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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee
16535 Confirmed Normal Privacy-preserving way of counting Tails installations Research
16534 Confirmed Normal Improve our consent form for user research Contributors documentation sajolida
16531 In Progress Elevated Define our core code base Contributors documentation
16528 Confirmed Low Allow Pidgin to use SRV records Research
16520 Confirmed Normal Set and document expectations for workers: reports, meetings, participating in project discussions Accounting
16519 Confirmed Normal Document how to do aftercare and expectations to participate Accounting
16503 Confirmed Normal Document what is tails-summit Accounting
16500 Confirmed Normal Define expectations of worker's availabilities Discuss
16495 Confirmed Normal Who is on shift? Accounting
16493 Confirmed Normal Decide date and location for Tails Summit 2020 Research segfault
16477 Confirmed Normal Re-enable autocrypt Research
16467 Confirmed Normal release_process: details which file to get rid of for squashfs order Contributors documentation CyrilBrulebois
16413 Confirmed Low Onion Circuits window is not responding Code
16391 Needs Validation Low Consider migrating to hardening-runtime Research
16364 Confirmed Normal Consider updating Virtualization doc WRT USB images Contributors documentation
16280 Confirmed Normal Tails_5.0 Refresh tails-standard.list packages list for Bullseye Code
16265 Confirmed Low [INFO] output of Additional Software printed to terminal in the background Code
16223 Confirmed Low Document Autocrypt End-user documentation
16209 Confirmed Normal Core work: Foundations Team Accounting
16200 Confirmed Low Allow verifying different versions of Tails (older versions, testing versions, etc.) Code
16188 Confirmed Normal Consider using a variable font on our website Website
16179 Confirmed Normal Research filesystems options to be usable accross Tails, Windows & MacOS X for Veracrypt Research geb
16128 Confirmed Normal Move the verification JavaScript from the verification extension to the page itself Communicate intrigeri
16126 Confirmed Elevated no alerts when icinga2 is down Sysadmin
16104 Confirmed Low Openpgp-Applet doesn't behave the same as the context menu Encrypt... User interface design
16099 Confirmed Normal Outreach at non-tech conferences Communicate
16092 Confirmed Low Add website and Twitter on collective business cards Graphics sajolida
16074 In Progress Low Re-enable hidepid Code denkxor
16061 Confirmed Normal Improve ASP code: get rid of search_new_persistence argument Code alant
16052 Confirmed Normal Document post-release reproducibility verification for IUKs Contributors documentation
16048 Confirmed Elevated Deal with the fact that Tor Browser won't ship language packs anymore Communicate
16034 In Progress Normal ASP: Fix race condition when writing to packages file Code segfault
16021 Needs Validation Normal Don't override Debian's system-wide Thunderbird configuration Code johanbluecreek
15949 Confirmed Normal Possible to block/warn user from updating and/or installing packages which are modified by Tails devs? Research
15945 Confirmed Normal Tails_5.0 Drop Python 2 in Tails 5.0 Code
15922 Confirmed Normal Feasibility study on request tracker for help desk Research
15913 Confirmed Normal Document tails-bar Contributors documentation
15910 Confirmed Normal Some VeraCrypt volumes can't be unlocked Code
15902 Confirmed Normal No error message when saving to a volume that is not mounted Research
15901 Confirmed Normal 2020 Research partial upgrades without ISO Research
15900 Confirmed Normal Consider mounting external drives automatically (enable automount) Discuss
15899 Confirmed Normal 2020 Rethink goals of Tails Server Communicate segfault
15877 Confirmed Normal 2020 Research Kanban board for GitLab Research hefee
15875 In Progress Normal Tails_4.6 Make it possible to resume an IUK download from within Tails Code intrigeri
15874 Confirmed Normal 2020 Start looking at technologies used by snap/Flatpak for user-friendlier sandboxing Research intrigeri
15873 Confirmed Normal 2020 Dedicate engineering resources to external projects Wait emmapeel
15867 Confirmed Normal 2020 Organize Weblate workshops to get more translators and new languages for our website Communicate muri
15866 Confirmed Normal Design, validate & implement an incentive to contribute in Tails Research
