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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated
6907 Bug Resolved Elevated ikiwiki po plugin does not play well with inline directives BitingBird groente 03/19/2019 10:54 AM
11292 Bug Resolved Normal Bopomofo input for Chinese is not working gslin 03/20/2019 02:28 PM
12060 Bug Resolved Normal Investigate eBay Giving and Amazon Smile for fundraising sajolida 02/22/2019 06:42 AM
12506 Bug Rejected Normal Backup files (was: Ticket accidentally deleted #11395) emmapeel bertagaz 03/08/2019 02:33 PM
14835 Bug Resolved Normal Make the subtitle on our canonical logo optional sajolida sajolida 03/18/2019 11:13 AM
15166 Bug Resolved Normal Tails Installer crashes when reporting errors whose message is not valid ASCII intrigeri 03/20/2019 02:28 PM
15408 Bug Rejected Normal Consider forcing wrapping of po files at 79 chars per line u 06/27/2019 05:16 PM
15644 Bug Resolved Elevated Upload the 3.7 ISO to our Tails ISO history git-annex repo intrigeri 01/30/2019 11:59 AM
15757 Bug Resolved Normal Some VeraCrypt volumes require admin password to unlock segfault 02/23/2019 02:49 PM
15992 Bug Rejected High Post-release bugfixing for creating & preparing the disk image u segfault 03/06/2019 11:49 AM
15993 Bug Resolved Normal Adjust infrastructure and CI for USB images u groente 02/13/2019 04:29 PM
15999 Bug Resolved Normal Integrate USB image in the release process u 03/15/2019 11:08 AM
16002 Bug Rejected Elevated Adjust our test suite for USB images u 04/08/2019 03:13 PM
16006 Bug Resolved Normal USB image: adjust documentation u sajolida 01/29/2019 11:00 AM
16008 Bug Resolved Normal Adjust check-mirrors for USB image u 03/04/2019 03:25 PM
16011 Bug Resolved Elevated Get ready for removing tails-installer from Debian u u 02/03/2019 01:47 PM
16110 Bug Resolved Normal Button to remove package in ASP GUI has a wrong label bertagaz 03/20/2019 02:27 PM
16121 Bug Resolved Normal Migrate our Schleuder lists outside of intrigeri groente 02/21/2019 09:16 PM
16157 Bug Resolved Normal Re-enable USE_LAST_RELEASE_AS_OLD_ISO=yes on Jenkins intrigeri 02/06/2019 06:40 PM
16162 Bug Resolved Normal Test reproducibility of USB images for all branches groente groente 02/13/2019 03:37 PM
16177 Bug Resolved Normal Building ISO in RAM often fails: mksquashfs reaped by OOM killer intrigeri 03/20/2019 02:27 PM
16220 Bug Resolved Elevated Website's "add trailing slash" trick is partly broken intrigeri groente 02/24/2019 05:28 PM
16256 Bug Resolved Normal SPF issue while sending mail to lists hosted by puscii geb groente 02/13/2019 04:17 PM
16259 Bug Resolved Normal Redirection on /donate drop the query parameter sajolida 02/22/2019 08:15 AM
16333 Bug Resolved Normal Add feedback when opening WhisperBack sajolida 03/20/2019 02:27 PM
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