM
15450 Feature In Progress Normal Create LUKS2 persistent volumes by default je843 04/05/2019 10:38 AM Dev Needed
15403 Bug In Progress Normal Unify po headers u enrico 05/23/2019 09:23 PM Ready for QA
15402 Bug In Progress Normal Pre-receive hook for Main git when handling pushs from weblate u 05/24/2019 06:47 PM Pass
15362 Bug In Progress Normal Pre-commit hook/Run check_po whenever we try to commit a po file in all Git repositories u hefee 04/10/2019 05:28 PM Pass
15355 Feature In Progress Normal Make the ikiwiki PO plugin able to update PO files for languages that are disabled on the website u intrigeri 05/19/2019 04:44 PM
15349 Bug In Progress Normal Migrate away from vmdebootstrap (and possibly from Vagrant) intrigeri 04/09/2019 08:41 AM
15342 Feature In Progress Normal Add option to our build system for caching the wiki anonym anonym 04/13/2018 11:35 AM Dev Needed
15336 Bug In Progress Normal "The persistent Tor Browser directory is usable" test suite scenario is fragile anonym anonym 08/07/2018 07:30 AM
15312 Bug In Progress Normal "Tor check" button is badly aligned and looks buggy sajolida sajolida 05/23/2019 09:23 PM
15301 Feature In Progress Normal Run Tails Server services in containers segfault segfault 08/05/2018 07:24 PM
15286 Feature In Progress Normal Adapt automated test suite for the "one single SquashFS diff" upgrade scheme anonym 04/05/2019 04:08 PM Dev Needed
15283 Feature In Progress Normal Implement the "one single SquashFS diff" scheme in Tails Upgrader anonym intrigeri 04/14/2019 07:30 AM
15281 Feature In Progress Normal Stack one single SquashFS diff when upgrading anonym 04/05/2019 04:07 PM
15262 Feature In Progress Normal GNOME Software alant alant 05/24/2019 06:15 AM Ready for QA
15244 Feature In Progress Elevated Iteration 2: Upstream support for unlocking VeraCrypt file containers in Nautilus segfault segfault 05/23/2019 09:23 PM Info Needed
15223 Feature In Progress Elevated Iteration 2: Support unlocking VeraCrypt file containers in GNOME segfault segfault 05/23/2019 09:23 PM
15211 Feature In Progress Normal Reduce our Chutney network anonym anonym 07/06/2018 07:02 AM
15186 Bug In Progress Normal Evaluate moving to GitLab for merge requests intrigeri intrigeri 04/13/2019 12:12 PM
15168 Bug In Progress Normal Improve UX when hardware clock is set to localtime in a timezone too far from UTC intrigeri 04/05/2019 04:11 PM
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