Bug #8269

Alert users that file transfers in Pidgin are not encrypted

Added by emmapeel about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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End-user documentation
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Instant Messaging


Pidgin provides encryption for text, but does not encrypt file transfers.

I have opened a ticket at pidgin-otr bug tracker ( but we should document it somewhere on our website.

0001-Pidgin-alert-for-file-transfers.patch View (5.79 KB) emmapeel, 11/19/2014 03:39 PM


#1 Updated by sajolida about 5 years ago

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Great. This should definitely go as another warning on

I think that this is important enough to be right below the warning about "OTR is deactivated by default".

Then also maybe to put more emphasis on this one rather than on the warning about /me commands we could change the /me command to be a class="bug". Because I find it relatively less important.

Emma Peel: do you want to write a draft for that one? Otherwise reassign it to me.

This is quite important and easy so let's mark this as "elevated" and for 1.3.

#2 Updated by emmapeel about 5 years ago

Here a patch. I'm somewhat wary of the massive amount of alerts on the page, though...

#3 Updated by intrigeri about 5 years ago

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emmapeel, I'm doing what you should have done when submitting the patch. All this is documented in our merge policy, so you can look it up there next time :)

(Also, I suspect that sajolida would prefer a Git branch, but I'll let him complain if he needs to.)

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