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User-friendly keysigning that verifies that key belongs to the recipient

Added by intrigeri about 6 years ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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That is, caff-style keysigning. Ability to output an email that can then be pasted into some kind of (local or web-based) MUA.

caff (from the signing-party package) adds around 1MB to the ISO size, and is well-established. Its main drawback is that is requires a configuration file and duplicating at least some gpg.conf settings into ~/.caff/. It has been part of Debian for a long time.

monkeysign supports basically the same usecases, but without these drawbacks.

See sub-tickets for the next steps.


Feature #6339: Wait for monkeysign to be in Squeeze sloppy backportsResolved

Feature #6455: Install monkeysignResolved

Feature #6515: Install monkeyscan dependenciesResolved

Feature #8400: Test & evaluate GNOME KeysignResolved

Feature #8401: Improve monkeysign integration in TailsRejected

Feature #8402: Wait for results of GNOME Keysign's OPW internshipResolvedintrigeri

Feature #11240: Document monkeysignRejectedsajolida

Related issues

Related to Tails - Feature #14581: Install caff (signing-party) by default Rejected 09/01/2017


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feature/monkeysign was merged, but as we discovered later, there is still some work left to do.

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The work left to do will not be done in time for 0.23, sorry.

#7 Updated by intrigeri over 5 years ago

The monkeyscan limitations that affect Tails are being discussed at

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Giving up on this one. Anyone interested, please check the subtasks and enjoy :)

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We removed monkeysign from 3.14 and I'm not sure there any other candidate.

Please reopen this ticket if you ever have one.

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