15865 Confirmed Normal 2020 Research & apply to Outreach / Summer of Code programs as an organization Research muri
15864 In Progress Normal 2020 Make onboarding of new developers easier Contributors documentation
15860 Confirmed Normal PDF Documentation Code
15859 Confirmed Normal Remove Unsafe Browser Research
15856 Confirmed Normal Translate the Installation Assistant into German End-user documentation spriver
15830 Confirmed Normal Use a username that makes more sense to our users Discuss sajolida
15816 Confirmed Normal Can we stop including an IRC client by default? Discuss
15800 Confirmed Normal 2020 Have a visual style guide User interface design sajolida
15793 Confirmed Normal Improve ownership test in tails-debugging-info Code segfault
15786 Confirmed Normal Enable APT seccomp sandboxing Code
15785 Confirmed Normal Consider showing synaptic quick introduction Discuss
15783 Confirmed Normal Rephrase "Can I use Tails with a VPN?" End-user documentation cbrownstein
15782 Confirmed Normal Rephrase "Is it safe to use Tails on a compromised system?" End-user documentation
15768 Confirmed Low Use desktop background to warn users when their Tails needs to be updated User interface design
15767 Confirmed Normal Inserting encrypted USB drive does not prompt for decryption Code
15749 Confirmed Low Use Bootstrap everywhere on the website Website sajolida
15748 Confirmed Normal Is Tor still slow? End-user documentation
15725 Confirmed Normal Are recent Firefox sandboxing improvements worth enabling unprivileged user namespaces? Research
15678 Confirmed Normal Improve UX of saving downloaded files from Tor Browser Research
15658 Confirmed Low Enable Enigmail by default if a GnuPG secret key is detected Code
15635 Confirmed Elevated The Unsafe Browser allows to retrieve the public IP address by a compromised amnesia user with no user interaction Research
15626 Confirmed Normal Verify (and Document?) Additional Software Feature behaviour with apt-key Research sajolida
15618 Confirmed Normal Build fails if `config/chroot_local-packages` contains packages Code
15615 In Progress Normal Have VeraCrypt support enabled by default in udisks Code
15611 Confirmed Low Merge 'Documentation guidelines' and 'Documentation style guide' Contributors documentation sajolida
15584 Confirmed Normal Wrap apt to download lists if there are none Code
15543 Confirmed Normal Give a list of examples of nice software to install each time End-user documentation
15540 Confirmed Normal Hide the launcher for software-properties-gtk Code
15528 Confirmed Low Additional Software gets opened multiple times Code
15519 Confirmed Normal Show the shutdown button in the status menu while screen is locked Code
15488 Confirmed Low Built-in Deadman Switch Code Gaff
15477 In Progress Normal Consider upgrading to live-boot 1:20180328+ Code
15451 Confirmed Normal Greeter freezes if the persistent filesystem is corrupted User interface design
15444 Confirmed Normal Not all Bluetooth devices are blocked Research
15396 Confirmed Normal Core work: Debian Debian
15350 Confirmed Low Update FAQ about hidden services with OnionShare information End-user documentation
15348 Confirmed Normal Have an icon for the Tais Server GUI Graphics
15343 Confirmed Normal Add schleuder list to Tails Server Code segfault
15302 Confirmed Low Make libblockdev/cryptsetup unlock operations cancellable Code
15301 In Progress Low Run Tails Server services in containers Code segfault
15300 Confirmed Normal Redesign Tails Server GUI Code
15299 Confirmed Normal Restrict access to onionkit via D-Bus Code segfault
15268 Confirmed Normal Research explaining admin password in graphical polkit prompt Research
15262 Confirmed Normal GNOME Software Code alant
15209 Confirmed Normal Test Matrix/Riot in Tails Test
15196 In Progress Normal Test Wire in Tails Research
15181 Confirmed Low Help create Debian packages for Tails Server Debian
15171 Confirmed Normal Add a webserver + website framework to Tails Server Code segfault
15170 Confirmed Normal Add Icecast to Tails Server Code segfault
15169 Confirmed Normal Greeter: Text direction is not updated in password entries Code
15167 Confirmed Normal Decide what to do with LAN traffic Discuss
15146 In Progress High Tails_4.5 Make memory erasure feature compatible with overlayfs Code segfault
15142 Confirmed Normal 2020 Make tails-persistence-setup compatible with Wayland Code intrigeri
