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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated
12101 Feature Rejected Normal PLEASE Allow Unsafe Browser an option to download and save files to persistent volume Velexx 01/03/2017 03:33 PM
12015 Feature Resolved Normal Upgrade Tor to intrigeri 12/14/2016 08:10 PM
12013 Feature Resolved Normal Publish a call for testing the revamped Greeter alant 12/06/2016 07:00 PM
11925 Feature Resolved Normal Update release process documentation for tails-installer on Ubuntu Anonymous 12/04/2016 02:48 PM
11879 Feature Resolved Normal Tell immerda what Gitolite features we need intrigeri 11/10/2016 10:12 AM
11798 Feature Resolved Normal Document usage of unfriendly email providers using Icedove in Tails Anonymous 11/21/2016 11:07 AM
11673 Feature Resolved Normal Add opt-in forecasting info to the individual accounting situation report intrigeri 11/22/2016 06:21 PM
11304 Feature Resolved Normal Make sure that DAVE honors Expires and Cache-Control header intrigeri 12/07/2016 08:07 AM
10369 Feature Resolved Normal Write a post about plans for 2017+ sajolida 12/04/2016 01:58 PM
5330 Feature Resolved Normal Test suite: identify and document race conditions Tails 12/10/2016 05:11 PM

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