User interface design

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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Affected tool Type of work Assignee QA Check
11200 Confirmed Normal More feedback when adding OpenPGP key to WhisperBack report WhisperBack User interface design
11048 Confirmed Normal Permanently remove the rest of the keyboard layout Internationalization Greeter User interface design segfault Dev Needed
10990 In Progress Normal Redesign 'Help' Button in the Greeter Greeter User interface design alant
10985 Confirmed Normal Make it clear that Network Connections persistence feature stores geo-location information Persistence User interface design intrigeri
10790 In Progress Normal Too many non-Tails folders on Nautilus sidebar User interface design
10647 Confirmed Normal Integrate information about persistence to persistence assistant Persistence User interface design
10048 Confirmed Normal Tails_3.12 Improve some terminology and phrasing of the Persistence wizard Persistence User interface design sajolida
9800 In Progress Low Only allow GPG keys that match the provided email in WhisperBack WhisperBack User interface design
9473 Confirmed Normal Improve "Unable to connect" error message from Tor Browser Browser User interface design
9386 Confirmed Low Consider displaying useful information while downloading the ISO Installation Verification Extension User interface design
9004 Confirmed Low Greeter revamp: Rework the "remember" options for language settings Internationalization Greeter User interface design alant
8975 Confirmed Normal Allow configuring the persistent storage from Tails Greeter Greeter User interface design
8927 Confirmed Low Replicate Vidalia's ability to close arbitrary circuits Onion Circuits User interface design
8660 Confirmed Normal Add an option to attach screenshots to WhisperBack reports WhisperBack User interface design Dev Needed
8232 Confirmed Normal Persistent assistant in Greeter Greeter User interface design
7774 Confirmed Normal Rename the Unsafe Web Browser to express its supported usecase more clearly Unsafe Browser User interface design
7449 Confirmed Normal UX: have Seahorse easier to find in application menu User interface design
7023 Confirmed Low Mitigate security issues caused by using the Tails website as the browser homepage Browser User interface design
5459 Confirmed Low Create a better popup on time synchronization failure Time synchronization User interface design
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