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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated
12029 Bug Resolved Normal Upgrade to Icedove based on 1:45.5.1-1~deb8u1 anonym 12/14/2016 08:10 PM
12028 Bug Resolved Normal Upgrade to Tor Browser 6.0.8 anonym 12/14/2016 08:10 PM
12016 Bug Resolved High Test suite broken on devel-based branches due to lack of UDFs for 2.10 intrigeri 12/05/2016 04:23 PM
12001 Bug Resolved Elevated Document that Tails requires I/O APIC being enabled in the VirtualBox VM config intrigeri 12/14/2016 08:10 PM
11991 Bug Resolved Elevated The automated test suite is broken in Debian Sid due to Sikulix transition anonym 12/14/2016 08:10 PM
11984 Bug Resolved Elevated Error message when starting Totem: "Failed to get bookmarks list: library routine called out of sequence" elouann 12/14/2016 08:10 PM
11965 Bug Resolved Elevated Tails 2.7 won't start in Virtual Box jzakiya 12/14/2016 08:10 PM
11960 Bug Resolved Elevated Step "wget(1) with tricky options" broken as it relies on outdated IP intrigeri 12/14/2016 08:10 PM
11913 Bug Resolved Normal Switch default search engine to DuckDuckGo bertagaz 12/14/2016 08:10 PM
11911 Bug Resolved Elevated No more navigation breadcrumbs on the website intrigeri 12/14/2016 08:10 PM
11906 Bug Resolved Elevated Icedove "Only the expected addons are installed" scenario fails since "amnesia branding" is not installed intrigeri 12/14/2016 08:10 PM
11901 Bug Resolved Normal Adjust test suite to take into account that MAT does not clean PDF files anymore bertagaz 12/14/2016 08:10 PM
11803 Bug Resolved Normal Wrong file permissions sometimes prevent Jenkins jobs from being created or updated anonym 12/06/2016 01:52 PM
11374 Bug Resolved Normal Write release notes for 2.9 sajolida 12/14/2016 08:10 PM
10750 Bug Resolved Normal Ship an AppArmor profile for Icedove in Tails Anonymous 11/19/2016 10:30 AM
10214 Bug Rejected Normal Get 9p live migration support into QEMU anonym 11/29/2016 07:52 PM
9707 Bug Rejected High Jessie: System sometimes does not poweroff after memory erasure intrigeri 11/28/2016 12:55 PM

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