Feature #6132

Feature #5352: cleanup Jenkins workspaces and artifacts

Feature #5558: Build an ISO on Git push

Feature #5653: publish autobuilt ISO images

Feature #6193: Sign published artifacts checksums

Feature #6266: Add an OpenPGP key on builder.lizard to sign Jenkins artifacts

Feature #6267: Add checksum signing ability to the Tails build script

Feature #6268: Adapt the Jenkins artifacts rotation script

Feature #6194: Fix NFS mount of www.lizard on builder.lizard

Feature #6195: Rotate published artifacts archives

Feature #6248: Make Tails built iso name more unique

Feature #5747: Firewall Jenkins on lizard

Feature #5898: Update Jenkins jobs on Git push

Feature #6056: Refactor Puppet code for Jenkins

Feature #7105: Refactor Puppet code for the Jenkins master

Feature #7106: Refactor Puppet code for the Jenkins slave on builder.lizard

Feature #7107: Refactor Puppet code for Jenkins from www.lizard

Feature #6196: Build all active branches

Feature #8482: Survey usual committers about dropping the collective pseudonym for signing commits

Feature #8654: Have topic branches built using the packages from their base branch's APT repo

Feature #8655: Lead the discussion to specify what kind of branch needs to be automatically built, and when

Feature #8656: Write code that generates a set of Jenkins jobs for all branches we want to automatically build

Feature #8657: Write library code that implements the branch to build parameters mapping

Feature #8658: Deploy the "build all active branches" system

Feature #8636: Deploy our Puppet recipes for Jenkins from scratch

Bug #8692: Fix double-triggered build post Git push

Bug #8912: Nightly built artifacts for disabled jobs are not removed

Feature #9350: Jenkins workspaces for disabled jobs are not removed from ISO builders

Feature #6216: Email notification on failed Jenkins build

Feature #9601: Add a merge step to our Jenkins ISO build process

Feature #9599: Create an alias for the Tails release manager

Feature #9600: Give push access to our jenkins-jobs repo to jenkins@jenkins.lizard

Bug #9660: Jenkins notifications doesn't cut our needs

Feature #6090: Automated builds

Automated tests using cucumber

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Merged for 0.17.2, see automated builds and tests (#6090) for pointers to design and usage documentation.



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