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Consider flagging first boot after installing

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That would be useful to take people by the hand and go forward with either:

  • Clone temporary Tails to minimal Tails.
  • Upgrading back their original device.
  • Configuring persistence.

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Note that proposing to clone a temporary Tails comes in different scenarios than configuring persistence. Actually both options are self-exclusive. If ever we can detect that a device is a temporary Tails we could instead start Tails Installer directly (or even lock other usages) as suggested by Lunar in

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Report from the monthly meeting:

"We tried to answer this question: "is it OK that a given Tails device
has written, somewhere, whether it has been started already?"

a) if I root your Tails, what does it give me to know whether it's the
first time it's booted?


b) if I steal your Tails, what does it give me to know whether it's been started yet?

and we didn't find any serious risks in doing so, except it proves
that a given Tails device has been used (which might entail more
legal risks than mere possession), which seemed overkill a threat
model to us."

=> sajolida, I guess you'll want to do what you want with this outcome, on Redmine or elsewhere :)

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I don't think there's nothing in our roadmap that relies on this. But now that we have this decision it could allow us to propose to advertise better persistence. But I don't think we have this idea tracked anywhere, so I'm marking this as resolved.

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I don't know where to write this since there is apparently no follow-up to the discussion we had, but still: documents exactly how they do it with the 64-bit Attributes field that any GPT partition entry has, so it should be pretty easy.

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