15130 Confirmed Normal Restructure our support page and content End-user documentation
15120 In Progress Low Improve styles of command lines and their output Website sajolida
15113 Confirmed Normal Have more contrast on our sidebar Website
15112 In Progress Normal Tails_4.7 Move our sidebar to the left (or to the top) Website sajolida
15111 Confirmed Normal Improve style of buttons Website
15080 Confirmed Normal Integrate the staging website with the interface End-user documentation
15053 Confirmed Low Use PAM to increase SHA-512 password rounds Research cypherpunks
15035 Confirmed Normal Use systemd security features for Tails Server services Code segfault
15034 Confirmed Normal Create apparmor rules for Tails Server services Code segfault
15028 Confirmed Normal Rename "Tor Browser" shortcuts and folders Code
15026 Confirmed Normal Have a list of recommended hardware End-user documentation
14880 Confirmed Low Set resource limits Research
14823 Confirmed Normal Simulate tracking of security updates on a branch based on snapshots of Debian testing Research
14760 Confirmed Normal 2020 Adjust doc for Wayland: starting graphical applications as root Test
14728 Confirmed Normal Track security updates during the Tails code freeze Research
14718 Confirmed Normal 2020 Make Tails Upgrader compatible with Wayland Code intrigeri
14649 Confirmed Normal Tails_5.0 Ship OnionShare 2.x in Tails Code
14648 Confirmed Low Fix multiarch issues in libotr packaging Debian
14647 Confirmed Low Fix multiarch issues in libgsecuredelete packaging Debian
14623 Confirmed Low Tor Browser sandbox breakout via X11 testing extensions Code
14579 Confirmed Normal Tell the Technical Writers what part of our doc needs to be updated for Buster Code
14578 Confirmed Normal Tails_5.0 Decide when we want to release Tails based on Debian Bullseye Discuss
14567 Confirmed Normal 2020 Investigate mobile messaging applications Research
14560 Confirmed Normal Outreach (via proxies) to communities under-represented in the Tails community Communicate spriver
14545 Confirmed Normal Quantitative survey of our user base Research sajolida
14544 In Progress Normal Spend software developer time on smallish UX improvements Research sajolida
14536 Confirmed Normal Restructure the Known issues page End-user documentation
14534 Confirmed Normal Improve UX when Wi-Fi is not working User interface design
14532 Confirmed Normal Discuss the future of "Hole in the Roof" Discuss
14524 Confirmed Normal Estimate budget for request tracker for help desk Research
14523 Confirmed Normal Have more promotion material Promote
14516 Confirmed Normal Lower technical requirements for new contributors Research
14508 Confirmed Low Get critical parts of Tails audited Security Audit
14501 Confirmed Normal Merge help desk internal shared expectations with mission page End-user documentation emmapeel
14478 Confirmed Normal Have a press kit Promote
14475 Confirmed Normal Update press page to clarify interview conditions End-user documentation
14456 Confirmed Normal Finish documenting Tails Server End-user documentation spriver
13284 Confirmed Normal Core work: Sysadmin (Adapt our infrastructure) Sysadmin
13274 Confirmed Low Consider adding a popup to OnionCircuits notifcation area while Tor is not ready Code
13246 Confirmed Normal Core work Accounting
13204 Confirmed Low In the greeter, Caps lock warning icon should stay visible as long as Caps Lock is on Code alant
13199 Confirmed Low Consider switching to a CSS framework Website
13197 Confirmed Low ikiwiki upstream: integrate different favicons to main page template Website
13175 Confirmed Normal Nautilus archive manager 'extract here' menu option fails with .7z files, but Archive manager not. Communicate emmapeel
12694 Confirmed Low Tails-Upgrader: long pause between downloading and 'restart tails' windows Code
12615 In Progress Normal Tails_5.0 Consider basing Tails on quarterly snapshots of Debian testing Research
12598 Confirmed Low Afghani keyboard selected in Greeter if typing fast Code
12571 Confirmed Normal Find a nicer way to add exceptions from mandatory signing for our Tor Browser add-ons Code
12546 Confirmed Normal GNOME caches the administrative password differently than our sudo configuration Research
12493 Confirmed Low Have Tails Upgrader automatically point to manual upgrade if running from an old version Code
12489 Confirmed Normal Tails Server may get stuck in the "Installing" state Research segfault
