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Advertise better the "easy" tasks

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While working on the new contribute section we should put forward the tasks that we marked as easy.

An interesting source of inspiration are the EasyHacks of LibreOffice: tasks that are marked easy are also flagged with the skills required to accomplish them, the difficulty, and the topic. That can be reused to build appropriate lists of such tasks in the contribute section.


#1 Updated by BitingBird almost 6 years ago

Easy tasks are currently listed on contribute/how/code, as well as in contribute-> Tools for contributors. Seems enough to me, was that improved without the ticket being closed or did you aim at yet more visibility?

#2 Updated by intrigeri almost 6 years ago

I'm not sure all contribute/how/* pages advertise "easy" tasks. Do they?

#3 Updated by BitingBird almost 6 years ago

There should be a list in /contribute/how/documentation, and in contribute/how/website/.

Other categories either already have a link, or it wouldn't make sense to add one (Promote, translation, mirror, user interface).

#4 Updated by sajolida almost 6 years ago

So far there aren't any easy task for these categories but there could be in the future since we have a type of work in Redmine for them. Except for translation since this is not tracked by Redmine.

So I'd say we still have to mention the easy tasks in:

And I'm also doubting whether we should link to the ikiwiki page explaining what are those easy tasks or whether we should point directly to Redmine. Since we don't have custom queries to point directly to the easy tasks for a given type of work, I'm tempted to point to the ikiwiki page instead which gives more info.

In the end, it might be useful to find a formulation that we can copy and paste on all those pages.

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