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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated
16020 Bug Resolved Normal acngtool shrink is insufficient to maintain acng cache size anonym 05/06/2019 06:15 PM
16350 Feature Resolved Normal Add feedback when opening Onion Circuits sajolida segfault 05/06/2019 06:15 PM
12399 Feature Resolved Normal Add support for debug cmdline option in Whisperback bertagaz 05/06/2019 06:15 PM
15963 Feature Resolved Normal Analyze the conversion rate of PayPal donations from /home sajolida 05/06/2019 06:15 PM
16343 Feature Resolved Normal Analyze the donation campaign 2018 sajolida 05/06/2019 06:15 PM
16562 Feature Rejected Normal Apply to Google Season of Docs sajolida 05/06/2019 06:15 PM
15497 Feature Resolved Normal Call for invoices on core work 2019Q1 sajolida 05/06/2019 06:15 PM
16650 Bug Resolved Normal Code submission policy - unclear phrasing u 05/06/2019 06:15 PM
16206 Bug Resolved Normal Consider dropping CSS hack for uBlock Origin sidebar intrigeri 05/06/2019 06:15 PM
13200 Bug Resolved Low Consider making the website better suitable on mobile and small screens by implementing media queries u 05/06/2019 06:15 PM
16636 Bug Resolved Normal Coordinate two remote buster sprints in May + June anonym 05/06/2019 06:15 PM
14797 Feature Rejected Normal Decide what LVs to host on lizard rotating drives bertagaz 05/06/2019 06:15 PM
15807 Feature Resolved Normal Define & apply clear criteria for including dictionaries, fonts and language packs intrigeri 05/06/2019 06:15 PM
16642 Bug Resolved Normal devel branch FTBFS: Electrum was removed from stretch-backports intrigeri 05/06/2019 06:15 PM
16649 Bug Resolved Elevated devel branch FTBFS: groupmod: GID '109' already exists intrigeri 05/06/2019 06:15 PM
16608 Bug Resolved Normal Disable the topIcons GNOME Shell extension in one Tails release intrigeri segfault 05/23/2019 07:36 AM
15292 Feature Resolved High Distribute a USB image intrigeri u 10/28/2019 09:31 AM
16408 Feature Resolved Normal Document how to run from a virtual USB storage in virt-manager from a USB image u 05/06/2019 06:15 PM
12629 Bug Resolved High Document reproducible release process u 05/06/2019 06:15 PM
15346 Feature Resolved Normal Document steps to run the donation campaign u 05/06/2019 06:15 PM
16078 Bug Resolved Normal Download page is not refreshed when verification extension is installed sajolida sajolida 05/06/2019 06:15 PM
11729 Bug Resolved Normal Emergency shutdown triggered after resuming from suspend segfault 05/06/2019 06:15 PM
15891 Feature Resolved Elevated Ensure we have enough OpenPGP smartcard/GNUK hardware for our 2019 keys update intrigeri 05/06/2019 06:15 PM
14480 Feature Resolved Normal Fix bugs and UX issues of VeraCrypt support segfault segfault 05/06/2019 06:15 PM
15979 Feature Resolved Normal Gather success metrics on Additional Software sajolida 05/06/2019 06:15 PM
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