12479 Confirmed Normal Write Tails Server beta release announcement Website segfault
12473 Confirmed Normal Search bar on the website points to 404 Website
12437 Confirmed Low Consider saving coredumps to a sticky directory Research segfault
12415 In Progress Normal Upstream our window list theme changes Communicate
12403 In Progress Normal Make Tails work nicely inside of Qubes OS, without big paradigm shifts Research
12402 Confirmed Low Research what two-factor-authentication (2FA) solution (if any) is worth installing by default in Tails Research
12383 Confirmed Low Use black shell theme in the Greeter as we do in the session User interface design alant
12372 Confirmed Normal Get software-properties-gtk starting / fix /etc/os-release Code
12325 Confirmed Low Create PulseAudio AppArmor profile Debian
12297 Confirmed Normal Make Tails Server compatible with Wayland Research segfault
12281 Confirmed Low Cannot open multiple doc pages concurrently from notifications Research
12264 Confirmed Low Reintroduce I2P Code mhatta
12261 Confirmed Normal Broken link to Debian Live Manual Contributors documentation
12257 Confirmed Low Add a screenshot to our homepage Graphics
12255 Confirmed Normal Use polkit with Tails Server Code segfault
12254 Confirmed Normal Explicit the need of armored (instead of binary) key in WhisperBack Code alant
12253 Confirmed Normal Use persistence.conf in Tails Server Code segfault
12251 Confirmed Normal Clarify error message when the Unsafe Browser was launched without network connection User interface design sajolida
12241 In Progress Low New Greeter's additional options window sometimes opens in a weird place Code
12240 Confirmed Normal Use Glade 3.20 HeaderBar and Popover support Code alant
12238 Confirmed Normal Ship full APT lists in the live file system Discuss
12236 Confirmed Normal Add more services to Tails Server Code segfault
12231 Confirmed Normal Write Tails Server Design Documentation Contributors documentation segfault
12230 In Progress Normal Release Tails Server Beta Code anonym
12228 Confirmed Low Greeter's headerbar is sometimes not themed right Code alant
12226 In Progress Normal Initial review of Tails Server implementation Code
12213 In Progress Normal 2020 Wayland in Tails 5.0 (Bullseye) Code bertagaz
12203 Confirmed Normal Thunderbird account setup wizard fails with "Programming bug. Assertion failed, see log." when using Manual config Code anonym
12153 Confirmed Low Generate ublock.sqlite patterns file from scratch during build time Code spriver
12123 Confirmed Normal Use aa-status --json instead of manual parsing of /proc/PID/attr/current in onion-grater Code anonym
12114 Confirmed Low Onion Circuits: please allow copying relay information Code alant
12103 Confirmed Low Integrate the Tor Status icon in the system menu Code
12080 Confirmed Low Further harden custom systemd unit files Code
12073 Confirmed Normal Wrap the RegionSettings box in GreeterMainWindow Code alant
12072 Confirmed Normal Don't give *Setting objects full access to the greeter object Code alant
12071 Confirmed Normal Avoid mixing business logic with GUI code? Code alant
12025 Confirmed Normal Default panic_on_warn to 1 Code anonym
12024 Confirmed Normal Consider using unix sockets for onion services in Tails Server Research segfault
12022 Confirmed Low Consider using the DHCP anonymity profiles Research
11989 Confirmed Low Improve the UX of the "Edit" link on our web pages Website
11953 Confirmed Normal Implement "Relock Persistent Storage" correctly Code alant
11946 Confirmed Normal Seahorse doesn't display Tails signature key after successful verification Debian alant
11936 In Progress Normal OpenPGP applet GNOME Shell extension: dynamically update the icon & menu depending on the content of the clipboard Code
11935 In Progress Normal OpenPGP applet GNOME Shell extension: allow encryption, decryption and signature verification Code
11934 Confirmed Normal Have org.Tails.OpenPGPApplet send signals when the type of what's in the clipboard changes Code
11881 Confirmed Low Disable preview in Nautilus by default to prevent potential execution of malicious data Research
11821 Confirmed Low Have a configuration for compiling our custom version of Bootstrap Website
11777 Confirmed Normal Update PELD document against the future scope of Tails Communicate
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